Event reviews 
D.D.P. (Dublin Death Patrol) – Scum, Katwijk 24-06-11
Yes yes yes here I am again with a report about a great gig of Buck Chilly with his band D.D.P. and it means Dublin Death Patrol and not Donald Duck Pukes. All bandmembers were very nice to me, except the former Exodus singer. But enough about that, some words about the bands that opened this nice metal evening. I have no idea which bands opened this evening, but they were better than Species Inc. In fact every other band is better than Species Inc. because they just suck. I think Species Inc. is pre Josti Band,(a group of mentally challenged dudes that formed an orchestra) but those morons can`t help it that they suck. So the opening bands were talented, but it was not my tea of cup. The drummer of the 2 nd band was pretty good and some dudes were banging their heads because they liked to do so.

D.D.P. was having a nice afterparty in Scum and Buck Chilly was smoking the pipe of peace and was drinking beer and was very nice. All with all a great evening but I hope to see some better bands next time in Scum.
Jack the Rapper.
Live review of Heersch - Metalblast live at Scum, 24-02-2012

So again Heersch played a live gig with some other bands (Sepiroth and Arminius). I only saw Heersch because I was very tired and wanted to go home early late.

I walked into Scum and Heersch was already playing in a half empty crowded hall.
Heersch was playing with 4 members, the first time I saw Heersch playing live, they were with 5 members, so 1 member is missing. I think the former bassplayer has been sacrificed in a Satanic ritual and eaten alive by hobbits.

Heersch played 6 songs and there was a Intro were they started their show with.
Legions of Chaos was the first song for tonight, and without a break Heersch continued with the song The Banana High.

It all seemed to go nice and well for Heersch and the drummer of Heersch enjoyes playing live a lot, as well for most Scum visitors that were not christian this time.

Then it was time for Blood must Flow, that was followed up with the song Pillage and Porn and Butcher of Rats and then it was time for their last song Death to the Modern World.

The only thing that was dead, next to this world, was my beer, I even did not have a beer...how dead is that?! So after yelling Yippeee and We want more, Heersch played an encore : Pillage and Burn (I think) and after that, Heersch` show was over and then I went home to drink a whiskey.

Review by Jack the Rapper


Hell yeah Possessed in Baroeg!! This legendary death metal band from the U.S. returned to the Netherlands,
to play a live show. Especially for those fans that had no money to go to Belgium, or just didn`t wanted to go to Belgium, because their roads are really really bad. Their roads are full of holes filled up with Belgian fries. Unfortunately, Possessed did not bring any Belgian fries with them for their fans in Baroeg, also I got there by car. The roads here are getting bad too so that`s a pity they had no Belgian fries with them, I almost had to take a train back home because of this.

But first, Acrostichon was on stage. The female bassguitarplayster was not playing trumpet, and maybe it`s just better that way! She has a good grunt, I wonder if she drinks and smokes a lot. Acrostichon plays old school death metal, they played a nice show. Suddenly a guy came on stage and took over the vocals. I won`t say Acrostichon is bad, it`s just not my cup of tea. I don`t like tea but coffee, but that`s just useless information.

After a boring long short break, the band without Belgian fries got on stage! Possessed yes!!! They started with a intro, followed up by Grentapam. The crowd went nuts and a lot of headbangers were banging their heads. The songs Satan`s Nurse and Seance after that, and Beyond the Stage as 4th song of the evening. Weird songtitle, Possessed was not beyond the stage, but on the stage. Weird, weird, weird. Then they played Fallen Angela (poor girl!), Swing of the AxeDeospray, Confessions, The Exorcist, The Eyes of Homer (Simpson) and of course Death Metal. Jeff Beccarra`s vocals are still amazing, one of the best death metal vocalists he is. A amazing show by a more amazing, respectable and legendary band for real.

Caught on camera: Jack the Rapper and Jeff Beccerrapper, 2 of the best rappers ever.

Review Up the Irons+Paul Di`anno 20-10-12 Tripodia Katwijk
I went to Tipodia with some expectations about tonight, because a living legend brings that with him (Paul Di`anno is!). He and Iron Maiden, them both are still making benefits from their past, but their glory days are, in fact, over for a long time already. But that`s my opinion. I saw Paul Di`anno and His Killers a few years ago, so my expectations were high. Opening act was a local band from Katwijk, Incease. There`s not much I can tell about that, just that they tried to do their best. They play a kind of metal which is not my cup of tea. They got a big applause when they told us to have fun with the show of Up the Irons with Paul Di`anno. Enough said about that because I just don`t know what else to say about Incease. Then, during the break, while Up the Irons members prepared themselves for their performance, I got myself some consumption coins and had a few good drinks. Then after the soundcheck, Up the Irons started their show. Opening song was Aces High with legendary speech of Churchill of course. Then Up the Irons kept on going with songs of Iron Maiden`s work, in the ones in which Bruce Dickinson is the vocalist. So 22 Acacia Avenue, The Pooper and 2 Minutes to Frightnight were followed up after the opening song. And then.... it was time for Paul Di`anno to enter the stage. For this special appearance a few songs were selected. The first one was Tranny sylvia, a instrumental song from Maiden`s debut album. Then Wrathchild and Prowler(!) ,followed up by Murders in the Rue Morgue, Charlotte the Faggot, Remember Tomorrow, Killers, and Phantom of the Opera. Impressive songs for this part of the show, and Paul really tried to do his best and make a good show of it. Then the Up the Irons vocalist came back on stage and the band continued with Hallowed be thy Name, Run to the Hills and Bear of the Dark. And when I thought that was over, they played one more song; The Number of the Beast. Even Satan was on stage during a part of this song, I was almost shitting my pants it was scary as hell! Then Paul Di`anno got back on stage to bring this evening to a great end, together with Jos (singer of Up the Irons). Final songs were Iron Maiden (with a huge Eddie figure on stage!) and Running Free. Up the Irons is really a good tribute band, and together with Paul Di`anno it just kicked ass... The real Iron Maiden is a band with Paul Di`anno as singer, and in this case, it was with Up the Irons! My expectations were happiliy fullfilled. Jack the Rapper.

Scream Bloody Scum festival - 29-09-12 Scum, Katwijk
Well well well, what is this here? I dunno but it must be something! Yes it was the Scream Bloody Scum festival. And what kind of festival was it? A cheap one hehe. Not expensive is a better word for it, tickets were 5 euro in pre-sale and 7,50 at the door. There were 2 stages, a big and a small one. Well I came in a little too late, and the first band was already playing in the big hall. I believe it was Xerpentor, a death metal band that played death metal. I liked them because they were good. I drank a few Jack D. colamixes, and Harm of Goddess of Desire was also there with some merchandise, he had a nice small stand inside Scum, where you could buy some nice items. Across his stand was a stand were you could buy shirts, cd`s and vinyl albums...that was great. Then I went to see Heersch play their last 3 songs live as well, on the small stage. And they kicked ass, I liked their show. And their debut mini cd ``Blood Must Flow`` is for sale so buy it or cry. Then I went to the big stage to see Funeral Whore. They play old school death metal and hell yeah, I really like that. I am old school too so that`s cool. Then I needed to go outside because it got really warm in Scum. And the only coinmachine in Scum was broken that night, so we had to pay with real money, almost the whole evening for consumptions. It was like old times for real, old school Scum yeah! So after going outside, I went inside to see Nailgun Massacre, Krush and I Chaos. I wanted to stay `till the end and see the 2 last bands of that evening too, but I got tired because of the heat inside. I don`t understand why there was no airco or open doors. So unfortunately, Scum is not a place, where a small festival like this can be held, to my opinion. And I hope the guy that fainted because of it, in Scum, is doing well... The reason for this festival with live bands is because of that the cd player of Scum is broken. So the idea of having live bands was really great, but I think a new cd player is cheaper. Jack the Rapper.

Walking with Dinosaurs - The live Spectacular 17/11/12 Ziggodome
A review about a show with dinosaurs in this magazine? Hell yeah why not! It is a amazing, spectacular, very high tech live show with mechanic dinosaurs, and seen by millions of people worldwide. And it is a show based on the amazing documentary of Discovery Channel in co-oporation with the BBC. The storyteller, Bas Heerkens, was playing a paleontologist which told the audience about the various kinds of dinosaurs and plants during each stage of the show, and quite amusing as well. The first dinosaur for us to see, was in the Triassic period, the Liliensternus, a meat eater. It was trying to get the Plateosaurus babys that were about getting out of their eggs. Plateosaurus is a plant eater and she was waiting for her eggs to burst, and her younglings to be born. But before that, she got attacked by a meat eater, called Liliensternus. The Liliensternus got one of the just born Plateosaurus babies, but the adult Plateosaurus succeeded in getting away from the Liliensternus, with a few of her newly born offspring. Second part of the show, was in the Jurassic period and the paleontologist told about the dinosaurs that were next to come. The Stegosaurus appeared and was gently eating of the vegetation, but Allosaurus, a meat eater, was watching him. The Stegosaurus defended himself very well, when Allosaurus attacked. Stegosaurus defended himself very well with his enormous spikes on his tail and the Allosaurus backed off. Soon after that a young Brachiosaurus, a plant eater, got attacked by the Allosaurus. But luckily, a adult Brachiosaurus helped the young one and the Allosaurus backed off again. Then there was a break, and time to get something to drink and eat. Then the show continued and the paleontologist told the audience detailed information about a pterodactyl, a flying reptile, Ornithocheirus. And the show continued with a huge flying Ornithocheirus, crossing the newly formed Atlantic Ocean, to mate. Then it was time for the Utah raptors, meat eaters, to show up and eat their prey. Also with detailed information, in a pleasant way, by the paleontologist. Later on he told the audience about new plants and flowers, insects and their purpose. And then we arrived in the Cretaceous age, the last era of the dinosaurs. Torosaurus, a planteater got into a fight with another Torosaurus for leadership and territory, and of course, mating. The Torosaurus fight ended up in a defeated Torosaurus, having a broken horn. The paleontologist told about disappearing plants and animals during the Cretaceous age because of volcanic activity and such. Soon after that Ankylosaurus was to be seen together with the victorious Torosaurus. Then it was time for the largest, meanest and nastiest meat eater to show up. The paleontologist introduced this animal like it was a big happening; ``here is the Tyrannosaurus Rex!`` Well, a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex showed up and the crowd was laughing very loud. It was indeed a very funny part of the show, everyone expected a huge adult Tyrannosaurus Rex would show up. Torosaurus and Ankylosaurus tried to get rid of that baby Tyrannosaurus Rex, which just was curious to them. When it all got dangerous for the baby Tyrannosaurus Rex, mother Tyrannosaurus Rex showed up and fighted with the Torosaurus and Ankylosaurus. Both plant eaters got away as fast as they could and baby Tyrannosaurus Rex was safe with it`s mom. But at the end of the show, a enormous meteorite crashed on Earth, and as told by the paleontologist, all dinosaurs and more animals and vegetation died out because of the impact of the meteorite. The paleontologist continued his tale that the dinosaurs brought forth a specie, that were developed by dinosaurs... the birds! They are all around you and fly above you, and some are on your plate...But they remember us of the glorious age of the Dinosaurs! By Jack the Rapper.

Whiplash + T.C.F. live in Scum
Katwijk, 26-04-12

It was about time a great band would play in Scum! And what do we get? Whiplash! But opening band was T.C.F. which was not bad at all. I don`t know what songs they played. This band with members of T.C.F. are in the same band! Incredible indeed. The bassguitarplayerman also did vocals and the guitarplayerman could not play drums at all. So they had a drummer as well. This 3 person band makes music that is really hard to describe for me, I would say a mixture of S.O.D. and a bit punk maybe. I did like the music and a review of the T.C.F. cd I bought will be somewhere else in this great magazine! Then it was time for Whiplash and a lot of less people were stagediving and in a moshpit! Sadly not true but a few thrashers were banging and thrashing their heads off. Whiiiiiieeeeeplash started with Fast Man Alive, and a few thrashers were already near the stage to bang their heads or start a moshpit. The bandmembers of Whiplash were putting in a lot of their energy, in this show. Noone whom was a witness of this evening will forget. I did forget but it`s me hehe. The show continued with more great songs; Shit on your Grave, Chilling on Monroe Street, Last Nail in the Coffee and a few more,`till it was time for their last song of the evening; Glued to the Cross. The hatted vocalist/singer played guitar as well, incredible! A great thrash metal evening it was and next time...more great bands in Scum I hope.

Review by Jack the Rapper

Abattoir, DeadHead, After All, Solar Fall
Baroeg, Rotterdam 26-04-'09

Yes! Great thrash in Baroeg! With nice bands that are not that good. Solar Ball kicked off and that`s really awesome without a ball! I do think this group, which also is a band, is no thrash band but a heavy metal group. I barely could hear what their singer was singing, I think he does not know he has to hold te microphone near his mouth instead near his butt. A high ''Yeeauw'' sounding girly scream from him sounded like a mating call, from a castrated cat. I could be mistaken but I heard him sing ``Touch the Floor`` and I even heard him pronouncing a song called ``Witches Turd`` (?) and then their show was over.

After Solar Ball it was After Ball that kicked off, I have no idea where those balls came from or went to. To me it was more important where my beer was. I did not hear a thing from their singer either but the music smelled okay. Good thrash metal but a bad singerman so I went to the bar for beer.

HeadDead started to play, but I think they run out of balls, I didn`t see them kick one. DaedHaed played a lot of new songs. Songs as like : Pissolved in Purititty en Green Angela. Great live performance and as usual nice guys, always good for a chat and to look for balls with them backstage.

After HedaDeda, Abbatthoir was on stage. They are a eighties speed/thrash KVLT band from the U.S.A. Abbath of Immortal also played in this band. And again, the singerman was barely hearable. Bad microphones from a cheap brand in Baroeg maybe? Abbatoir is up tempo thrash metal but almost each song sounded the same. But all with all, this was a great day for metalfans and thrashers.

Jack the Rapper.
Celestial Bloodshed – 23-01-09 – Baroeg Rotterdam

Well this band is something! This Norwegian black metal band is really great! I see them for the second time, and I really like their black metal. They played their songs live, because this was a live show. Songs from their debut album ``Cursed, Scarred and Forever Possessed`` were performed live. Very good release I say, together with their 7`` E
P. The singer had a real bad mood and the rest of the band was just doing their thing, so again a very nice black metal show from these Norwegians! Unfortunately, the band decided to split up, after the tragic death of their vocalist Steingrim Torson in the night of 30-04-09. May he never be forgotten.

Jack the Rapper.
Deathrage, Dictated, DeadHead
28-03-09, Scum, Katwijk

Aaaaaaaargh!!!! DeadHead in Scum! Yeah! But before they began their show, 2 other bands opened this nice metal evening. First band was Deathrage, they were already playing when I walked into the Scum club. I didn`t like their music that much and I still don`t whehe. Their show was a kind of boring, and noone really enjoyed their music, at least, it seemed like that. So the scream in the microphone man, or in other words vocalist, yelled to the crowd he wanted to see a moshpit. It didn`t help him very much to make us do so after calling us motherfuckers... Fuck off dude, who do you think you are... You are just a crap singer in a crap band. Then Dictated was on stage and played a mix of death and thrash metal. Not really good or bad, just average. But better than Deathrage and of course better than Species Inc. I was drinking a beer and then another one and ten more and then Dictated was done playing. After a break DeadHead entered the stage and they really performed well! The new bassman/vocalist (Ralph) was doing his job very well (he replaced Tom van Dijk). Songs like Pill Division were really awesome and even I joined a small moshpit.

Jack the Rapper

Grindpad and Rompeprop
16-06-09 – N201 – Aalsmeer

Yeppers! Grindcore evening in the N201 club in Aalsmeer! After going to shows of Clit Eater and other shows of various bands, it is time to write something about this great grindcore evening. I don`t like grindcore that much nowadays, but some are really awesome to me, like Insect Warfare, Napalm Death, Terrorizer and Carcass. But enough of this jibba jabba. Grindpad was fun, they announced their songs grunting so I couldn`t really understand what their songs were for this evening. I thought a few of their songs were called: `` Fried penis in a fridge`` and ``Put your deformed baby in a microwave``. But it was obviously clear they performed ``Shell Basher`` and that`s all I can say about Grindpad. After Grindpad, Rompeprop entered the stage. Songs as Pelikanenlul en Embryojomanda (something like that) were performed live. They have a funny show and they ended their performance with playing a new song which was really fun and played 2 times more because the crowd loved it.
I did not love it but I just love my beer so I went home to get some beer.

Jack the Rapper.
Immolation, Vader, Gorod + Nox
25-06-09 Baroeg Rotterdam

Whehe hell breaks loose with Immolation, a legendary death metal band from the United States. I missed the first band, but that`s not so bad, it was just NOX and I saw them once before somewhere else. I saw Gorod and no, I really don`t like their music and I don`t like their appearance, so I got me a beer and talked to people I know. Next band was Vader. What can I say about Vader...I don`t like Vader too much either, and I was looking for a nuclear shelter when they were about to perform ``This is the War``. I could not find a nuclear shelter so I got me a couple of beers in a pub nearby `till the war was over. After Vader, the band of the day entered the stage; Immolation! Great songs were performed live, as like ``In everlasting fire`` and a lot more great songs. Immolation gave all they could give and was really the band of the day.

Jack the Rapper.
Master, Castrofate, Feral, Speed Theory &
Nightmare Visions, 08-02-09 Baroeg Rotterdam

Hells yeah, another review about some bands live in Baroeg Rotterdam! After 5 beers I had no idea about which band was which band performing, but I tried really hard, after 12 beers, to figure it out for you readers. There was a band on stage and the singer/guitarplayerdudeman had a great haircut! He glued some pubic hair on his head so it looked like he wasn`t getting bald. I really don`t know which band it was but it sounded like U.S. Death metal.
Nightmare Visions plays melodic death metal. They come from the United Kingdom of England and that is in Great Britain if i`m not mistaken... They are a band for about 25 years (at that moment) and they released 4 official releases already! A very productive band indeed!
After Nightmare Visions, Master was on stage.
Hamster, the legendary band of Paul Spockmann, landed in front of the Baroeg with a space ship called the entersurprise. The only song I remember from their live performance is Master. I got a little drunk, I had 45 beers already and I went home.

Jack the Rapper.
Thanatos-Warmouth-Sectioned 08-11-08,
Scum, katwijk.

YES! Thanatos in Scum! But first...Sectioned opened this evening. They play very fast death metal, because their show was already over when I finally entered Scum. I got a copy of their promo cd so that`s nice, right? Sectioned is a U.S. death metal band. Second band of the evening was Warmouth, also death metal but also not my cup of tea. They played Left to Pee, Schoolless and Into the Shit and they also released a few cd`s already. Their drummer looks like a girl, maybe he should join a glam rock band. After a long break Thanatos got on stage and played a very good show. They played Angela Encounters, March of the Fricandels en Beyoncé Terror (a song about that horrible r&b chick). Unfortunately not that many people came to see these bands performing live, and I say, they missed a great metal evening.

Jack the Rapper
Zwarte Nacht (Black Night) - Scum Katwijk 08-10-11

Heersch, Funus and Slaughter Towen

Here I am with a review, and for a good reason I say! What reason you ask? I don`t know, but who cares hehe. I went to Scum to see Heersch play their live performance. Heersch plays a kind of rebellious black metal. We all know what happenned to the rebels in Star Wars, so they have to be careful. After Heersch came Funus to begin with their show. But that was no Fun(for)us. Funus makes a sort of dark galaxy metal, their lyrics are about black holes and weird planets...a sort of Star Wars metal indeed. So maybe it`s a good reason for the rebels of Heersch to listen very well to Nusfu, they know planets for the rebels to hide at! Fsunu sounds a little like old Burzum it was okay. I do suffer from black holes too from time to time, but that`s because of drinking lots of beer. After that, Slaughter Towel started their performance. A Nekro Black Metal band but i`m not sure if this is a serious band or a not to be taken serious group. Ah well I liked a few of their songs and Slaughter Towen is not about rebels and weird planets. A nice night of Black metal in Katwijk again, horns up!

Jack the Rapper.
The Impaler, Incarceration, Infernal Damnation and Escarnium. 20-09-2013 Scum, Katwijk, the Netherlands

Finally a nice metal evening in Scum again. It`s been a while ago that Scum had great beer and metal bands live on stage. It is rare that metal bands play live in Scum these days, there is not much left of Scum`s glorious days. Hopefully those times will come back. After a very succesfull 1st edition of Scream Bloody Scum I was happily surprised about hearing there will be a 2nd edition of SBS. But first... the SBS pre party review.

When I got in Scum, The Impaler was already playing. I have to say their death/thrash metal is nice. Maybe this evening was nerve wrecking for them, as this was their ep presentation. Good vocals by a good and experienced singer (Miranda) and everything just went well for this band, well done. I will review their debut ep soon and thanks to the band for giving me a copy. I got some beer and talked to some people I know, and also to people I don`t know, and still don`t know. Strange but weird. Then it was time for Incarceration, and damn, that band plays what I like, fast brutal death metal. A band that made a good first impression to me and the band was enthusiastic as well and their performance was very good. A party for my ears their music is, and I am sure we will hear more of this band in the future. Unless I become deaf of course, but that doesn`t say you won`t hear it, right? I got 2 beers this time because 1 is just not enough hehe. Then Infernal Dominion got on stage, and their brutal, technical grinding death metal just kicked ass. Infernal Dominion played a great show and Dobber proves again to be one of the best drummers on Earth. Infernal Dominion reunited a while ago and to see them live was awesome. Then I got myself more beers because I was getting a sore throat from talking to people. I think I will talk to my beers next time. Then it was time for the last band of this evening. Escarnium, and that is also a brutal death metal band, very fast black/death metal is what they play and worth checking out for sure. During the evening I talked to a lot of people and friends I haven`t seen for a long time, so this evening was just perfect. Sadly, Incarceration had no merchandise with them. But fortunately, that saved me money hehe. I also got a cd of Nailgun Massacre that will be reviewed as well and thanks for giving me a copy, Bonesaw! Howdy from the Netherlands to all the people I have met and seen that evening, and onwards to the 2nd edition of the Scream Bloody Scum festival we go!

Jack the Rapper.
Review of Ecocide + Disenterred + Funeral Whore live in Lazaru`s, Leiden, The Netherlands.

As I got into Lazaru`s again I was happy to meet the barkeeper and order some beers. Ecocide was having their soundcheck and I was having my beers... I guess that`s fair hehe. More people and the other bands walked in and had a nice chat with Roy of Funeral Whore. He told me they are working on a new album so that`s quite good news. When Ecocide finally started to play I got thirsty again and I got myself a new beer. Songs as like ``Planet Eater``, ``Unkown Disease`` and ``Beneath the Flesh`` were awesome. Also it was the drummer`s birthday, so yeah a little late but happy birthday man. I drink another beer to that. Then Disenterred started their show, they play up tempo old school death metal and they sound great. Songs like ``Apocalypse Reckons``, ``No Escape and ``Once Bitten`` (from their MMXIII demo) were just great. Neck wrecking death metal for real, I almost banged my head off of my neck. Good I didn`t do that, and when Funeral Whore began to play I bought some new beer and enjoyed their show and my beer. They played several songs from their ``Step into Damnation`` album and it sounded awesome. Unfortunately they had no merchandise with them. Then my beer was gone, the show was over and it was time to go home... I had a awesome metal evening with great death metal bands, I say.

Jack the Rapper.

Review of Witch Trail + Bones + Villainy - live in Lazaru`s, 25-01-14 in Leiden, the Netherlands.

It was quite crowdy when I entered Lazaru`s rock/metalcafé. I had a few beers, the band Witch Trail had a short sound check and also they drank some beers. While Witch Trail was playing their show they did not drink beer I think. Their black/thrash metal is really nice and I enjoyed the songs they played, I think I heard ``Atomik Attakk``, ``Sum of the Eyes``, ``The Witch Trail`` and a few more songs from their ``The Witch Trail`` demo. Nice band. During the soundcheck of Bones I got some more beers and I got a little drunk. I lost my attention and don`t know if the band was drinking beer. Bones played some nice songs too; ``Cyclopean Edifice``, ``Curative Conversion``, ``Visions`` to name some. Nice. Then during the soundcheck of Villainy, I had some more beers and during the show of Villainy I had beer too. Then more people I know walked in and I had some more beer. Villainy played songs like ``Maker``, ``Midnight Metamorhposis``, ``Charlatan`` and ``Witching Hour`` and some more songs. Nice metal evening in a small, but nice club. Nice, nice nice.

Jack the Rapper.

Date: March 22, 2014

Location: Originally Club Vision @ Fort Lauderdale, Florida, moved at the last minute to some biker bar in Hallandale
Beach, Florida.

Bands: Against The Plagues (dropped), Perdition Temple, Extremely Rotten (dropped), Murder Suicide, Masticator (dropped),
The Glorious Death, Blowtorch Sodomy, Sapraemia, Reapermanser, Diabolic Intent (dropped), Solstice, Hellfrost (added at the
last minute).

Reviewed by Armand

- Intro:

Thankfully, the dreaded Saturday traffic of beach-goers and road-hogging morons were not present. I was even more thankful
that the police didn't pull me over since they had 10,000 speed traps throughout Broward county due to some unknown reason.
I guess they're too cool to prevent actual crimes as usual (then they wonder why South Florida was the murder capital at
one point, but I digress). Upon getting to the venue with 30 minues to spare, I was met with an unwelcomed surprise: Club
Vision refused to host the event and it got moved to some Biker club next to a police station in Hallandale Beach. This
really sucked, since I was not informed by anyone and the venue made no concessions whatsoever to the people who
wasted their time going there for nothing. I was pissed off due to the lack of professionalism possessed by both the venue
owners and the promoters, but that's never stopped me before. I was hellbent on seeing live metal, and I was going to get
what I wanted. Thankfully, the new venue was only 20 minutes south of the original location and the show was starting late.
As I mentioned before, numerous bands dropped because of the chaos and mismanagement that went into this show. Anyways,
enough ranting. Let's get to the point...

- Band 1: Reapermanser (7/10)

Opening the show is Miami's blackened thrash trio, Reapermanser. The guitarist and drummer of this band both play guitar
for the more proficient (and way better) Nuclear Infantry as well. After hearing many mixed responses to this group from
those in my circle of friends, I suspended all judgment until I got to hear them for myself. The band, to me, plays a style
reminiscent of Morbid Visions era Sepultura, Sarcofago, and early Bathory. Sergio Poletti's guitar work is simplistic, yet
effective nonetheless. Then again, that's what they were going for from the get-go. In fact, the guitar playing is what
really made this band throughout the set. Fast tempos and an intense performance made this cool to watch as well. However,
it did have its problems. The vocals of their replacement singer/bassist were buried, who quite frankly has little if any
vocal power whatsoever. His bass also sounded like an atonal fart, which didn't help matters much, either.
This is kind of ironic considering that their drummer, Alvar Antillon, sings and plays guitar really well. The
other problem I had with the performance and an even greater irony is that Alvar just seems to have a tough time keeping it
together behind the kit. Unfortunately, just because you're great at one instrument doesn't necessarily mean that you're
great at another. I think they'd fare much better live if they let Alvar step up to vocals/guitar and search for a tighter
drummer. Having to deal with the venue shift and all that other "behind the scenes" bullshit may have played a hand as
well. While not a stellar performance, I still felt that they did a pretty good job overall, especially when taking the
circumstances into consideration. At least they showed up to play, which was already more than what some other bands did.
Sergio and Alvar are also cool guys to hang out with, and I wouldn't mind going to see them play live again in the future.

- Band 2: Hellfrost (7/10)

Coming up next is Naples black metal trio, Hellfrost, who were added onto the bill at the last minute. They performed
without a bass player unlike their show at Eve night club a while back, and according to their drummer, they seem to have a
tough time hanging on to bassists. If I didn't live 2 hours away from them, I would've taken up his offer to try out for
them. Despite not playing with a full line-up, this band always does what it does well, which is play midpaced melodic
black metal. Some songs have an Amorphis Elegy era feel to them, which seems to work well for them but without keyboards.
This is actually a good thing, since it's hard to find a band capable of holding a melody on the guitar nowadays. I
could've done without the crappy Dimmu Borgir cover (I can't stand that fucking band, but that's another story), however,
and the vocalist's guitar amp was buried by the drums and lead guitarist. I'm not sure if this was done deliberately since
it can be a pain in the ass to sing and play at the same time every now and then, or if it was due to a hasty set-up. This
was my second time seeing them live thus far, and I hope they're able to play with a full line-up the next time they play.
A good performance overall. I would've bought some merch, but unfortunately I was broke. Maybe next time...

- Band 3: The Glorious Death (9/10)

The third band was The Glorious Death. Originally founded by John Mejia in his homeland of Bogota, Colombia, he eventually
moved to Boynton Beach, Florida, to continue his quest. This band undeniably specializes in death metal, combining the
grooves and heaviness of the old school with the 7-string shredding of modern death metal. I managed to start a pit for
this band because, simply put, they deserved it. However, we did stop ocassionally to stare at awe when the drummer would
gravity blast. I also talked to John and to their drummer (forgot your name - sorry, dude!) who were both really cool. It
helped brush up my Spanish, which is something I admittingly do not excel at. My only gripe is that their guitar solos are
not that great, but it's a negligible gripe when everything else kicks ass. As with the previous band, I was broke and
couldn't buy merch. I just had enough to stay hydrated and get gas for the way back home.

- Band 4: Murder Suicide (3/10)

Despite the generic band name, I didn't want to write them off and REALLY tried to give them a chance. Their singer seemed
like a nice enough guy,and their drummer plays for the decent deathgrind band, Masticator, so I sat through their whole set
in hopes of finding one redeeming quality to this band. Unfortunately for all involved parties, I couldn't. Now for the big
question: What do they sound like? It sounds just like Jungle Rot, Six Feet Under, Torture Killer, Catastrophic, and every
other half-assed Obituary clone that has no business existing. Nothing they did impressed me in the least, making their set
really tedious to endure and ruining my beer buzz. This band just flat out sucked and these guys seriously need to step it
up in the future. Otherwise, their current combination of lackluster songwriting and hopelessly boring riffs will always
keep them in the back of the pack.

- Band 5: Sapraemia (8/10)

Next on stage were Miami's brutal tech-death butchers, Sapraemia. After having jammed with frontman Rudy Orozco (who might
be Disgorge's Diego Sanchez in disguise as his fret work can border on insanity at times), it was awesome when he finally
managed to persevere and put a band with his vision together. This band mixes technical death metal with some old-school
elements and a few slam moments here and there. They have a sound that is akin to bands like Disgorge, Decrepit Birth,
Deeds Of Flesh, Suffocation, Pyrexia, Gorgasm, and Severed Savior. Musically, the band was devastating. The guitars and
bass played fast, note-perplexed riffs raging over tons of blastbeats and double bass grooves. Unfortunately, the
performance did have some problems. Their 2nd guitarist didn't seem 100% confident playing the songs, even deliberately
sitting out on one. I found that to be a bit unprofessional in my opinion. The second gripe is that Rudy's voice is always
buried in the mix. I'm not sure if it's the venue giving him a crappy mic again, or he can't growl loud enough at such a
low frequency. He can do the low pitch growls, but doing them audibly while playing guitar simultaneously is easier said
than done. I think he should try growling at a more audible frequency to help the vocals be more prominent in the music, or
find a way to cup the mic somehow.

- Intermission: Some "metal comedian" (5/10)

To kill time due to all the bands cancelling, they let some guy do stand up comedy for 15-20 minutes. Ho-hum.

- Band 6: Solstice (8/10)

After a pause to the action, veterans Solstice took the stage. Unlike the current flood of Exodus/Anthrax mainstream thrash
clones polluting the local scene (you know who you are), this band takes its cues from more extreme elements. While there
are definite Slayer/Kreator/Sepultura influences there (face it, there's nothing original about thrash anymore), one can
listen to this and know that the music is definitely sincere. These guys stay true to the genre while making no
compromises. Fuck that Lich King/Municipal Waste pussy mallcore shit - THIS IS FUCKING THRASH!!! Next...

- Band 7: Blowtorch Sodomy (7/10)

Next on the agenda are Miami goregrinders, Blowtorch Sodomy. These guys are comparable to the likes of Skinless,
Devourment, and Pathology. Despite a strong emphasis on groove, they do have a fair amount of blast beats and fast parts
thrown in for good measure. Nothing too fancy or "out of the box", just brutal mosh inducing goregrind. It was also cool
hanging out with both of their guitar players again.

- Headliner: Perdition Temple (1/10)

Wow...this band SUCKS!!! Considering that this band has a member of Immolation in their roster, I was expecting to be blown
away. Instead, the complete opposite happened. Muddy sound, poorly played drums, and some of the most piss poor vocals I've
ever heard. It seems like they're trying to go for a Polish style (ie. rip off Morbid Angel and Vader in the blandest way
possible). Then again, I'm sure every retard who thinks Behemoth's music is worth anything would probably eat this band up.
Steer clear of this monotonous garbage.

The venue had a police station down the street, which was great in the sense that no crazy homeless people are going to try
breaking into your car unless they're really stupid. Beer was inexpensive compared to most places. While I was overall
happy with my experience, I'm going to be much more wary the next time Club Vision and T.M.U.S. are involved in the booking
Concert review 2

Date: May 7, 2014

Location: Brass Mug @ Tampa, Florida.

Bands: Master, Brutality, Hate Storm Annihilation, Infernal Onslaught, Nervochaos (missed), Fisthammer (missed).

Reviewed by Armand

- Intro:

My day started at 3 AM. I originally asked for the day off, but my dumbass co-worker booked the wrong vacation dates and
screwed me over in the process. However, I never let work get in the way of an awesome show before and wasn't going to now.
After finishing my 11 hour shift, I quickly went back home to change clothes, chug a couple of Monster's and head to the
Brass Mug. The drive was rather long (Tampa and Miami are about 283 miles apart, go figure), with the traffic always being
the worst when crossing through the shit-hole known as Hialeah. Thankfully, the drive was rather drama free once I passed
that area. After 4 hours of driving and missing 2 of the opening acts, I finally made it to the Brass Mug, which is now at
a new venue and got lost briefly. The show was actually pretty dead, with only 30-40 people in attendance (weekday/workday
for most people). Well, enough bitching and background info. On with the show!!!

- 1st band: Infernal Onslaught (7/10).

The first band I saw was a relatively new local band called Infernal Onslaught. This 5-piece plays no-frills Swedish style
retro-death. While most Tampa bands now try to emulate either Death, Morbid Angel, or Deicide, these guys take their cues
from Nihilist and Left Hand Path era Entombed,even going as far as using the mid-drenched guitar tone, bass distortion, and
L.G. Petrov style yells. As I said before, they're definitely not re-inventing the wheel by any stretch of the imagination,
but they aren't trying to. Simple yet effective describes this band perfectly. My only gripe with this band is that their
set was ridiculously short (about 15 minutes or less). I was a little bummed out about it because I wanted to hear more.
The singer and the guitarist with the dreadlocks were pretty cool people.

- 2nd band: Hate Storm Annihlation (8/10).

The next band was Hate Storm Annihilation from Chicago, Illinois. At first, I wasn't expecting too much when I only saw 2
guys heading to the stage and one of them was doing jazz wankery for about 10 minutes. However, I decided to give them a
chance, the guy was probably just warming up. Once their set began, I was glad that I did stick around.They play hyperfast
modern death metal akin to Hate Eternal and Krisiun, though without the flashy soloing of the latter two. Although they did
a good job of keeping it together as a 2-piece, especially during the solos. I also had the opportunity to speak with their
frontman Charles Schmuhl and he was a really cool guy. We apparently shared an affinity for 7-string guitars, set-ups, and
DIY projects. In spite of being only a guitarist/vocalist and a drummer, they were easily the fastest and heaviest act that

- 3rd band: Brutality [the reason I went (10/10)].

Next came local death metal veterans, Brutality. After trying and failing to reform throughout the 2000's, they finally
rose from the grave to deliver the 2 song EP, Ruins Of Humans, with the line-up from the Screams Of Anguish album. I hung
out with their drummer Jim Coker before when he played with Contorted opening for Enthroned and Destroyer 666 a few years
ago, and got to hang out with him again. Jeff Acres and Scott Reigal were pretty cool as well. After a brief soundcheck,
the band started their set. Needless to say, they hadn't lost a step, sounding every bit as ominous as their 90's records.
The only drawback was that only me and one other person wanted to start a pit, but no one else did (pussies). There were
also two guys by the bar briefy chanting "You still got it!" between the first and second song of their set, which fucking
ruled!!! Their set list was as follows:

1. Screams Of Anguish.
2. Crushed.
3. Ruins Of Humans.
4. In Mourning.
5. Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath cover)
6. Septicemic Plague.
7. Irreversibly Broken.
8. These Walls Shall Be Your Grave.
9. Cryptorium.

- Headliner: Master (9/10).

The next act is the ever interesting Master headed by its equally interesting frontman, Phil Speckmann. Originally from
Chicago, Illinois, Phil got fed up with the U.S. and moved to the Czech Republic where he has had a relatively successful
career. Anyone reading this should know what these guys are all about and sound like. All Hell broke loose when they
started playing, and a pit FINALLY happened. They played mainly songs from the new album to support, but also played a lot
of the older stuff from "On The 7th Day..." and my personal favorite, Cut Through The Filth. Raging no-frills balls to the
wall death-thrash for 45 minutes straight. Unfortunately, they did encounter some equipment problems throughout part of
their set, and the rhythm guitarist smoked a bunch of cigarettes and stood around trying to figure out what was wrong with
his amp when that happened. Shit happens, I suppose, and the band still sounded good without him.

Another highight was that the beer at this venue was very inexpensive, costing $2-$3 for a domestic beer. Compared to most
venues, this is definitely a bargain. Overall, this show was pretty damn good, and although the 4 hour drive back home plus
having to nap at a truck stop kind of sucked, I would definitely go to see any of these bands again.
Concert review 3

Date: January 25, 2014 (yes, this one's been long overdue).

Location: Grand Central @ Miami, Florida.

Bands: Carcass, Cyst, Made Of Metal, Maruta, Arcsin, Virulentus.

Reviewed by Armand.

- Intro:

This time I managed to get the day off from work to see this show. Everything went well until I had to deal with the moron
at the parking lot by the venue. $10 to park is fucking expensive, and then having to deal with some asshole who was
probably a vagrant they hired off the side of an overpass wasn't cool. I wouldn't be surprised, since downtown Miami is a
cesspool of criminal activity. Aside from this, the place was packed and most of the people were cool to hang out with.
Admission was pricy ($25), and once you're inside, you can't get out unless you want to pay another $25. A lot of places
are doing this now, and that's why I never buy merch in those venues. I wouldn't even be able to take a piss without
risking getting robbed or having the things that I just bought get damaged. A lot of old friends were at this place, and I
made some new ones as well, so this was a cool show to be in.

- Band 1: Virulentus (6/10)

I've seen this band play live in Churchill's pub a while back, and wanted to see them play again. This band plays a
black/death hybrid style with dual vocals, keyboards, and raging fast drum work. The band played at a brutal pace from
start to finish, giving the audience a taste of what's to come. Unfortunately, the set had numerous problems. This was
caused by the drummer's trigger module continually failing on him throughout the set. I'm not sure if it was a bad trigger
setup by the drummer or if the people EQing the band had no idea what they were doing. They shoud've just placed mics on
the kick drums when it became obvious that it was going to be a recurring problem. This constant problem really hurt this
band throughout their set, which was a shame since their songs are pretty good overall. Shit happens, I suppose...

- Band 2: Arcsin (1/10)

Phoning it in doesn't begin to describe these guys. Formery called Paralysys, this uninspired pop metal group somehow still
lurks in the local scene boring people to death everywhere they play. I think I even fell asleep at one point. This band
tries really hard to pass themselves off as the next Megedeth or Nevermore, but they have neither the songwriting ability,
the strong riffs, nor the conviction of the bands they try emulating. The music is definitely sub par at best, but the
worst thing about this band are the vocals, hands down. Their whiny singer sounds like a castrated chipmunk. While evoking
my humor and sympathy at times, it got overbearing and annoying very quickly. Unfortunately, I had to sit through all their
bullshit to avoid paying money to re-enter. In other words, it's just Paralysys with an even lamer band name and with the
same horribly boring commercial songs as before. Moving on...

- Band 3: Maruta (7/10)

The next band on the iternary was Orlando grindcore band, Maruta (Japanese word for logs and an obvious Unit 731 reference.
The Japanese might have outdone the Nazis in crimes against humanity and have gotten away with it, but I digress). This
band plays straight-forward, no-frills grindcore. Short songs, fast tempos, blastbeats, and downtuned guitars are all
present. While nothing groundbreaking or original whatsoever, they more than made up for it with a tight sound and just
sheer intensity. A good performance overall and I wouldn't mind seeing them again in the future.

- Band 4: Made Of Metal (7/10)

I've never been a big fan of tribute bands. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind bands doing covers, but I always thought doing
so throughout an entire set would be asinine. However, I decided to give them a chance anyway and I'm glad that I did.
Their strongest songs were probably Painkiller by Judas Priest and Time To Kill by Overkill. They ended with Crystal Mountain by
Death. While not a bad song, they could've picked a better Death song in my opinion to close their set. Regardless, it was
a tight and thorough performance which struck a chord with all the drunk nostalgic fucks in attendance (myself included).

- Band 5: Cyst (8/10)

After calling it quits in 2006, this thrash band reformed in 2010. At first, I couldn't have cared less, since their
previous offerings have always been relativity mediocre. However, I guess the down time must have lit a fire under their
asses, because their music has become faster, heavier, and more savage than before. As with all 21st century thrash, don't
expect to hear something that hasn't been done before, but this band still did what it did well on this night. At least
they don't cater to faux-thrash, which is why I find bands like Toxic Holocaust annoying to listen to. If this was a
competition of local bands that night, they would've easily won. Cyst is definitely back and they're definitely pissed off.

- Headliner: Carcass (10/10)

Everyone reading this should have an idea of what this band sounds like. The UK's pioneers of both downtuned grindcore and
melodic death metal reformed after hanging it up many years ago. They haven't lost a step, and wasted no time decimating
everything in their path. Jeff Walker's also funny as hell, providing plenty of one-liners and anecdotes between songs. I
forgot the exact order in which the songs were played, but these songs were played during their set:

- Genital Grinder.
- Pyosified II (Still Rotten To The Gore).
- Reek Of Putrefaction.
- Exhume To Consume.
- Ruptured In Purulence (Intro riff, part of a medley).
- Corporal Jigsore Quandry.
- Incarnated Solvent Abuse.
- Carneous Cacophony (Ending riff, part of a medley).
- Forensic Clinicism/The Sanguine Article (Ending riff, part of a medley).
- Tools Of The Trade.
- Buried Dreams.
- Carnal Forge.
- No Love Lost.
- Heartwork.
- This Mortal Coil.
- Keep On Rotting In The Free World.
- Edge Of Darkness.
- 1985 (Set Intro).
- The Thrasher's Abattoir.
- Noncompliance To ASTM F899-12 Standard.
- Captive Bolt Pistol.

Beer in this place was inexplicably expensive, and everything else they sold was just the venue owners trying to rip people
off. It was cool hanging out in the parking lot afterward (the stuck up asshole who was supposedly guarding the place took
off, no big surprise in Miami) with some of my friends. While it turned out to be a good night for metal overall, the way
that Grand Central overcharges for just about everything and the horrid manner in which the lot attendants treat patrons
made me never want to go back. I had the opportunity to see Deicide play here on April 4th, but in the end chose not to go
to avoid the drama and getting ripped off again. Stick to Churchill's or Club Eve for metal shows in Miami. Granted, each
place is just a glorified hole in the wall, but at least they don't rip off their customers and treat others with some
degree of respect.
Concert review 4

Date: July 19, 2014.

Location: Covenant Music's House Of Rock @ Doral, Florida.

Bands: Terrorizer, The Glorious Death, Ancestor (refused to play), Koroidia.

Reviewed by Armand.

- Intro:

Unlike most intros, today was actually nice, quiet, and drama free at first. The venue is located in Doral, Fl, which is
only a 15 minute drive through the 826 expressway. I got there too early, and they opened 2 hours late, so I had to kill
time hanging out with the other 10 guys waiting to get in. The turnout was pretty lame, with only 30-40 people coming
to the show. The fact that admission was $25 was pretty steep as well, and after seeing that the place was a miniature
hole in a wall, a lot of people felt like they were ripped off. However, this place was nowhere near as bad as Grand
Central in downtown Miami. At least you don't have to give an additional $10 just to park your car. This wraps up my
intro, now on with the show...

- Band 1: Koroidia (7/10)

Opening the show was Koroidia. This band plays an OSDM style that sounds like a strange mix of Incantation and
Deicide, although leaning more towards the former. The songs are brutal and heavy as hell. They usually play as a 4
piece, but their 2nd guitarist quit for whatever the reason may be. Regardless, they sounded just fine without him.
One thing I liked about this band is that although their style is nothing original whatsoever, each song was
distinguishable from one another, a rare feat nowadays. Some songs were blasting, some were more early 90s deaththrash
style, and some were at a doomy trudge. On a side note, this band features Hibernus Mortis members in their ranks. It was
cool hanging out with Ralf and Yasser for a bit afterwards and seeing that there were no hard feelings on either side. I
found myself digging this new band and wouldn't mind seeing them again in the near future.

- Band 2: Ancestor aka the ripoff band (Refused to play; Prepare for a long rant...)

According to the flyer, the next band who was supposed to take the stage was the black metal band, Ancestor.
Originally from Cuba and then migrating to Florida, I thought that their concept was akin to that of a Jamaican
bobsledding team. As ridiculous as Cuban black metal sounded, it still evoked my curiosity nevertheless, and was
wanting to see if they lived up to the hype.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. All the band members somehow got all their periods simultaneously and refused to
play. They started whining about how the venue was too small, that they can't fit on the stage, that the venue opened
late, wah wah wah. Just a year ago, they were in a 3rd world country controlled by Fidel Castro. Now all of a sudden
they think they're too cool to play in a small club. Seriously, how full of shit can people be?

By dropping out right then and there when it was their time to play, they fucked everyone over. They first screwed
themselves out of an opportunity of entertaining their fans that came to see them and quite possibly gaining some
more along the way. Secondly, they screwed over the promoters by ruining the program. If you go to see a band, then
you expect to see that band, otherwise that's simply false advertising. There was no opportunity to even try to find a
replacement by doing that shit. Thirdly, they screwed over all the fans who left feeling like they've been ripped off (and
rightfully so) after only seeing 3 bands instead of 4. Fourthly, cancelling like that leaves them open to the probability
of being blacklisted by other venues and promoters out of fear that they might pull a similar stunt in the future.

In closing, Ancestor basically raised a giant middle finger to everyone there that night. I found that holier than thou
approach to be both unprofessional and completely uncalled for. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned, everybody in
Ancestor can fuck off and die. Black metal is supposed to be about evil and misanthropy, not bitching and complaining
over trivial bullshit. In spite of this, I'm sure this new crying schtick they're doing would probably make them a lot
of fans amongst all the emo kids at the local Hot Topic. Support real local black metal and boycott this piece of shit
ripoff band.

- Band 3: The Glorious Death (8/10)

Taking the stage next were The Glorious Death, who were caught off guard just like everyone else thanks to Ancestor's gay
emo stunt. In spite of this, they knew the show must go on and they went on stage with no complaints like true metal
warriors do. They mainly played stuff I've heard before with a few new songs here and there. As always, it was cool
hanging out with frontman John and drummer Carlos (got your name this time, lol) once again. They did a great job as
always on stage. Many people were still pissed over there being one less band performing, making the set have a
bittersweet vibe to it. Even then, a great performance by this band.

- Headliner: Terrorizer (9/10)

Terrorizer took the stage promptly after The Glorious Death finished their set. Almost everything they played was from
World Downfall. Pete Sandoval is as devastating as ever on the drums, even without his triggers. Their brand of no-frills
deathgrind left everyone headbanging, moshing, and wanting more. Pete gave away some sticks, but I didn't catch them. I
tried to talk to him, but he ignored so he can try getting into some groupie's pants. She was really into him, and I
didn't want to be a cock-blocker, so I just left him alone.

Beer in this place was well priced, costing only $4 for a domestic draft. However, you can't smoke inside, which is the
first time I've ever seen this implemented at a metal concert. Furthermore, you can't take your drink outside either. That
kind of sucked, because not being able to do both kind of defeats the purpose. While the 3 bands that played on this night
receive the metal horns, I will never EVER go to a venue that features Ancestor on the bill. I know I might make some
enemies for taking this stance, but I don't care. I'm going to make this the most expensive $25 they fucked people out of.
The long awaited 24 beers review!!!
Arinne and I went to several liquer stores a while ago with the idea to review a few beers. A few beers became 24 beers... We had really good beers and a few disappointing beers, we made a honest short review. Here we go:
Beer 1:
Altenmunster Urig Wurzig Brauer bier, 4,9 % alcohol, Germany.
This one has a swingtop and when pouring it into the glass it foams up really well.
The scent is a bit bitter but pleasant. It is a lively beer and it has a nice yellow colour. Brewed to the German reinheitsgebot, and that makes it even better. It is assured that all ingredients are natural and contain no pollutants. It tastes a bit bitter, but it is a great to drink beer, to our opinion. This is a beer we would like to have again indeed.
Beer 2:
Maisel`s Weisse, 5,2% alcohol, Germany.
Here we have a white beer from, indeed, Germany again. It foams well when we pour the beer into the glass, and a nice bittersweet scent welcomes us. The beer is a bit cloudy, and has a dark yellow colour. The beer tastes bittersweet but is perfectly in balance. A real beer that satisfies us, it`s refreshing and nice to drink on a warm summersday or evening. Also a beer we would like to drink again.
Beer 3:
Jacob Winterweisse, 5,2% alcohol, Germany.
This beer is not really foaming when pouring into a glass, and a bittersweet scent is what we smell. It`s colour is very dark yellow, maybe it`s even brown. It tastes a bit sour and bitter and it contains sediment. So be careful with pouring out this beer into your glass! The label on the bottle is a nice one, but unfortunately, the beer is a bit disappointing.
Beer 4:
Floreffe Tripel/Triple, 8% alcohol, Belgium.
This Belgian beer has a nice looking label on it`s bottle. But the beer is where we really are interested in. The beer foams up really well when pouring out into a glass. It has a goldenyellow colour, is lively and smells bittersweet. This beer is a bit bitter and a little bit sour but perfect in balance with some sweetness. Also be careful with this beer, it also contains sediment. Also this beer is liked by us.
Beer 5:
Buffalo 1907 ale, 6,5% alcohol, Belgium.
This beer foams up really well, and has a pleasant light sweet scent. This beer has a deep, amber colour and a bitter aftertaste, but it`s not too bitter. A pleasant beer to drink and it`s lively. Perfect to drink on a colder day in the fall. Also a nice label and this is also a beer we would like to have again.
Beer 6:
Buffalo bitter ale, 8% alcohol, Belgium.
The beer foams up well, it`s lively and has a goldenyellow colour. It smells bitter and is very bitter! Not a beer to drink in one gulp, and it`s not a beer for people that don`t like too bitter beer like me. Arinne liked this beer so we keep this one in the middle... For once in a while it`s ok to drink Arinne says, but I prefer the 1907 ale of this brand.
Beer 7:
Sloeber strong beer, 7% alcohol, Belgium.
This beer is foamy and lively, and smells bitter. It`s colour is a goldenyellow one. It also tastes bitter, and this one is not a beer to drink fast. And it`s neither a beer to drink a lot of in 1 day, evening or night. It`s not bad, but it`s just not that special and a bit disappointing. We expected more of this one.
Beer 8:
Gentse Strop, 6,9% alcohol, Belgium.
This beer foams up really well, is lively has a goldenyellow colour, and smells bittersweet. More bitter than sweet, but also not a beer that I really enjoyed. Arinne liked this beer, so for the ones that like bitter beers, this is a good one.
Beer 9:
Brasserie de Bellevaux Brune, 6,8% alcohol, Belgium.
This dark red/brown coloured beer is not really foaming up while pouring into a glass. It has a nice scent of caramel, and is lively. This beer is really good, I like this one from the very first sip. Arinne does too. It is a little bit sweet, but has a light bitter aftertaste. One of the best beers we had so far it is perfectly balanced out.
Beer 10:
Double Enghien Blonde, 7,5% alcohol, Belgium
Does not foam up that well while pouring out into the glass, and has a bittersweet scent. It has a nice yellowgolden colour, and is lively. It tastes a bit sweet and has a light bitter aftertaste. This beer is liked by both of us, and is very enjoyable and for almost each occasion.
Beer 11:
Brasserie de Bellevaux Blanche, 4,8% alcohol, Belgium.
This beer is not really foaming up, but has a pleasant bittersweet scent. It is a lively beerthat tastes a little bit sweet, but also a bit bitter and has a bitter aftertaste. Not bad, but we expected a little bit more of this one.
Beer 12:
Brasserie de Bellevaux Blonde, 7% alcohol, Belgium.
Just like the blanche beer of this brand, it does not foam up that well either. When pouring this beer into a glass, we smell a bittersweet scent, and the colour is goldenyellow. The beer is lively and a bit sweet, but not too sweet. Nice to drink on a warm summerevening in, as example, your garden. A nice beer we say.
Beer 13:
Double Enghien Brune, 8% alcohol, Belgium.
This beer is not that foamy, and it has a brown colour and is cloudy. The scent is bittersweet and that`s the taste of the beer as well. Not a beer to drink fast, but very enjoyable after a busy day at the job. We like this one.
Beer 14:
Préarís Blonde, 6% alcohol, Belgium.
A nice looking label, and the beer foams up really well while pouring into a glass. It has a yellowgold colour and is a bit cloudy. The beer is very bitter, not a beer I would buy again, but Arinne likes this one. Also a beer for the ones that like bitter beers.
Beer 15:
Préarís Ipa, 6,7% alcohol, Belgium
Another beer of Préarís. The label says : No Hops, No Glory. We think it`s funny and hope this beer is good. The beer is dark yellow, copperbrown beer foams really well. It has a bitter scent and it is lively, and it tastes bitter as well. Not a beer to drink really fast, but to enjoy if you like bitter beers. A bit disappointing.
Beer 16:
Estrella Damm, 4,6% alcohol, Spain.
Here we have Spain`s best known beer, it is the official beer that sponsors soccerclub Barcelona. The beer foams up a little and is lively, and it has a clear light yellow colour. A bit bitter, but refreshing beer it is, excellent to drink on a party or bbq. Nice beer from Spain we say, olé!
Beer 17:
Amigo, 4,6% alcohol, France.
This French beer foams up really well, has a nice goldenyellow colour and has a light bitter scent. The beer has a light bitter taste, is lively and is very drinkable. We don`t think we need to say more, it is a good beer! Good on parties and also on bbq`s.
Beer 18:
Kronenbourg Blanc, 5% alcohol, France.
Another beer from France, and this one is a white beer. It has a blue coloured bottle and the bottle has a unique shape. It foams up really well, and the beer has a very nice scent. We smell ingredients that are used; orangepeel, caramel and coriander as example. The beer is cloudy and has a nice yellow colour. The beer tastes delicious, and it`s refreshing. We really like this one.
Beer 19:
Kronenbourg 1664 beer, 5% alcohol, France.
This beer foams up and has a nice yellowgolden colour. The scent is a bit sweet, but pleasant. The beer tastes bittersweet, and is perfectly balanced. It is a lively beer. A good beer to drink at several occasions we say.
Beer 20:
Valentin`s hefe Weissbier, 5,3% alcohol, Germany.
This white beer foams up really well while pouring into a glass. It is a lively beer, and has a nice bittersweet scent. The beer is cloudy but very enjoyable. A bit sweet, sour and bitter, it is a excellent whitebeer we say! We buy more of this one for sure.
Beer 21:
Kriek Boon, 4% alcohol, Belgium.
This cherry flavoured beer is closed off with a kork. When opened, the sweet scent of cherries and unique scent of lambic welcomes us and invites us to take a sip... It does not foam up that well, but is lively and the colour of this cherrybeer is, indeed, red. It is a little bitter but also sweet. Very enjoyable on a warm summersday or evening, we say.
Beer 22:
Grolsch Kanon, 11,6% alcohol, The Netherlands.
This beer is a bit foaming up while pouring into a glass. It has a very sweet and light bitter scent. The colour of this beer is yellowgold, and it`s lively. The beer tastes sweet, a bit too sweet to our opinion. It`s not a beer to drink really fast to grab another one. Not bad, but it`s just too sweet.
Beer 23:
Grolsch Weizen, 5,1% alcohol, The Netherlands.
This beer foams up really well, and has a sweet scent when pouring into the glass. The beer is a bit cloudy, has a goldenyellow colour and is lively. Also brewed like German beer, brewed with the German reinheitsgebot. It`s not a bad beer, and enjoyable on warm summerdays.
Beer 24:
Shiner Bock, 4,4% alcohol, TX, U.S.A.
Here we have a beer from Texas, U.S.A. and this one is really hard to get outside of the U.S.A. The beer does not foam up that well when poured into a glass. The scent of this beer is pleasant though, it is light bitter and has a ruby/dark red colour. The taste of this beer is just good, it is a lighter version of the heavier European bock beers. We really enjoyed this bock beer of the Shiner brewery. We want some more of this one.
We hope you had fun reading this, don`t drink and drive, and drink responsibly.
Jack and Arinne.
The Tunnel 2011

This film is a faux documentary it is played as a report after the fact and shows the events in pieces along the way. The tunnel follows a news reporter and her team as they explore the tunnels under Sydney. The government had planned to use the water in the lake the city but for some reason it was suddenly dropped and no one would answer any questions as to why. The young ambitious reporter decided she would find the answers as she began discussing the case with the homeless due to rumors of homeless people dissappearing in the tunnels. She is told she is forbidden to go into the tunnels but instead of informing her colleagues of this fact she lies and gets them to break in under there with her, a huge mistake. Should have made sense why would the government turn away from a multi million dollar plan? They will discover why as well as why the homeless under there are vanishing. I really enjoyed this movie very creepy, very dark and very well played. I recommend this movie, so get your snacks ready and turn out the lights.


Arinne Krul
Nothing left to fear 2013

A pastor and his family are relocated to a small town set off in the country, at first the town seems friendly enough. The oldest daughter begins having weird dreams creepy dreams, then after meeting a boy finds the town is more standoffish then first appearances led on and the true nature of the town is soon releaved. Nothing less then dark and sinister, the real reason the family was brought there. Every old country has old traditions lets just hope that they all dont have one like this.
This movie is good, the story line was good and having Clancy Brown in it was just awesome, i was however a bit dissappointed. There could have been more gore or creeps, it seemed once the plot was shown they just said ok lets get it over with. Its worth the watching but dont get your hopes up for a super scary experience.


Arinne Krul
Antwerp Zoo
My husband and I recently took a trip to Antwerp, Belgium and one of our stops was the Antwerp zoo.
This zoo is the oldest in the country, and one of the oldest in the world, established on 21 July 1843. The Aquarium was built in 1911. For the 1920 Summer Olympics, the venue hosted the boxing and wrestling events. On 1 January 1983, the animal park was classified as a monument.
This zoo is huge and has so many different animals and exihibits such as the birds of prey houses, butterfly garden building, an egyptian temple, the aquarium and much much more.
We walked around the entire day and still didnt see it all some of the animals were a bit shy or just simply tired it was a sunday after all. Along with the zoo and animals the gardens all over the zoo along with the statues and buildings were beyond beautiful.
This zoo has plenty of bathrooms and rest areas, it holds the nostalgia while continually adding new exihibits. I was very impressed with not only the beauty and size but also the fact that it sits directly beside the Antwerp central station, so easy to find. I really recommend that if you plan a trip to Antwerp add this beautiful and historic zoo to the list there is no reason not to its open seven days a week.


Arinne Krul

The Car 1997

In this movie a small south-western town which is normally quiet is suddenly attacked by an elusive black car. The death toll rises quickly as the small town sheriffs office searchs for the culprit. The true nature of the car is found out when it attacks a group of students practicing at an old track, they run to the graveyard and it is there where you discover it cannot enter and thus is evil. A plan is made to destroy the car but will it work? Can it work? My husband and i watched a show where you can get your dream car built, a man brought out a model from the film and an old lincoln continental (which is what the car is). After hearing this we had to watch it sounded too great and we both really enjoyed it. This movie stars James Brolin and it was awesome! I really recommend this movie to people!
grab some snacks and turn out the lights...ENJOY!


Arinne Krul