Random reviews and reports
American Mary Review.

American Mary is quite simply a new benchmark in modern horror. Following the life of a disillusioned medical student, Mary Mason, who like most people trying to make it in the world are strapped for cash to get by. She stumbles into a completely new world to her, one of body modification and darkness with a capital D. The natural progression of this film is stunning in its structure and layout with a strong script and cast to boot, there are no weak links in this chain. It is slick and stylish yet interlectual without falling into the catagory of being a gore-fest. Leading Canadian actress Katherine Isabelle from Ginger Snaps fame is absolutely fantastic from the fluid delivery of her performance and her ability to exude pure sexiness.
Written and directed by fairly new to the scene twin sisters, Jen and Sylvia Soska from Canada. Their flare for the creative process of movies and artistic deliverance is outstanding, from the look of this movie you would of thought that they were veteran film makers. They are definately ones to watch in the future. American Mary is already a pure classic and it will grab you by the balls (or tits depending on your sex). This movie has something for everybody and will not disappoint, if you have not seen it yet, then you are indeed missing out.
By Sturmgeist.

The stereotype for metal chicks is tattoos, piercings, and loads of black eyeliner, although this is not entirely incorrect something to remember is we are women and can do and wear whatever the fuck we want. Metal is extremely diverse from Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow to Epica's Simone Simons, and so to is the fashion from soft waves to sharply straight, natural elegant makeup to heavy lidded eyes and dark lips. The clothing is also ever changing to skirts, dresses, and corsets to ripped jeans, leather, and latex. A metal chich can go high heels to big chunky or army boots in a blink of an eye. She can be weighed down with bullet belts and nails or the lovelist of goth mode to victorian jewlery. The most important element to remember as a metal chick is this no matter which style or outfit you choose you must be confident and comfortable or you will just look like an out of place poser. Written by Arinne.
Carmageddon for I-phone.

Well here we have a awesome game which I really like to play. Banned in a few countries, like Brazil and England, in the past. That was because of the fact that animals and humans are targets in this game. Almost everyone knows this game so I won't go into details that much. The intro to the game contains a track of Fear Factory. As players of Carmageddon on pc you already know you have to destroy your opponents and run over pedestrians and animals, or simply by race and pass all checkpoints to win the rounds. But for i-phone, the graphics are really good, the sound is great and controls are more or less easy. There's just one thing bothering me; it happened a few times that the game was not saved and I had to start all over from the first level again. A update seems to fix this problem so that`s a improvement. It`s a very funny game to play, in this wrecking race with a lot of carnage, you do things that are not allowed in traffic! It's really awesome! Imagine yourself, while playing this game, you run over someone you don`t like... what a joy! A killer game for real.

Jack the Rapper.
Lets face it there are sometimes there is just no concerts, whatever is there for you to do? Movies always a great opition whether you are alone or with a partner or small group of friends. What movies are worthy of us not so mainstreamers? I have put together a small list of movies that will definately fit that bill, so let us start off with the musicals. Two great choices are The Rocky Horror Picture Show an older movie but so worthy of our time. Second choice Repo! The Genetic Opera based from a stage show turned instant cult classic watch laugh have fun. Now the next choice has many options I have chosen three that are beyond amazing, so lets get it on ZOMBIE films. This should come as no suprise i chose George A. Romeros triology; Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead (original versions ofcourse) grab your snacks and perhaps a baseball bat and enjoy. Looking for something more fun but with all the gore I have again a triology in mind. The great thing about triologies is that you can make an entire night of it order the pizzas pop the corn grab the drink of choice. I choose The Evil Dead triology; The Evil Dead, The Evil Dead II (Dead by Dawn), and The Evil Dead Army of Darkness. Bruce Campbell need I say more? Finally if you want something with a touch of romance and sorrow with death all around? I have two movies for you, The Crow this film is amazingly dark with touches of cinematic genius and heartache something you could watch with your partner perfect for both genders. The last Interview with the Vampire its a different take on vampires far from Count Dracula who can change shapes and fearful of crucifix and stakes, it also is nothing like the corny vampires of the Twilight series. This is full of action, pain and beautiful human like vampires, this movie is deep and perfectly suited for those who have thoughts, unlike the mainstream cookie cutter movie goers. So get nice and comfy, light the candles and prepare for a lovely evening. Written by Arinne
The Walking Dead - The Game

As a post script i will talk over the game a bit, its starts with you being taken to prison when all hell breaks loose this game is a sort of choose your own adventure and is very close with the series, the characters are different but the suspense is all the same. Something i love about this game is that your choices will change the outcome of the ending so its one you can play over and over without dissapointment. It is a five part game play i would strongly suggest getting this game it has something for everyone its a true drama game and can be played by everyone from a young boy to a teen girl or even your grandma.
By Arinne Coats

The Walking Dead series

AMC has really outdone itself with this series, it has everything drama, suspense, horror and of course zombies.
This series is in its third season and has yet to dissappoint. Most people would think at first glance another zombie show but nothing could be further than the truth, this show has something for everyone from survivalists to the average drama loving 20 something woman. It begins with a man waking up with the world turned upside down and so begins the stuggle to survive it doesnt stop with human instinct for survival inner tumermoils and unseen hatred bubbling to the surface and lets not forget the zombies. This show touches on death in a family to suicide from naivie innocent families to cult like citadels. I cannot begin to explain this series with a short summary all i can really say is there is something here for everyone with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat leaving you to think what will happen next. The series is now in its midseason break and will begin again in February I cannot wait they are really good at leaving you with cliffhangers and this one is teeth grittingly good.

Arinne Coats
Watch The Walking Dead here​

Here is a review of the Doom games. Not the newest games, but yeah, i`m old school, and I like to play Doom... And I bet a lot of you do too and know these cult classics... So I keep it short.

In these games you start in a mission on Mars with a gun and little ammo, a chainsaw and your fists. And during these missions you will figure out these missions are bloody missions, in hell ... Here and there you see soldiers of your platoon lieing dead on the floor... or worse... Members of your platoon and scientists turned into demons as well. The demons try to kill you, as you try to find a way through deadly dark mazes. Switches and buttons need to be pressed to activate elevators or doors. Obtain the 3 keys in each level, open doors, get better weapons and armor during these games... Shoot, use your chainsaw and fists and find your way out of this mess. And close the gate of hell before demons reach the earth...

The Doom games (so far, to my knowledge):

Doom II: Hell on Earth
Final Doom
Doom 64
Doom 3
Doom RPG
Doom Resurrection
Doom 4

(Cheats can be found on the internet)

Jack the Rapper

1931 Dracula

First off i want you to forget about graphics and nudity this is a classic

movie with real acting. There have been many Dracula movies made and i

must say there is no Dracula quite like Bela Lugosi, he is one of the all

time classic horror actors of all time right up there with Boris Karloff and

Vincent Price.
The movie begins with the travel to Transylvania to meet the prince

himself but what awaits is horror for Renfield, he returns to england with

the `cargo`and without his mind. This epic scene where the hatch is

open to the sounds of hysterical laughter to see renfield standing at the

bottom of the ladder laughing.
Dracula wastes no time making London his very own hunting ground and

because of the modern and science that rules the city no one thinks of

ancient myths that is until Dr. Van Helsing comes to call and discovers

the truth when his colleges daughter Mina begins to have horrific

`nightmares` and her soul becomes entangled in a stuggle remain human

or become damned.
In the end humanity prevails and the dark prince falls from immortality.
If you have never seen this movie i suggest you do.
Arinne Krul-Coats
watch dracula here
Classic game review: Saga-Rage of the Vikings.
Not the newest game indeed, it is from 1999, but it is worth to review this one for it is a nice game. A strategic game that needs managing skills as well.

In first you can do a excercise and learn how to play this game. You learn how to build houses, ships, work places (for weaponry, tools and armour). Also temples, churches and magical megalithic tombs and more.

Basically the game is about leading your clan to victory. Your clan can exist of Trolls, Elves, Dwarfs, Vikings en Southerns. During the game, you see each level differs from another.

In one level you start as a lonely Viking whom`s clan has been wiped out by another clan. From there, as lonely Viking, you have to look how you can get your revenge, and destroy the clan that destroyed your clan. Along the way, other clans join your side, and you`ll get your revenge.

Some other level is about protecting your temple. That temple is in a area that you have to protect, for 3 seasons. If one of the enemies enters that area in those seasons, you lose the level. Creating a large army is the only thing you can do to win this level.

In some other level you have to look up for treasures when your tribe consist of 8 man. Get in your Drakkar and sail off to wealth, but that isn`t an easy task. First you need to sail to an island and from there build up your clan and conquer the world when you are ready for it, if you won`t be attacked by surprise, by other clans...

There are a lot of levels you can play, and create them yourself as well, as extra option.

Clans can consist of giants and centaurs as well and are out to destroy you! And watch out for seadragons and other creatures like the living dead...

Build houses, a warehouse, workplaces, temples and ships by collecting wood. Obtain iron from the mountains and start upgrading your weaponry, armor and tools. You need to collect food to create a clan and magic fruits to gain magic powers. Chop wood and look for fruit and meat, fish... All you can get to become the most powerful clan and conquer the world of Saga.
Jack the Rapper
The Slenderman The Arrival

The newest installment of this game is very well done with new levels and

amazing graphics. It begins as you are on your way to a friend when your

car goes off the road and you make your way to the house, as you enter

the house you begin the game with the original 8 pages so be careful and

watch out, if you are able to get past this you enter a new level 6

generators. This level is in a mine where you must turn on the 6

generators to activate the lift, but this level offers up a new enemy a

ghost that will run after you and take you down but dont forget slender

man is still hanging around. After this if you can make it you head of to

the radio tower where you learn the fate of Kate on a video tape where

you play in the house. When this is through you must continue on to

complete the game the end is literally as always a no win situtaion with

slender man always around. If you think you have guts i dare you turn off

the lights, lock the doors and remember dont turn around.

Arinne Krul-Coats
The Vikings

The history channel has done an amazing job with this new series, the graphics, the history, and the mythology mixed perfectly with a great story line.
It begins with a young boy recieving his armband and giving his loyality to the earl, Ragnar the boys father then tries to talk the earl into sailing west but its refused. He takes it into his own hands and heads west to attack England. From there jealousy, battles, sex and the gods blend for a colorful and amazing series that i am looking forward every week to watching. I am seriously impressed with it and would recommend it for anyone women who want some drama will find it within this series, men who want violence and fighting will enjoy it and those who want history and mythology will be very pleased as well.
Do check your guide for the next episode and allow yourself to be taken back into the Viking age...safely. Enjoy!

By Arinne Krul-Coats
Watch The Vikings here

Is one of the best strategy games ever! You have 40 pieces ranging from marshal to spy and also consisting of bombs and the all important flag. The way you play is you set up your pieces where you will on the 10x10 board, you then make your move to capture enemy soldiers and ultimately the flag however you are unable to see who you attack and you may yourself be taken or worse blown up by a bomb.
There are many different versions of this game as well as special editions.
This game is very fun and also a great learning tool for patience and statergy knowledge.
I recommend this game to everyone!

Arinne Krul-Coats
Tomb Raider 2013

This is the beginning of Lara Croft's glory, this game is amazingly done

with awesome graphics and disturbing gore that will make any gamer

It starts off with a ship wreck on an island that soon proves impossible to

leave, with many enemies in a cult from an old legned that is hell bent on

killing any intruders shown unworthy.
You play as Lara but you must gain her skills and learn what will mold this

character into her future persona, as she searches for lost teammates.

Arinne Krul-Coats
Hell Girl ( Jigoki Shójo )
Has 3 series with 3 great stories. The basic summary of hell girl is pretty simple a girl who is summoned to send people who are hated to hell, she is assisted by three demons/ spirits. In order to summon her you log on to the hell correspondence at midnight and if you hate is strong enough she will appear giving you a straw doll, if you truly wish to send the one you hate to hell pull the red string and the deed will be done. However nothing in life is free when you send someone to hell two holes are dug and when you die you will be marked and your soul will never enter heaven and will be doomed to wander through hell for all eternity. When the string is pulled , depending on whether the person is guilty or innocent ( yes some innocent people are sent to hell in this series), you will be tortured by the demon/ spirits before being ferried by hell girl to hell.
I really recommend this anime for people to watch ever episode is different and the whole story is well played out and creative, so click the link here and enjoy the show.

ippen shinde miru

Arinne Krul-Coats

Sailor Moon

Usagi is a normal 14 year old girl or so she thought, one day a cat

changed all that when her true destiny was revealed and she became

sailor moon a soilder from the moon charged with saving the world from

evil. Along the way she gathers to her the 4 other sailor soliders Mercury,

Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. They must find and protect the moon princess

Serenity. By the end of the first season after all the battles they finally

find the princess and it is none other than Usagi sailor moon.
Thus the finally battle insues and evil is defeated and life returns to the

way it was before including the memories of the soilders but another evil

forces them to come back in to battle this time the future kingdom falls

into distress. There are many surprises and epic battles for soilders

including new soilders crazy enemies and love. There are 200 episodes, 5

seasons and 3 movies. A classic magic girl anime that i recommend

strongly true love, true friendship, and all evil will be punished in the name
of the moon.
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon R
Sailor Moon S​​
Sailor Moon SuperS
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars​​
Sailor Moon The Movie R
Sailor Moon The Movie S
Sailor Moon The Movie SuperS​​​

Arinne Krul-Coats

This series began as a manga, became an anime and is also a live action


Vampire Princess Miyu

This anime follows the "life" of a young vampire who's duty it is to send stray shinma back into the darkness, she has help from two shinma Larva and a small pink bunny looking shinma. In the series she was born of a human mother and a vampire father thus making her capable of walking in the day and cruicifixes, holy water and other relics to have no effect on her. She enters a school to search for shinma along the way meeting a small group of girls and becoming friends with them. Along the way she must send the shinma away without being discovered, but beware not all is as calm in this group as it may appear with intriguing developements monsters of old and "friends" from the past this series will keep you locked in.

Vampire Princess Miyu 

Written by Arinne Krul

Today it is 20 years ago that Euronymous of (the TRUE) Mayhem

was killed.
This special but short Euronymous/Mayhem overview is dedicated

to Euronymous, whom died too young.

Øystein Aarseth, aka Euronymous, was born in Egersund, Norway,

in March 22nd, 1968.
In 1983 Mayhem was in process of being formed, and at that time

Øystein Aarseth`s nickname was Destructor.
When Mayhem was formed, in 1984, he changed his name into

Euronymous. The bandname Mayhem was inspired by Venom`s song

``Mayhem with Mercy``. In the late 80ies, Mayhem became a

satanic black metal band.

Euronymous was not into to the atheistic modern Satanism Aleister

Crowley and Anton Szandor LaVey, but believed in a form of

theistic satanism but approved everything that was bad and evil.

Things like rapings, drugs and murders were good. He formed and

raised the inner circle, other active, satanic musicians from that era

joined that circle. That group was social and was influential, but

some saw that goup, the inner circle, as terrorists. The inner circle

was found in the basement of Helvete, the recordshop of

Euronymous, somehwere in 1990. A few members of the inner circle

were in other black metal bands. Well known black metal artists as

Satyr, Samoth, Bard Faust, Dead and Varg Vikernes and a few

more. The philosophy of this group was paganism, Nordic

mythology, isolation, occultism, and some racism.
In 1989 or so, he started his own recordlabel, Deathlike Silence

Productions, named by a song of Sodom: Deathlike Silence. He

released a few albums, Mayhem became big and the inner circle

became a growing movement with murders and churchburnings.

Dead (ex Morbid) became singer of Mayhem in 1988. The band

became notorious and Dead just sounded like he was dead.

Hellhammer became drummer and with this new line up a few

recordings were made for a compilation; Freezing Moon and

Carnage, for the CBR compilation. And plans for a tour were made.

During shows there were pigheads on stakes on stage, dead

animals in bags and Dead frequently cut himself live on stage. Dead

committed suicide, and was found dead at August the 8th in 1991

by Euronymous. It is rumoured that Euronymous took a fragment of

his skull and used it as necklace. Euronymous stated that he

thought that Dead was mentally insane. So recordings of live

performances with Dead became legendary and cult collector`s

items, like Live in Leipzig (as a tribute to Dead) and the Dawn of

the Black Hearts bootleg, as example.

With Hellhammer and Euronymous left as only bandmembers

(Necrobutcher left the band), Mayhem started working on The

Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. Session vocalist Attila, Blackthorn and

Count Grisnackh (Varg Vikernes) joined Mayhem and before the

release of De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Euronymous got killed in a

fight with Count Grishnackh in Euronymous` flat in Oslo, at the 10th

of August in 1993. Count Grisnackh claims it was self defense.

Family of Euronymous demanded the removal of Count Grisnackh`s

bass in the Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, but despite that, it is released

in 1994 in it`s original form, with the count on bass. Mayhem is still

active, and still plays extreme music, but since Euronymous` death,

I have the feeling that the TRUE Mayhem died with Euronymous.

A overview of releases of DSP and of Mayhem with Euronymous;

Released by DSP:

Anti-Mosh 001: Merciless - The Awakening - (1989)
Anti-Mosh 002: Burzum - Burzum - (1992)
Anti-Mosh 003: Mayhem - Deathcrush EP - (1993)
Anti-Mosh 004: Abruptum - Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectére Me -

Anti-Mosh 005: Burzum - Aske EP - (1993)
Anti-Mosh 006: Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas - (1994)
Anti-Mosh 007: Sigh - Scorn Defeat - (1993)
Anti-Mosh 008: Enslaved - Vikingligr Veldi - (1994)
Anti-Mosh 009: Abruptum - In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, In

Aeternum In Triumpho Tenebraum - (1994)

In 1986 a demo was recorded, the legendary ``Pure Fucking

Armageddon`` demo.
Line up: Euronymous - Guitars, Vocals
Necrobutcher - Bass, Vocals
Manheim - Drums
The demo features the following songs:

1. Voice of a Tortured Skull
2. Carnage
3. Ghoul
4. Black Metal (Venom cover)
5. Pure Fucking Armageddon
6. Mayhem (Rehearsal)
7. Ghoul (Rehearsal)
8. Pure Fucking Armageddon
9. Carnage (Rehearsal)

In 1987 the Deathrehearsal demo was released with the following

line up:
Maniac - Vocals
Euronymous - Guitars
Necrobutcher - Bass
Manheim Drums

The songs on the Deathrehearsal:

1. Chainsaw Gutsfuck
2. Necrolust
3. Deathcrush
4. California Über Alles
5. Intro
6. California Über Alles
7. Necrolust
8. Witching Hour (Venom cover)
9. Chainsaw Gutsfuck
10. Deathcrush
11. Witching Hour (Venom cover)

In 1987 the Deathcrush demo was released, on vinyl.
Line up:

Euronymous - Guitars
Necrobutcher - Bass
Manheim - Drums
Maniac - Vocals (on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5)
Messiah - Vocals (on tracks 4, 7)

Songs on the Deathcrush ep:

1. Silvester Anfang
2. Deathcrush
3. Chainsaw Gutsfuck
4. Witching Hour (Venom cover)
5. Necrolust
6. (Weird) Manheim
7. Pure Fucking Armageddon
8. Outro

2 Studio songs recorded for CBR compilation:
(Studio tracks 1990)
Line up:
Necrobutcher - Bass
Hellhammer - Drums
Euronymous - Guitars
Dead - Vocals
Track list:
1. Freezing Moon
2. Carnage

In 1993 Live in Leipzig was released.

Line up: Dead - Vocals
Euronymous - Guitars
Necrobutcher - Bass
Hellhammer - Drums

Mayhem - Live in Leipzig (tribute to Dead)

1. Deathcrush
2. Necrolust
3. Funeral Fog
4. Freezing Moon
5. Carnage
6. Carnage
7. Buried by Time and Dust
8. Pagan Fears
9. Chainsaw Gutsfuck
10. Pure Fucking Armageddon
11. Freezing Moon

In 1994 De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas was released.
Line up:
Euronymous - Guitar
Hellhammer - Drums
Attila Csihar - Vocals
Count Grishnackh - Bass
Blackthorn - Guitars, Lyrics

Track list of De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas:

1. Funeral Fog
2. Freezing Moon
3. Cursed in Eternity
4. Pagan Fears
5. Life Eternal
6. From the Dark Past
7. Buried by Time and Dust
8. De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

In 1995 Dawn of the Black Hearts was released.
Line up:
Dead - Vocals
Euronymous - Guitars
Necrobutcher - Bass
Hellhammer - Drums
Track list:

1. Deathcrush
2. Necrolust
3. Funeral Fog
4. Freezing Moon
5. Carnage
6. Buried by Time and Dust
7. Chainsaw Gutsfuck
8. Pure Fucking Armageddon

In 1996 The Freezing Moon single was released
line up:

Euronymous - Guitars
Dead - Vocals, Lyrics
Necrobutcher - Bass
Hellhammer Drums
Track list:

1. Freezing Moon
2. Carnage

Out from the Dark compilation 1996
track list:

1. Pure Fucking Armageddon
2. Funeral Fog
3. Freezing Moon
4. Buried By Time And Dust
5. Deathcrush
6. Chainsaw Gutsfuck
7. Necrolust

In 1995 a Tribute to Euronymous cd was released by Necropolis


There must be tons more of rare and bootleg releases, but this is a

nice overview, I say.

Jack the Rapper.

Outlast is an amazing horror game in which you, a journalist, is trying to uncover the secrets in a mental hospital when all hell breaks loose well when all patients break loose. You are unable to leave you must go on with your investigation. Finding clues and running into new terrors around every corner. In this game you are unable to fight back your only hope is to outrun, record and hide. Can you escape, will you ever find the exit? This game is full of jumpscares that will make your heart race, get your copy turn off the lights and lock your doors this is a game you wont want to stop!

Arinne Krul
The Cat Lady

A game about a suicidal depressed cat lady who ends up meeting death, however that is only the beginning. In this game you choose what will happen sort of choose your own adventure, you are sent back to get rid of parasites and you cant die. There are many freaky things that you go through from crazy doctors, cannibals, and killers before you can learn how to live.
This game is amazing the graphics are fun and the plot is insane!
I recommend this game to people who like crazy and in depth gaming.
Arinne Krul
Looking around today at the chick with 'let it be' written on her wrist and the dude with the unimaginative generic tribal flash on his arm, it's easy to forget that tattoo's have an ancient and rich history full of hidden meanings and macabre backgrounds.

Since the dawn of time tattoos have been used to mark Chiefs, slaves, sailors, outcasts, warriors and less notably in the west, royalty.

In 1862, the prince of wales, later to become king edward VII, received his first tattoo, a jerusalem cross, on his arm.
This started a tattoo fad among the aristocracy and in 1882, his sons, the Duke of Clarence and the Duke of York were tattooed by the japanese master tattooist, Hori Chiyo. King Harold (of Hastings fame) was reported to have been largely covered in ink which eventually helped them to identify his war torn and mutilated body when he was killed.

This wasn't just a fad among the aristocratic men, women of the higher classes also had their own little creations, one of which being the powerful and scandalous Catherine the Great (which makes me scoff when I think of my Mum's reaction when I got my first tattoo and she exclaimed 'but when you were little you wanted to be a princess, princess' don't have tattoos!!'). It may surprise you to know Winston Churchill had an anchor etched onto his arm but even less known was his mother, Lady Randolph Churchill, had a snake tattooed around her wrist.

Tribal tattoos, 'What?! Those designs that look like burnt chips and are largely donned by the masters of the jarhead clan?!' I hear you cry, but they did once have very powerful and sacred meanings which I'm not going to cover but rather touch on some other facts.

Around three centuries ago the young beautiful women of the Drung tribe in China would tattoo their faces to make them look less attractive so when rival tribes would raid their camps the men would be less likely to want to rape and enslave them.

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries collecting tattooed Maori heads became so popular in Europe that many Maoris were murdered to supply the trade. The Maori people in New Zealand tattooed their heads (moko) and buttocks by chiselling a design into the skin and rubbing ink into it. If one of their chiefs died, they would remove and preserve the tattooed head, keeping it as a treasured possession.

Europeans considered these heads to be curiosities and before long a trade sprang up, with the Maori exchanging heads for firearms. Soon the Maori began to trade the heads of their enemies killed in battle, but when demand started to exceed supply, men began to be murdered in cold blood for their tattoos....hmm maybe a thought to stop their growing popularity now...

Different religions have different views on body art, some promoting and some condemning. Missionaries in Polynesia condemned the practice of tattooing, quoting the Bible, which states, 'Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put marks on yourselves' (Leviticus, 19:28) They tried to stamp out the custom and went as far as trying to remove tattoos by rubbing the skin with sandstone in the same way that a ship's deck was scrubbed. This practice was known as 'holystoning'. It was a primitive forerunner of a form of tattoo removal known as dermabrasion, in which the skin is 'sanded' to remove layers.

Although in later years slaves would use the Christians religion against them by ingeniously tattooing large depictions of Christ on their backs using the theory that no Christian, no matter how cruel, would lash the image of Christ...I don't know whether this worked or not but surely it bought about trying a different method of giving pain?

It is also worth noting to be careful when picking out images of Celtic Crosses in a 'I want that one' style, because variations of them were used as tattoos by white supremacist groups to spot each other, so you may end up with a slightly more political design then you bargained for.

This being said the the history of tattoo meanings is so varied, disputed and largely due to their use in fashion nowadays have, I guess, lost their definitive meaning. You can see a man who sailed round Cape Horn, crossed the equator, is a practising thief, no longer a practising thief, a decorated warrior, a member of several New York gangs, has been to prison and appears to have several different religions and conflicting political views....Who'd of thought Dave from down the road was so interesting!

And so this leads me on to Russian prison tattoos that are such a life and code of their own that the KGB backed a study by a Russian prison guard into what they actually mean, as when cracked their tattoos would tell how many crimes they committed, what they were, how highly they stood as a criminal, their sexuality and the distinction between forcible tattoos that were generally given to men that committed the most abominable of crimes (although joke ones were given when losing card games) for example an innocent looking heart in a white triangle was the mark of a child rapist. The findings were eventually bought and published and can be found by searching 'The Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia'. If prisoners were found to wear a tattoo that they did not earn e.g Gang leader, then inmates would hold them down and slice it off, you just can't beat Russia for a bit of grim rule abiding irony!

And so when I hear people say 'look at her with those tattoos, she must be a slag' or 'people with tattoos are so low class' I smile to myself and think of the girls of the Drung tribe and England's inked royalty.

The history of tattoos is very vast and expansive but I thought, as promised, I'd give you just the tip .
Bonita Romanova

The bock beer review – 13 brands!

It is fall again… It is getting dark earlier, colder, rainy… Is there nothing exciting about the fall at all? Yes, bock beer! I have selected 13 brands of bockbeer, 11 Dutch and 2 Belgian bock beers. So nice to have a glass of bockbeer after a day of hard work at the job, and to sit down in your lazy chair and enjoy the evening with a glass of good bock beer… Alone, with your wife, family or friends.

Heineken Tarwebok (Netherlands). 6,5 % alcohol
While pouring Heineken tarwebok in a glass, the foam rises up and it smells nice. It`s colour looks good, a nice dark red colour it is. But when I took a zip, I was very surprised by it`s sweetness. It is a matter of taste, maybe, but it is too sweet for me. It tastes better than the one of past year, but sorry to the Heineken drinkers, I do not like this one, again.
Dissapointed about the Heineken tarwebok, I opened a bottle of La Trappe bock beer…

La Trappe bockbeer (Netherlands). 7% alcohol.
I poured out the La Trappe bockbeer in the glass and this beer is very alive! The foam was rising incredibly fast in the glass while pouring and it smells very pleasant. I took a zip of it and it is bitter, but not too bitter. The colour of this bockbeer is of a lighter red than the Heineken tarwebok beer, it`s more like a ruby red. Very, very nice bockbeer.
Excited about this bockbeer I try the next bockbeer…

Gulpener bockbeer (Netherlands). 6,5 % alcohol.
Not as foaming while pouring out, but the taste of this Gulpener bockbeer is light bitter and, to me, a pleasure to drink. This herfst (fall) bockbeer is also having a ruby red like colour and is smooth, and the aftertaste is like a party in the mouth. A very nice bockbeer this is, for the ones that do not like the very bitter taste of a Amstel bock beer, as example. Recognizable due to water from their own source. A very nice one.
Convinced of it, that it could not get much better, I opened a bottle of Bavaria hooghebock…

Bavaria hooghebock (Netherlands). 6,5% alcohol.
Also recognizable due to water from a own source, this Bavaria hooghebock beer is very alive, while pouring it was very foaming. And when you smell this bockbeer, it is like a party already before drinking it! Light bitter and a little sweet makes this Bavaria hooghebock very drinkable, after this one you just want to have another one! This beer also has a nice dark red colour and is a pleasure to drink. A very nice one.

Jopen bockbeer (Netherlands). 6,5% alcohol.
The Jopen bockbeer has been awarded with a Silver European Beerstar in 2011, and as I try their bockbeer for the first time, it is my opinion that counts in this review. It is a little foaming when I pour the bockbeer in the glass, and it is dark red in colour. It smells bitter already, but not unpleasant. In taste it is a bitter bockbeer, not as smooth as like the Gulpener herfst bockbeer. It`s enjoyable if you like this bitter taste. Not bad but it is not my favorite bockbeer, this Jopen bockbeer.
Maybe the next bockbeer is something I like, the La Chouffe bockbeer. It has a funny label with a kobold and a bock on it.

La Chouffe bok 6666 (Belgium). 6,66 % alcohol.
This bockbeer got my attention with their label, it is funny and original. A kobold seems to be the mascotte of this beerbrand. Nice, I like it. I also can say that about the beer they brew! This bockbeer is having a dark red colour and has a nice scent, it is not that foamy when I poured it but it is very drinkable, not too bitter and not that sweet, to my opinion it is a perfect bock beer and also I like to have another one of this La Chouffe bockbeer, if I had another one.
Next bockbeer to try is Brand dubbelbock (doublebock)

Brand dubbelbock (Netherlands). 7,5% alcohol.
This Brand bockbeer is bittersweet, has a lighter red colour than the other bock beers, and has the highest alcohol percentage so far. It does not foam up that much while pouring it into the glass, and it has a nice scent. The bockbeer itself is nicely drinkable, not too bitter or sweet, just inbetween. It is not a bockbeer that I would like to drink frequently, but it is a nice bockbeer to drink.
It just started raining at 20:45 when I opened this bottle of bockbeer from Amstel, fall really has started.

Amstel bock (Netherlands). 7% alcohol.
This bockbeer is foaming up when pouring it into a glass, so it is very alive. The scent is bitter and it also tastes bitter, it`s colour is ruby red. This bockbeer is not bad at all, it is smooth and easy to drink, however it is just bitter. I would not drink the bockbeer of this brand that much either, but it is a good one.
Next beer is from a Dutch isle, Texels bockbeer…

Texels bockbeer (Netherlands). 7% alcohol.
Texels bockbeer says to be chosen as best and most delicious bockbeer of the Netherlands, on their label. Well that is just great but that`s up to me in this review. Let`s see… it foams up well when pouring it into a glass, and the scent is really bitter. The colour is very dark red and it tastes more bitter than sweet, as expected. I don`t say it is bad but I prefer the other brands so far, sorry for the makers of this bockbeer.
Then we have some more rain and I am just glad I don`t have a dog to walk with… It is time for another Belgian bock beer.

Steenbrugge abdijbock (Belgium). 6,5% alcohol.
A abbey beer is always interesting, and for me it is the first time to try this abbey bockbeer. It foamed up really well while pouring it into a glass, and the scent is just great with spices that are kept a secret still, since 1084. The colour of this bockbeer is a sort of dark ruby red, it smells bittersweet and spicy. As expected, it tastes like that. A real pleasant bockbeer to drink is what I have here, and I definitely want to have more of this bockbeer at home!
It keeps on raining, and that makes me want to try the Grolsch herfstbock…

Grolsch herfstbock (Netherlands). 6,6% alcohol.
Also this one is very alive, the foam welcomes me when I pour the beer in the glass… welcome to the fall of 2013… Also a nice ruby like red colour and a bittersweet scent. Just like the Heineken tarwebock it is too sweet. It has a flavour of berries and cinnamon in it and it is a little too much with spices together. Maybe very fall like, but too much of everything. It is a matter of taste I guess, but I don`t like this bockbeer that much either, sorry.
Now the rain keeps on falling down, it is time to get some things up… I know what you think, dirty minds, hehe. My thumbs! And therefore I hope Alfa bockbeer will.

Alfa bockbeer (Netherlands). 6,5 % alcohol.
Also using their own waterresource, this brewery makes beer with a taste I recognize. The foam welcomed me before pouring it into my glass and it said ``I`m yummy, taste me`` as in like the Alice in Wonderland fairytale… The bockbeer is bittersweet and has a brown/red colour. The scent is also a little sweet but bitter, and if I had more of this bockbeer at home, I definitely would drink a few more of this bockbeer.
It stopped raining… time to try the last bockbeer in this review. Hertog Jan bockbeer it is.

Hertog Jan bockbeer (Netherlands). 6,5% alcohol
When I pour this bockbeer in the glass it also welcomes me with foam and a scent of caramel and it just says: ``drink me, bitch``, and it kills Alice. This bockbeer is really dark red, bitter but the caramel in it softens the bitter taste, it is a well mix of blends in this bockbeer. Unfortunately I just have one at home, I go to the store to get some more Hertog Jan bockbeer tomorrow. I guess I saved the best for last, it stopped raining and Halloween is soon to come, so I get the decorations out and make my house really spooky…
Cheers, Jack the Rapper.

A few weeks after posting a review about 13 brands of bock beer, I found another bock beer which is worth it to give it a try; Schultenbräu herfstbock.

Schultenbräu herfstbock - 6,5% alcohol.

When I poured this bock beer into a glass, it foams really well and it smells nice. The colour is dark/ruby red and it is a easy to drink bock beer. Not too bitter, nor too sweet and it has a little flavour of caramel in it, as in like the Hertog Jan bock beer. And to be honest, this bock beer is not the worst I had. Also the label on the bottle looks nice. The money I spend on this Schultenbräu bock beer was worth it.

Jack the Rapper
Bock beer review part II !!

I found some more bock beers to review in the past months, so here we go again.

Erdinger Pikantus Dunkler Weizenbock (Germany) 7,3% alcohol.

When I pour the bock beer in my glass, the foam rises up and it promises to be a tasty bock beer. When I smell the bittersweet scent I think it`s going to be a pleasant experience... I take a gulp and I really enjoy the bock beer of Erdinger. The bock beer is darkbrown, and tastes good. The roasted malts and all other ingredients give this bockbeer a nice flavour. The bock beer is really cloudy and has the taste of a white beer as well. I do say this bock beer is one I would buy again if there`s a chance to. Prosit!

Leute Bokbier (Belgium) 7,5% alcohol.

The first thing that has my attention is the nice looking label on the bottle. A bock with his left leg on a beer barrel, of course it makes it clear that this is a bock beer. As I open the bottle, the scent smells bitter and when I pour the bock beer into a glass, it really foams up well. The colour is dark/ruby red and the bock beer tastes bitter. Not as bitter as the Amstel bock beer that I had once before. This bockbeer has a full, round, but bitter taste.
Also the glass that came with the beer is a special one, It has no foot. The glass has to be placed on a flat piece of wood, and in that piece of wood, a recess has been made for the glass. A nice bock beer to drink, once in a while.

Original Stieglbock (Austria) 7% alcohol.

This bock beer comes in a green bottle, and also has a nice looking label. The bock beer smells bitter, and as I pour the bock beer in the glass it is not as foaming as the other bock beers I had so far. The coulour is also a surprise, it is a yellowgold colour. The taste of this bock beer is light bitter. To my opinion it`s in between a blonde beer and a bock beer because of it`s colour and taste. It is not a bad bock beer, but not one I really would go for. Still it`s great I found this bock beer and am proud I had the honour to try this one as well. Prosit again and we go to the next bock beer...

Berend Bokje (The Netherlands) 7% alcohol.

I got this bottle of bock beer in a liquor store (`t Vaatje) where I found more rare, good beverages... I`m told this bock beer is homemade by a friend of the liquor store owner. So indeed it`s a honour to try this real rare bock beer. It`s label shows a bock that
looks like the liquor store owner, really funny. When I open the bottle and pour it into a glass it smells really bitter. The colour is dark/ruby red and it does not foam that much. It is a bittersweet tasting bock beer. More bitter than sweet and I have to say I really like this one. I don`t know when I`ll have this bock beer again, the brewer doesn`t even know himself! Unfortunately that`s what it says it on the bottle, next to a funny rhyme. This surely is a bock beer I would like to have again. Proost!!

Scheldebrouwerij Wildebok (Belgium) 6,5% alcohol.

The first thing that has got my attention, is the image on the label. 2 Caveman on there try to keep a bock by it`s horns and goatee. Just glad to see there`s no 3rd caveman behind the bock, if you know what I mean... While opening the bottle the bock beer ran out of the bottle by itself. Shit happens. It was not that foamy while pouring out but it has a nice scent. The label says it`s the yummiest bock beer. I`ll know in a few moments if that`s true.
The scent is bittersweet, the colour is dark red and roasted malts and all other ingredients of the bock beer are a party in my nose already. Now the taste of it... I expected a little bit more of this bock beer, it is not exceptional bitter, maybe a bit too sweet even. Not that sweet as Heineken Tarwebok. this bock beer is not the best bock beer I ever had, i`m not dissapointed with this one but it`s just a little too sweet.

Lahnsteiner Brauerei Schnee-Bock (Germany) 7,2% alcohol.

It is obvious that schnee-bock means snow-bock when you see the label on the bottle. A nice looking label on the bottle that also shows a bock and the height of 3 mountains if i`m not mistaken.
A original thing to add on a label I think. While pouring the bock beer into the glass, a bittersweet scent welcomes me. It invites me to drink this bock beer... I cannot resist it... I want to have a gulp of this bock beer... now! I pour it into a glass, smell the rich scent, and it tastes as like I hoped the Scheldebrouwerij Wildebok would taste like. Not too sweet, more bitter and it has a ruby red colour. A party in my mouth it is, awesome bock beer. It`s surely a enjoyable bock beer which I like to have again.

SNAB Ezelenbok (The Netherlands) 7,5% alcohol.

This double bock has a weird but funny label on the bottle. It shows a minstrel with a bock and mule head, which is playing on a medieval instrument, weird but funny. Now for the beer, it foams up really well while pouring it out and it has a bitter scent, with a nice touch of roasted malts. The double bock beer of SNAB is dark/ruby red and when I take a gulp it`s not as bitter as I expected it to be. Light bitter it is and also, I notice caramel in this good double bock beer. I would buy this double bock beer
again if I get a chance. A real good double bock bier this is.

Dolle Bock (Belgium) 7,8% alcohol.

This bock beer has the highest alcohol percentage so far. That`s already a thing that`s remarkable, next to the label on the bottle which is quite simple but effective. A bock that`s sticking out his tongue! Too funny! Also this one is corked, remarkable again. So after these surprises, it is time to open the bottleand try the bock beer. The cork popped out and I poured the bock beer into a glass. It foams up really well, and the scent of roasted barly smells nice, it`s scent is a bit fruity as well. A ruby red colour and when I have a gulp I am amazed by it`s taste. I think I taste some liquorice (drop in Dutch) and chocolat. Really amazing and surprising! This bock beer is sensational, a party for the nose and mouth! I guess a lotof beer lovers will agree to what I say about this bock beer. Double Santé to this one!

Review by Jack the Rapper.
South Park: The stick of truth
You have just moved to south park and your parents have sent you off to make new friends, you find yourself in the middle of a war between humans and elves for control of the stick of truth. Along the way you have challenges to do enemies to conquer, this games is amazing for so many reasons plenty of side challenges to do and the many references to the series. This game may be viewed as unsuitable for some younger gamers and understandably so, there are some graphic scenes and language that may cause people to be uncomfortable or to laugh until you burst.
I give this game a 10 from 10 its quite simply amazing, no screw you guys im going to play!

American Horror Story Coven

This installment centers around a small coven of witches who date back with ancestors from the Salem witch trials where the slave girl Tituba thought them magic. Each witch has her very own special power and sometimes many, however only one will be able to do all of the seven wonders this is the Supreme, there is one in every generation. In this modern time they are hidden and protected from witch hunters. They must survive many obsticales including the greed of their own Supreme. The first major hurdle is a famous voodoo queen Marie Laveaux, and ghosties killed by previous occupants of the coven. Outsiders also make their involvment within the coven including an over zealous chirstian, her son who has very extreme issues with holier than thou mommy and a college boy who is brought back from the dead much like the monster in Frankenstein. As the story goes on there is no one safe and many insane obsticales that they must go through and survive. The ending was well made i loved this installment and cannot wait for the next, i leave this review without too many details because i would rather you wish to watch this and enjoy it as much as i did.

The Conjuring.

So my niece who is three absolutely loves this movie, she has made my mother watch it four times in one day. With this i laughed and decided i must do a short review on it so here we go.
The Conjuring is set in the 1970's and begins with famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren telling about an investigation with a very creepy demonic doll. From this point the characters are set now to the main story begins in 1971 the Perron family moves to a remote farm house in Rhode Island and it doesnt take long for things to start up. Soon things get so out of control with ghosts appearing and shattering pictures they go in search of the Warrens for help. The first tour of the house shows how evil the house and main ghost, a witch Bathsheba who killed her own child and then herself pledging that anyone who takes her land will suffer, is. They uncover evidence that this is not the first time for the witch to bring her curse upon people. I really like the ambience in this movie, the jumpscares, and the over all creepiness of the movie and story.
I really recommend this movie to anyone who likes ghostie haunting films. I didnt want to get too involved with the story line i hate reading reviews that give away everything, go watch it http://www.rainiertamayo.com/movie/the-conjuring-2013.html

Arinne Krul
Sex with the king:500 Years of Adultery, Power, Rivalry, and Revenge
Author: Eleanor Herman

So what did you learn in school about kings and queens and ladies in wait. The virgin prince would marry a virgin princess and would fall in love and rule a country together with love and children. Dukes would marry Ladies, a Baron would marry the daughter of the kings brother ect. But i never remembered learning just how scandalous those same "virgin ladies" actually were until i red this book.
Sex with the king is amazingly written with many saucy and racy accounts of the kings and their mistresses. Some kings only did it because it was the norm for a king to a maîtresse-en-titre , while others, well lets just say couldn't, keep it in their pants. Although i must confess to have the title of maîtresse-en-titre you couldnt just be a pretty face or an amazing lay, you must also push your own needs aside, from health to death of childrenor even your own health, in order to be at the kings beck and call. Many mistresses started their career as a lovely perfectly healthy lady to a shell of a person near death and beyond exhausted. There have been mistresses since the dark ages although in that time there is seriously very little known of them. When around the 1600s and onward much known, especially since the invention of the print and press and the wide spread effect of literacy. It had become very popular for people to write their memoirs and also letter writting, some letters were found between the king and his object of desire. One of the racier accounts is between Ludwig of Bavaria and his mistess Lola Montez who was a dancer and whose feet played a huge role in her appointment as royal mistress. Some countries due to the religious pressures and vatican influence led them to find mistresses in unusal places. The spanish kings for instance would send the ladies he had deflowered off to the convent because the king was only below god so no other man could touch her. In Portugaul there was a king who would just go straight to the source and picked his mistress from among the wives of jesus turning a convent into a whorehouse and nursery of his bastard offspring with the nanny being none other than the mother superior herself. I could go on and on about the many individual stories in this book but i think it would best for you to just get a copy for yourself! I total recommend this book amazing read and amazingly entertaining.

Arinne Krul
Haunted Forest

Ok the story line is fun and creepy, it is not the best but far

from the worst.
A group goes out to a forest that is said to be haunted with

travelers have been known to to disappear, their therory

comes from the diary of the native american group members

grandfather. The story is said an indian girl and her lover

happen to be spending alone time in the woods when white

man came to burn it down she managed to "survive" by

hiding in the tree of a ghostly tree according to the legend it

cost her her soul. She marks people in the woods by stabbing

them with splinters, she marks them because she feels they

are trying to destroy the woods. Are all legends always the

way they are told or is there a dark secret behind it. To find

out you have to watch, the acting isnt terrible and there are

some very funny and also very creepy parts in here so if you

see it on watch it its worth it.




Hatchet 1,2 & 3
WARNING SPOILERS: the story line is being told, there is plenty untold.

First off let me explain this is infact three movies, the reason for doing it all at once is because it literally picks right up where the last left off so no point in writting out three.
It all starts off with a haunted swamp tour easy enough execpt where they are going is closed off to everyone honey swamp. The main ghost story behind the tour is that of poor Victor Crowley, a deformed boy who lived locked away from the world with his loving father. A group of three teenage boys went to try to get young Victor out so they could taunt and tease him, they however accidently set the house on fire with Victor locked in. His father came home and tried to get him out but when he was axing the door to get in he struck his son in the face killing him. Victors father lived out his years alone in that cabin in honey swamp, then came Victor back to relive every night the night that took his life and anyone who makes there way into that swamp is doomed for NO ONE has ever made it out. Great story with great atmosphere for a haunted swamp tour only problem the boat gets stuck and they are forced off the boat. Doesn't take long for Crowley to show up and start killing. It ends with the young woman Mary Beth surviving, but she is not helped she is told to go to Rev. Zombie to find out what her dad has done. She begs him to take her back to get her father and brothers bodies, he tells her bring your uncle ill gather hunters well take his head off. Only thing the Rev. has his only therory that if Crowley gets back at those who killed him he would end guess what WRONG. More gruesome fun deaths ensue and at the end Mary Beth somehow survives yet again. Third film opens up with her walking into the police station covered head to toe in blood, with a shot gun and half the skull and face of Crowley. She tells her story but ofcourse is not believed and is then blamed for the murderers. The only problem Crowley is a repeater and cant be killed he must get what he has been looking for, his father. Big problem daddy is dead and has been for a long while and only one of three boys who killed Crowley can give the ashes to him. They however are all dead and the only one who can is Mary Beth, who by this film turned into a major BITCH.
More deaths, more gore, more terror and loads of fun, i seriously recommend any horror fan to watch this. The gore deaths are awesome as well as some well placed jump scares totally great!
hatchet 1 http://putlocker.bz/watch-hatchet-online-free-putlocker.html
hatchet 2 http://putlocker.bz/watch-hatchet-2-online-free-putlocker.html
hatchet 3 http://putlocker.bz/watch-hatchet-3-online-free-putlocker.html
Arinne Krul
UK black metal band Eastern Front set to release new album 'Descent Into Genocide' in July

Recorded and produced by Danny B (Lock Up/Pentagram/Criminal) 'Descent Into Genocide' (The title track inspired by the Babi Yar massacre of 1941) follows on directly from 'Blood On Snow' in it's brutal intent while expanding the bands musical and lyrical range to include varying vocal styles, musical instruments and a guest vocal performance from Zingultus (Vocalist of Endstille) to produce their most visceral and heartfelt release to date.
Eastern Front formed in October 2006 with a view to taking a new approach to Black Metal, which has been subsequently been labelled “War-Torn Black Metal”.

Musically, they retain a traditional Black Metal sound while encompassing elements of Doom, Death, folk and classical to create an atmosphere deemed essential when exploring the history of WWII, through music. Writing from a historically, subjective and personal standpoint, each track evokes an emotional experiences of battle, encompassing hope, pride, comradeship, misery, sorrow and victory.
After 3 years of touring and building a loyal fan base Eastern Front signed to Candlelight Records in 2010 and released their debut album “Blood On Snow” September that year.

“Blood On Snow” was recorded and produced by Anders Backelin in Sweden at Andy LaRocque’s Sonic Train Studios and features a collaboration track by Les Smith (Anathema) and Brian Moss (DFA) entitled “Dvenadtzat Kilometrov ot Moskvy”. The album received excellent reviews worldwide including 9/10 in Powerplay Magazine, 13/15 in Legacy Magazine, 8.5/10 in Terrorizer Magazine and 4.5/6 in Zero Tolerance Magazine.

Eastern Front have toured throughout the UK & Europe playing various shows and festivals including Bloodstock Open Air 2012 (UK), Dong Open Air 2012 (Germany), Chania Rock Festival 2010 (Crete, Greece), playing alongside and sharing stages with: Behemoth, Carpathian Forest, Watain, Mayhem, Endstille, Shining, Primordial, Taake, Inquisition, Nile, Anaal Nathrakh, Belphegor, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Alcest, Negura Bunget, Nargaroth, Lord Belial, Graveworm, Skyforger, Winterfylleth, Alter of Plagues, HATE, The Rotted, Alice Cooper, W.A.S.P, Orange Goblin, Napalm Death, Sepultura and many more.

Following a successful headline tour of the UK at the end of 2013 (sponsored by Terrorizer Magazine) Eastern Front entered HVR studios in Ipswich to record their second album for Candlelight records entitled 'Descent Into Genocide'.


Speaking on the forthcoming release founding member Holocaust stated:
"It's been a very arduous battle, with many losses on the frontlines to get this mission completed but with a reinforced group and supply of much heavier artillery, this album has progressed extremely well from the debut and has a lot more heart and soul from all the members within it.
Everything on this album strikes with more brutality, misery and depth and we are extremely happy to finally be unleashing these songs to The World via our comrades at Candlelight."

Eastern Front Facebook:
Grave Encounters
This movie is made in the same fashion as REC and Paranormal activity. It opens with a small crew of paranormal investigative program in search a truly haunted places. It doesnt take long to see they are not truly looking for anything but ratings, but an old aslyum will show them that there are things that go bump in the night. The original plan was to stay locked in for 8 hours then be released but when things start to appear and haunt the crew they decided enough. When gathering up the cameras one of them vanish, they decide to wait until morning to search for him only morning doesnt come and when they break down the entrance they find only more halls and more haunts. One by one they vanish with the vengenace of the ghosts. The crew has never been seen again. This movie offers up some great jump scares and fun ghosts i seriously recommend this movie.

Arinne Krul

Grave Encounters 2

This sequeal has a great tie in with the first film, it begins with people online giving thier thoughts and sometimes critizisms on the first film. One of the critics is a film student who is wanting to renew the horror of yester year, no fancy cgi or gimic but make up and real acting. When he recieves a video message from death awaits of a never before seen clip from the first film he decides to search further and begins to put together the real truth, it was no meer film but true events. When he talks to the only living person attached to the first film he learns what he supected is in fact true and decides he must go to the Asylum to investigate it on his own, turning it into a documentary for a school project. It doesnt take them very long to learn that the death awaits that sent them the first message is in fact not a person but a spirit or demon of some sort. Things getting cranking right away, creepy kid ghosts weird long limbed demon like beings chasing them...out the door?? wait they escape? Nope yet another trick on them only this time when walking back through the halls they find the star of the first film alive after 9 years in the haunted hospital. Things spiral further and many unthinkable events accure, many more jumpscares and freak outs. This squeal was awesomely made and i truly recommend it ! Watch them both its a great time, to make it even better watch it on a stormy night with a super scaredy cat friend!

Arinne Krul

These two are very well connected so i have decided to write them both in one reivew, here we go.
These movies are anthology films, in case you dont know that simply means there are several short movies in the whole movie. The first film starts with a group of hooligans making chaos and filming it as they go, it goes from them pulling up a womans top to film her breasts to destruction of a house. They are sitting around talking about selling the movies they have put together when one of them informs they could make a huge sum of money buy just stealing one VHS from a house where an old man lives. Its too good for them to pass up so they go, as they enter the house they find its rather empty until they come across the dead old man surrounded by tvs and serval VHS's. As the others go to look through out the house one begins to look at the films, they show scenes of supernatural to murderous short films. As it continues they begin to disappear one by one. Enough with the first you'll have to watch it if you want to know more about the shorts. The second movie starts off with a private detective making a video of a man having an affair with a woman being seen and having to run off to the car with the second detective. Along the way they are hired to look for a missing college student. They decide to go look at his house for clues once they enter they find several tvs and a laptop the man tells the woman detective to look if she can find anything on the laptop and the VHS's ( as with the first movie they are full of strange events and death). She finds that the missing was one of the hooligans from the first film, and as she begins to watch the VHS's she becomes scared and very unwell. After a few videos the man goes off to get her some medicine for her headache, when he returns he finds that she is dead clutching a VHS that has the words watch me. He watches it and then turns his attention to the laptop to find the missing shoting himself in the head the walking off. I stop here, as with the first i want to leave you something fun to discover yourself. I strongly recommend these movies very awesome!!

Written by Arinne Krul

a review from the film "The Paw Project" :
As a former veterinary technician, I know firsthand how traumatic declawing can be for cats and how it can negatively impact their quality of life, and I also unfortunately know how the US veterinary community has historically tended to minimize the risks and downsides and sanitize the procedure for pet owners (typically supplying only the bare minimum of information) due to the fact that declawing is financially lucrative for veterinary hospitals. Every cat lover needs to see this film to learn what their veterinarians probably aren't telling them. Informative and poignant without being graphic, this film is already changing the way both veterinarians and the public view this controversial procedure. Very highly recommended.

Reviewed by Corinne Wyatt

Hunebed beer review by Jacques and Arinne

On our trip to Emmen (Netherlands) and Meppen (Germany), to see a few dolmens and a Saxon farmhouse, and to have a good time, we bought 2 boxes of Hunebedbier. The box looks like there`s taken a lot of attention to it, it really looks nice.

Also the beerglasses that came with the boxes look good. But good looks are just not enough for us, and we were very curious to this special brewed beer... is it really as good as they say, by their own discriptions of the various types of their beer in the box? We tried it and this is what we think:

1. Dolmen oganic Hunebed bier Bavarian style hefe weize hunebed weizen keigoed bier alc 4.5.
This beer is a very lively beer with a refreshing taste, there are hints of lemon so it is a bit on the sour side.
However the description said it was light sweet. We liked this one.

2. Hunebed 'n kei van een bier Blond

This beer has a golden yellow color with a powerful scent that is on the bitter side. This beer is not very lively and barely fizzes, although the taste is strong, it is a bit too bitter for us.

3. Premium Organic Beer Dolmen Abbey style triple Hunebed Triple Keigoed Bier alc. 8%.
This beer is not very foamy, it has a golden blond color, the taste is sweet-bitter with small hints of, possibly, honey. It is a heavy beer that we found not the best triple beer we ever had.

4. Hunebed 'n kei van een bier Amber alc. 5.5%.
This beer does not foam very fast at all, the smell is a strong bitter-sweet, roasted barley scent. The color is a dark red brownish color, this beer has a powerful taste with a great after taste of the roasted malt barley.
On this beer Jacques didn`t like it but Arinne did.

An overall of the beer was a bit dissappointing, our hopes were high probably too high. These beers are
just too bitter to our taste, and probably we would only buy the Bavarian style hefe weize, if we would buy some Hunebed bier again. But we were happy to have it as a momento from our trip to Drenthe and to see
the actual dolmens.


Corpse Party

This game is rpg and its graphics are awesome old school, Best!
It starts off at a school at the end of the day with a ghost story and an intentional jump scare with the help of the teacher. Everyone has their laughs and then tell their goodbyes to a friend who is moving schools, one of them decide to do a charm so they will remain friends forever...KAWAII. Only problem after the incantation is complete you awake in the school but its haunted version they discover that the ghost stories meant to scare are true. You are left to walk around trying to find out what is going on, where your friends are, and how to get the hell out of there. Along the way you have some that go crazy, some killed by the tortmented souls in the school and having to search objects to try to appease the ghosts and get the hell out. Some have inner demons that threaten to lock them in a depressed state unable to escape. They finally find a way out but will they live long enough to get home safely. Those that do are horrified to learn that the school has one more secret those who died there are no longer known the normal world the memories are with them alone.
I really recommend you play this game there are some gore scenes and scenarios that are completely disturbing but also some funny scenes that add just enough light to it to keep you sane.

Arinne Krul

As me and my wife Arinne were in Texas a while ago, we thought it would be nice to do a short beef jerky review, so here we go!

Dukes House of Meats Jim Beam Bourbon Glaze Steak Strips:
Perfectly chosen pieces of beef full flavors, perfectly dried a bit on the tough side.
These steak strips are o.k.

Worlds Kitchen Jerky:
Premium beef cuts, perfectly dried and seasoned with a bit of a pepper. The flavor is smacking good, well done.
If you like peppered beef jerky, you`ll like this one.

Jack Links Original Beef Sticks:
Good beef, natural products with perfectly blended seasonings, smoked flavor with a nice bite to it,
that has a melting sensation of flavors in your mouth with every bite. Very recommended by us.

Masterpiece Steakhouse Jack Links:
Pure beef tender beef, has an amazing flavor with sauce of sweet molasses and a smoked mequite.
Great blend every bite sends an explosion of flavor.
Very recommended by us.

Krogers Brand Jerky:
The smell envelopes you the moment you open the package. The spices are blended perfectly,
and the moment you take your first bite you get that full experience, the over all taste, all
at once then your tongue is exposed to all the individual spices.
We recommend this one!

Walmart Great Value Original Beef Jerky:
Great cuts of beef are used, the spices are blended nicely with a sweet flavor.
Very liked by us.

Jack Links Original Beef Steak Jumbos:
Good beef flavor, great cuts are used. The seasonings are well blended a little tough, but hey, it`s jerky.
Very liked by us.

Jack Links Original Hickory Smokehouse:
Made from premium beef cuts, heavily seasoned with a strong smokey scent. Sweetend and caramelized from the wood.
Easy to chew and bite but a bit on the sweet side.
For the ones that like it a bit sweet.

Old Trapper Naturally Smoked Old Fashioned Beef Jerky:
It is thinly sliced with a lovely red color, the cuts are of premium beef. The seasonings are perfectly blended
with a slight peppery flavor.
Very recommended by us.

Jack & Arinne

The Devils Knot 2013
Based on true events that happened in Tennessee surrounding the murders of three young boys in Robin Hood Woods. Three teenaged boys were arrested for the crimes and ultimately found guilty on little evidence. The major factor for people thinking they were the guilty part was the simple fact that they were different listening to metal music, wearing all black and not following the norm religon of the area which is the bible belt of america.
The movie follows the investigator for the prosecution as he uncovers what is going on and tries to find evidence of the boys innocence, along the way he learns about the false confessions and evidence the prosecution deemed not valuable to the case. His ex wife is even contacted by the police with the intent ( according to her) to find anything they could use against him in court.
The trial was a full scandal that under todays press would never have happened. Evidence being lost, false confessions not being allowed to be heard by the jury( including a bloody man coming into a resturant close to the crime scene covered in blood), and anything the defense could possibly use to bring up any reasonable doubt banned because they "knew" the three boys in black that listen to metal music had to have done it they just look so weird. The boys were found guilty one sentenced to death. The movie closes with Mrs. Hobbs meeting up with the investigator to let him know she had found her sons pocket knife that he always had with him in her husbands things and that she found the trail to be more of a witch hunt that no one was taking seriously. She leaves her husband at the end. Now the text to catch up with what happen after the trial, hairs were found tied in the knots of the shoe laces belonging to the step father of Mr. Hobbs, as for the bloody man he has never been found. After 18 years in prisona rare Alford plea deal with the state was met, under the terms the boys were released from prison but remain convicted felons.
The movie is good to watch i do however recommend watching the documentary either before or after so you can see for yourself how they put it together in movie form.


Arinne Krul

The Ouija Experiment AKA The Realm

I stumbled across this gem in my neverending search for amazing horror films and i must say i was not dissappointed. This movie is filmed like so many these days where its a friend filming the going ons of the house ect. In this case its a group that decides to try out a ouija board with very strict rules to follow. The problem comes when cheaters get exposed and the rules are suddenly forgotten or overlooked. The group has communicated with three different ghosts, a drowned little girl, the mother of the girl, and a man who was shot. The ghosts however do not stay in the board and thus the groups haunting begins, but what is the truth? Can these ghosts be innocent or maybe there is something more sinister behind the story. I loved this movie there are some great jump scares and some silly moments as well, but i assure you they are few. I recommend you watch this movie in the dark and best with someone who is a big scaredy cat for extra viewing entertainment.


Arinne Krul
VHS Viral

So i loved the first two of the movie series however this one was kind of a let down. The first two stayed connected and was amazing, i have them reviewed, this one however was detached and only followed the theme of short horror films. In this one it targets "viral video chasers" who are trying to get the best shots of a police chase involving an ice cream truck, one however was trying to get his girlfriend back after she was kidanapped. Phones began to ring with her number then showing videos. Although there were some good shorts in here i wouldnt call it a great one it was a good movie but sadly lacking in the theme of the series by trying to move away from the original storyline. Do watch but dont expect it to be the same as the first two.


Arinne Krul
The Houses October Built

Ok so this movie i stumbled across on imdb while searching for a good scare, im a fan of films made as documentaries with loads of scares so i thought lets give it a chance.
Its a movie about haunted houses, the attractions not the acutal, and a group of five friends who are hell bent on finding the most horrorfying haunted houses ever. They begin thier trip with the run of the mill haunted houses now they are good they scream and jump plenty, however its not enough they want more. Along the way they are confronted by evil clowns and creepy doll girls that seem to be following them across Texas. At one house they hear about the real deal where the workers are allowed to do almost everything but to get there you have to find out where it is and that in itself is scary enough. Now they finally have they found it and they wish they never had. I wont say what happens how it happens or who gets what, i want you to see for yourself. I enjoyed this movie, its one to watch in the dark rather or alone or not grab some drinks and snacks and bunker down just make sure you remembered to lock the doors and windows.


Arinne Krul

The Door 2014

After helping a Japanese man who was being mugged jobless and broke Owen is given a chance at a new job, good pay, and very simple. Put on this uniform and gaurd that door it must never be open. When a delivery comes for behind the door he is told that when the one door closes the other will open and the first door will not open unless the second is closed. He is also told that if they were not out in 60 seconds he must not open the door for them no matter what he heard. They come out beaten up which only leads him to worry about what his job actually was for and he phones his boss to quit. He must wait for his replacement to come, but before that happens his girlfriend comes with his best friend his girl friend and a female couple. BIG MISTAKE! Drunk and curious, his friends do the one thing that must never be done and when they go in to find their missing friends they are faced with their own fear their own hell. Can they make it out? How many will live? I wont tell because then you wont watch it! HA! This movie is not bad, could have been better but its worth a watch! Do so in the dark alone or not makes no nevermind.


By Arinne Krul

ABC's of Death

Ok so this movie is a horror anthology, it shows death in alphabetical order so they are very short. Some are very gorish others are a bit comical, some are just down right weird and a few can only be explained with what the hell did i just watch. This was a good one in my opinion, my hubby and i watched and had loads of fun with it. This is not something i would allow a child to watch due to the nudity in it. This review will have to be short due to the volume of shorts in this movie, a game my hubby and i had started was trying to guess what the letter would be. So watching this with a group of friends would be awesome.
This movie is in many languages, it is subtitled in english however.


Arinne Krul

The ABC's Of Death II

So what happens is they sent letters ( as in alphabet ) to directors and they are then to make a short death video using that letter as the mode or reason of death. Now there are some really great ones, some really bizarre ones, some funny ones and some that are just what the hell did i just watch. This is really fun to watch and a great game to play with a group trying to figure out what the letter will be sometimes its easy, sometimes its like are what?

I know this is a short review but its not so simple to make a review over 26 short videos. So watcht it for yourself.



Arinne Krul
Drive Thru

This is another movie i stumbled upon, the thing that caught my attention most was the name of the killer clown Horny the clown. How can you not be interested to see what thats about? So my husband and i watched and it was great! This is a horror comedy about a group of teens being tormented by a crazed clown with somewhat supernatural powers and inhuman speed. Along the way you learn why he is after them and who he is really trying to torment. This is a great movie in my opinion grab up some snacks day or night its a great watch.


Arinne Krul
Satan's Little Helper

This movie is a comedy horror film so if you are looking for serious horror dont bother, but i must tell you that i loved this movie! Its about a little boy who is obsessed with a video game satan's little helper and he decides he wants to find satan and help him with his mischeif. He happens upon someone in a demon mask who is REALLY killing people, thinking its a game he asks if he could help him the killer agrees. From here on out the laughs and gore are pretty much nonstop. This is a great movie in my opinion and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun movie that has that gore flare with a touch of humor.


Arinne Krul

The Belgian beer review part I

Arinne and I went to Antwerpen, Belgium, a few weeks ago. We tried a lot of beer there, and we took some beers with us. So here is Belgian beer review part I (of VI) by Jack and Arinne.

Beer 1:
De Arend blonde, 6% alcohol.
The beer foams up really well while pouring out into the glass. A sweet/bitter scent welcomes us and the beer has a dark yellow golden colour. The beer is lively, and tastes a little sweet however it`s perfect in balance with it`s light bitter aftertaste. A beer we really liked to drink and we like to drink this one again!

Beer 2:
De Koninck winter ale 6,5% alcohol.
This beer is available for a limited time only, and it`s only brewed in the first hours of wintertime. The beer foams up really well while pouring into the glass and it has a pleasant scent. A sweet, light bitter scent and it has a ruby red colour. The beer is very lively, a bit sweet but a little more bitter and we think there`s a bit of caramel in the beer. A nice one.

Beer 3:
Gouden Carolus Classic 8,5% alcohol.
The beer foams up really well while pouring out in a glass and has a very pleasant scent, a nice sweet blend of caramel and barley malts. A lively beer it is as well and it has a very dark red, almost brown colour. The beer is sweet to my opinion, but Arinne disagrees. So we keep it in the middle and it`s sweet bitter beer then. A robust beer to enjoy, a nice one.

Beer 4:
Averbode Abbey beer 7,5% alcohol.
Foams up really well while pouring out into the glass, is lively and has a nice yellow colour. The beer is a bit cloudy, and it has a bitter sweet scent. It tastes a bit sweet, fruity like apples but has a bit bitter aftertaste. The beer has been brewed since the year 1134. The abbey also produces cheese and bread. But the beer is really good, and we would like to have another one!

Beer 5:
Rebelle Winterbeer 10,5% alcohol.
The eye catcher of this beer is the label on the bottle. A fox and a little bit of snowflakes, stars and the christmashat on the letter R makes it clear we have another winterbeer. Nice. The beer does not foam up really well while pouring out into the glass. It is a very dark coloured beer, and has a bittersweet scent and also we discover the scent of caramel and chocolat. The beer tastes a little bitter but also sweet, a nice winterbeer we say, for the ones that like a strong winterbeer, and we really do like this one.

Beer 6:
Cuvée des Trolls 7% alcohol.
Also a eyecatching, nice looking bottle, with the brand in the glass, and it has a very nice label. A troll that has hops on his head and it seems he`s coming through the label. Nice. The beer foams up really well while pouring out into the glass. The scent is sweet and a bit bitter and fruity. It`s colour is goldenyellow, and it`s a lively beer. It`s taste is sweet and fruity, and it`s a nice beer to have. Also liked by us, very enjoyable and it`s one we would like to have again.

Look up the sites of the breweries, it`s really interesting.
Jack and Arinne.
The Belgian beer review part II

Beer 1:
Barbãr bock 8,5 % alcohol
A very dark bock beer with honey in a swing top bottle. The beer foams up really well when pouring out into a glass and the scent is amazingly pleasant. It has a spicy, fruity and a honey scent. It is a welcome beer to have on cold and wet days and evenings in the fall. It`s a lively beer and the taste is just great. It is a bit sweet and has a tone of chocolat as well. So spiced honey bock with chocolat it is, and we like this one.

Beer 2:
Caulier Bon Secours Blonde 8% alcohol.
Also in a swing top bottle, this blonde beer foams up really well while pouring out into a glass. A nice scent welcomes us, a bit sweet and a little bitter and nutty. This beer is lively, a bit cloudy and has a nice yellow golden colour. And the taste... is really great to us. A bit sweet (because of the candy sugar which is a ingredient in this beer), but light bitter and we like to have another one of this beer! Beware of the sediment in this beer.

Beer 3:
Boerken ale 9,5% alcohol
Boerken is the Flemish word for farmer, and the print on the bottle is, indeed, a farmer sitting on a big milk can or something like that. Also a swing top bottle and when pouring out into a glass it has a nice scent of fruits and caramel. A lively sort of abbey beer that has a ruby red colour and a nice creamy head. And it tastes a bit bittersweet and fruity, a robust bier voor a farmer indeed. We like this one.

Beer 4:
Boerinneken 9,5 % alcohol
Boerinneken is the Flemish word for farmers wife. And indeed this one is for my wife. Also in a swing top bottle with a print of a farmers wife on it, she seems to gather chicken eggs. It is a sort of blonde abbey beer, which foams up really well and is very lively. A nice goldenyellow colour and a nice scent which is fruity and sweet. It tastes a bit bitter but way more sweet than bitter, and it`s fruity. A nice one.

Beer 5:
Beers of Belgium-Antwerps double 6,9% alcohol.
A brown clay swing top bottle, which has a print of Antwerp`s cathedral and Brabo`s statue. Nice. The beer foams up really well, is lively and has a nice bittersweet scent with a bit of caramel in it. The beer has a very dark red to brown colour. This beer tastes really good, it is perfect in balance, not too sweet and not too bitter. Each every sip is a party in the mouth, we would like to have this beer again.

Beer 6:
Beers of Belgium-Antwerps triple 7,6% alcohol.
A white clay swing top bottle with the same print as on the double beer bottle.
The beer foams up really well while pouring out into a glass, is very lively and has a nice yellow golden colour. The scent is a bittersweet one, and it`s a little bit fruity. Then the taste, it is really good, a bittersweet taste which is perfectly in balance, and a bit fruity and possibly it contains candysugar. A very nice beer which we would like to have again. A beer to enjoy, each sip is as if like an angel pisses on your tongue...

Jack & Arinne

Belgian beer review part III

Beer 1:
Florival blonde 7% alcohol
The abbey like blonde beer foams up nicely while pouring out into a glass. It is a lively beer, and it has a golden yellow colour. It`s a cloudy beer and it has a fruity and bittersweet scent. The taste is a bit bitter and a bit sweet because of the orangepeel and candysugar that`s used. Not the best beer we had so far, but absolutely not the worst. A average blonde beer.

Beer 2:
St. Ambrosius blonde 6,6% alcohol
This abbey beer foams up really well while pouring out into a glass, it`s very lively. It has a yellow golden colour and has a fruity (lemon and apple) bittersweet scent. The taste of this blonde beer is bittersweet, and fruity. A nice beer to drink and we like to have this one again.

Beer 3:
Gruut Inferno Belgian ale 8,5% alcohol
The beer foams up nicely while pouring out into the glass, the scent of spices and fruits welcomes us and it`s a very lively beer. It has a yellow golden colour and the beer is a bit sweet, but fruity and spicy and then bitter. Not too bitter, all flavours are perfectly in balance and we really like this beer. We like to have this one again for sure. Great looking label on the bottle.

Beer 4:
St. Ambrosius brune (brown) 6,5% alcohol
This dark red/brown abbey beer foams up really well, is very lively and has a nice scent of roasted barley malts, caramel and fruits. The taste of this beer is a bit sweet, fruity but slightly bitter as well. A beer we enjoyed drinking, not sensational, but a nice one to try for real.

Beer 5:
Paljas bruin (brown) 6% alcohol
The label of this beer is a eyecatcher. A wanderer is featured on it, the layout is simple but it does what it has to do, it gets attention. The beer foams up well and is lively and has a scent of roasted malts and hops. It smells bitter, and it tastes bitter. A bit disappointing to me, but Arinne liked it. I expected more of this beer. For the ones that like bitter beers.

Beer 6:
Florival brune (brown) 7% alcohol
Foams up really well when pouring out into a glass. A lively dark red/brown beer, and it has a scent of roasted malts and caramel. The taste of this beer is a rich one, nutty, fruity and with caramel/chocolate as well, which are perfectly balanced and make this beer very enjoyable to drink. This is a beer we would like to have again, someday.

Belgian beer review part IV

Beer 1:
Ciney Blonde 7% alcohol
Foams up really well while pouring into the glass. A lively blonde beer and it has a golden yellow colour. The scent is a bit fruity, bitter and sweet and the taste of this beer is very good! A bit fruity, sweet and a bit bitter at the end, and it`s really a beer we would like to have again.

Beer 2:
Ciney Brune (brown) 7% alcohol
Foams up really well when pouring into a glass. The scent is a bit sweet, bitter and fruity with caramel. The beer is dark brown, and lively. The beer tastes really good, fruity, bittersweet and spiced with caramel. A real great brown beer we like to have again.

Beer 3:
Broeder Jacob Double Port 9% alcohol
This beer is made with port, and of course, curious as we are, we wanted to try this beer. The beer does not foam up that well but it is a very lively beer though. The beer is red/dark brown and the scent of port and fruits welcomes us to take a sip. The beer is sweet, has the taste of tawny port and walnuts, really, really tasty heavy beer which we like to have again.

Beer 4:
Flodder Blond 8% alcohol
This beer has a funny label on the bottle, a painting of a mid aged woman, smoking a cigar and drinking beer. Well for the beer, it foamed up really well, it is a lively blonde beer, that has a sweet scent, but tastes really bitter to our opinion. Not a beer which we will drink real soon again but it`s good beer for the ones that love bitter beers.

Beer 5:
Seef Bier 6,5% alcohol
This beer does not foam up that well in first, but pour out two third of the beer first, twist the bottle a few times and pour out the rest... A real foamy, lively cloudy beer is what we get, with a yellow golden colour. The scent is a bit bitter and sweet, and fruity. The taste of this beer is awesome, sweet, bitter and perfectly balanced with a banana flavour. A really delicious beer and we really do like this one.

Beer 6:
Duivels Bier 8% alcohol
A real dark brown beer, has a sweet, spicey scent and a bit of caramel. The beer foams up well, is lively, and the colour is dark brown. The taste of this beer is nice, a bit spiced, has bits of caramel and chocolat in it, and candysugar. This is a beer to enjoy, not to gulp away in a few seconds. A nice beer which we would like to have again.
Belgian beer review part V

Beer 1:
Cristal Alken 4,8% alcohol
This yellow golden beer foams up really well while pouring into the glass, and is very lively. The scent is bitter and of the hops. It is a bitter beer, it is not a sensational beer but a nice one, for once in a while to have. For the ones that like bitter beer, we like this one though.

Beer 2:
Stella Artois 5,2% alcohol
The beer foams up really well while pouring into the glass, but it does not seem to be a lively beer. The scent is a bit bitter and it has a golden yellow colour. The taste is a bit sweet to my surprise, and the aftertaste is bitter. We really enjoy this beer, it`s a perfect beer to our opinion. We drink another one to that!

Beer 3:
Caullier Bon Secours Ambrée (amber) 8% alcohol
Foams up a little bit when pouring into the glass, it`s not that lively and has a scent of roasted barley malts and bittersweet, it has a dark yellow colour. The beer tastes bitter but a little sweet in the aftertaste because of the candysugar. We prefer the blond beer of this brand. Be careful when pouring this beer into your glass, there`s sediment on the bottom.

Beer 4:
Rodenbach 5,2% alcohol
Beer of mixed fermentation, from oak barrels. Foams up good while pouring into the glass. It is a lively beer, and has a amber red colour. The scent of the beer is nice, a bit sweet and of oak and spices. And the taste is also like that, it is a beer we really like to have again. A nice one.

Beer 5:
Mort Subite kriek (cherry) 4,5% alcohol
Beer for women I heard someone say in the past. May be so, but I don`t care, and I have one together with Arinne. Foams up well while pouring into the glass. It is a lively beer and has the scent of cherries and of oak because of the lambic beer. Sweet and fruity, but nice. Another one? Yeah why not!

Beer 6:
Mort Subite Gueuze Lambic 4% alcohol
Bottle with cork. Foams up nicely while pouring out into the glass, it is a lively beer with a bittersweet scent and of oak. The beer has a dark yellow colour, is a bit sweet and also has the taste of oak. A nice one, but we think it is too sweet for the ones that like bitter lambic gueuze beer. We like this one though.
Belgian Beer review part VI
These 6 beers came in a exclusive limited edition boxset, and are all from small Belgian breweries that are unknown to us, `till now... Here we go...

Beer 1:
Sarah buckwheat bio blond 6% alcohol
A biological beer and it has a nice looking label. The beer foams up really well while pouring out into a glass. The beer is a bit cloudy and has a nice scent, a bit sweet and has a pale yellow colour. The beer has a rich flavor, is a bit sweet and a little bit bitter and lively. It is just a real good beer to have. Unexpected to be honest, but it is really good and we like to have another one of this!

Beer 2:
Strandgaper blonde 6,2% alcohol
A strandgaper is a sort of shellfish. The label on the bottle has 2 guys in a small boat whom are fishing for shellfishes. Nice. The beer itself foams up a little while pouring out into a glass, and has a little sweet, but bitter scent. It is a cloudy beer, but lively. It has a yellow golden colour and has a full, but bitter taste. A beer for the ones that like bitter beers.

Beer 3:
Tripel Klok triple 8,5% alcohol
Nice looking label on the bottle. The beer foams up really well while pouring out into a glass, and it has a very nice scent. Fruity, bitter and sweet. The beer has a yellow golden colour, is very lively and very good! It is a bit sweet, fruity and bitter and we think there is star anise in this beer. A real party for the nose and mouth... We want to have another one of this beer. Very, very good beer.

Beer 4:
Saint Monon amber beer 6,5% alcohol
No, it`s not saint moron but monon. A nice looking label! The beer does not foam up that well when pouring out into a glass. It is a lively beer though, and has a nice scent. A bit fruity, bitter, and a bit sweet because of the caramel that`s in the beer. The coulour of this beer is dark yellow, orange, almost and it`s a lively beer. Despite the caramel that has been used, it is not a sweet beer. Not bad, but not a beer we`ll drink that soon again.

Beer 5:
Femme Fatale amber 6,5% alcohol
A lively beer that runs out of the bottle by itself... So handle this beer with care it probably was a bit stirred or a little bit shaken I guess. However, I was surprised by it and not amused. The label looks nice and the name of the beer probably covers the message... A lively, foaming beer that has a bitter and fruity scent. The beer is cloudy and has a dark yellow, amber colour. The beer tastes bitter and a bit fruity. Not bad but not a beer we`ll drink that soon again.

Beer 6:
Herkenrode bruin (brown) 7% alcohol
A very modern design label on the bottle. This dark orange, amber coloured beer foams up well while pouring out into a glass and is very lively. It has a nice scent of roasted barley malts, caramel and bitter. The taste of this beer is really good, a bittersweet, fruity, caramel taste and we really are amazed by this one. We like`d to have another one, this really is a good beer.

Belgian Beer review part VII (last part)
These 6 beers came in a exclusive limited edition boxset, and are all from small Belgian breweries that are unknown to us, `till now... Here we go with box number two.

Beer 1:
Kameleon ginseng biologic beer 6,5% alcohol
Another biological beer and it has a nice looking label featuring a cameleon. The beer foams up really well while pouring out into a glass. The beer is a bit cloudy and has a very nice scent, a bit fruity and sweet and has a golden yellow colour. The beer is a bit sweet and a little bit sour, but a bit bitter and it`s very lively. It is really good and we like to have another one!

Beer 2:
Steenuilke blonde 6,5% alcohol
A steenuilke is a screech owl, and it`s featured on the label. This brewery has a goal, to secure the population of the screech owls in the Belgian Ardennes with a foundation, which is supported by this ``De Ryck`` brewery. That`s a bit of the story, and it is a very noble goal, we say. The beer itself is very lively, foams up really well while pouring out into a glass. A bit cloudy, a yellow golden colour and a pleasant scent, fruity but bitter. The taste of this beer is bitter, but not too bitter, a little sour and a bit fruity and a little sweet. A very good beer we say, we like this one too.

Beer 3:
Triporteur (from heaven) 6,2% alcohol
Nice, funny looking label on the bottle. The beer foams up really well while pouring out into a glass, it has a very nice scent. Fruity, bitter and sweet. The beer has a yellow golden colour, and it is very lively. It is a bit sweet, fruity and bitter, perfect in balance. A real good beer which we like to have again.

Beer 4:
Sint Canarus tripel 7,5% alcohol
This beer just would not stop running out of the bottle. Removing the cap from the bottle as fast as possible, and pour it out into a glass was the only thing we could do. Not funny knowing this beer contains sediment and has to be poured out into a glass with care. But this ``abbey like`` beer has a nice looking label, and the beer itself has a nice scent, a bit bittersweet and spicey. It is lively and has a yellow golden colour. The taste of this beer is very good, it tastes bitterwseet and spiced. We would like to have this beer again, and hopefully the beer does not run out of the bottle the next time...

Beer 5:
La Mac Vertus Belgian British style stout 4,8% alcohol
Foams up really well while pouring out into a glass and it has a real dark colour. It has a nice scent of roasted barley malts, chocolat, liquorice and fruits. A lively beer it is as well, and we were very optimistic... It is very bitter and that`s normal for a stout, but unfortunately, to our opinion, watery and the flavours were barely recognizable. Not the worst beer we had, but far from the best. We are not having this one again I think.

Beer 6:
Ada Brune des Pères (brown beer) 6% alcohol
A abbey beer, to close this 7th and last Belgian beer review with. The dark brown beer foams up really well while pouring out into the glass, and it has a very nice scent of caramel and roasted barley malts. It is a lively beer, is a bit bitter but has a light sweet aftertaste, this is really a very, very good beer. We would like to have this one again.

I and Arinne hope you liked the 7 Belgian beer reviews... It was a pleasure making them. More beer reviews will be posted in 2015! Cheers and drink responsibly!
Arinne and I went to De Hemel (Heaven) brewery/museum in Nijmegen at the 21st of December 2014. At least, I thought it was only a brewery/museum, but there`s much more to it. It's also a chocolaterie, a distillery, a restaurant... But the idea to go visit De Hemel brewery/museum came past year. I found my empty, old 1 liter swing top bottle of Witte Raaf (white raven) white beer in a closet. I never threw it away apparently. I have that bottle for 22 or years, or longer now, and i`m glad I haven`t thrown the bottle away. I guess it`s a collector`s item by now. I haven`t seen this beer in the stores for a very, very long time... So I questioned myself... where did this beer go? And not too long ago, some dude of a liquor store told me the brewery does not exist anymore. So I started searching on the internet myself. Sadly, I found out myself that the brewery De Raaf (The Raven), indeed, did not exist anymore. But I found out the brewery only has changed their name. And the name of that white beer that I was looking for as well, only had a namechange. The reason for all that is a long story but to keep it short I`ll tell a short version of which I believe is, more or less, correct. De Raaf brewery was the first brewery in The Netherlands, that brewed and sold their white beer on a commercial way. However the brewery was small, bigger beer breweries had interest in de Raaf brewery and especially in their white beer. So a big brewery bought the Raaf brewery (and thus the brandname De Raaf). Unfortunately, the brewery owner that bought De Raaf brewery, figured out they already had a white beer in their assortment. So unfortunately, it was decided that Witte Raaf had to go and that was the end of Witte Raaf white beer. But this end has a new beginning... And I found De Hemel brewery in Nijmegen and I found out that their Serafijn white beer has the same recipe as Witte Raaf white beer and all... So it really is the same white beer, the best white beer from the Netherlands (to my opinion). I took my old 1 liter bottle with me and they refilled my 1 liter swing top bottle again, so after 22 years I can say I have a full bottle of Witte Raaf white beer!
On location we tried various beers, a few sorts of mustards and a whiskey. And the mustards and whiskey`s have a special ingredient. Indeed, various beers of de Hemel brewery are a ingredient. Our host was a decent young man and told us a lot about the brewery, the beers and all. The current brewery/museum is in the old commanderie of Sint Jan, which is from the 12th century.
But we made a small review of their amazing products we tried there so here we go...
The first beer we tried was called Luna, 5% alcohol. It`s colour is yellow gold, has a bitter scent and has a bitter, hoppy taste. It`s very good beer for the ones that like bitter beers. A bit too bitter for me, Arinne liked it though.
The second beer we had was Godelief ale, 5% alcohol. This beer is dedicated to the favorite animal of the brewer; a goose named Godelief. On a day it got hit by a car and died, so the brewer called this beer Godelief. The beer is dark yellow, has a pleasant bitterwseet scent and tastes very good.
The third beer we had was Serafijn white beer, 5% alcohol. This indeed is the white beer that had the name Witte Raaf. It has a fruity and spicey scent, is a bit cloudy, has a pale yelow colour and the taste of this refreshing white beer is really delicious. And of course I was very happy to have this one again...
In between we tried 3 mustards and a marmelade, which are made in De Hemel, and they were really, really awesome. Then we had a whiskey, which has beer as ingredient, and is made in their distillery. And this whiskey is, according to our host, one of the best whiskey`s that visiting Scottish whiskey tasters ever tried. And to be honest, I do not like whiskey`s but bourbon, but this whiskey is awesome indeed.
The fourth beer was Gloeiende Gabriel, 6,5% alcohol. A glühwein beer, spicy and dark red coloured beer. It has the taste and scent of glühwein, it is a seasonal beer and we liked this beer very much and we think this is a original beer.
The fifth beer was Helse Engel tripel 8% alcohol. A yellowgolden coloured beer with a nice sweet and bitter scent, with a hop flavour. Also a bit sweet but it has a little bitter aftertaste, a nice heavy beer again.
The sixth and last beer was Nieuw Ligt 10% alcohol. A very heavy beer that has a dark yellow colour, and has a very nice scent. A bit sweet because of the candysugar, but in a perfect balance with bitterness. Delicious heavy beer.
We had a great day at this brewery/museum visit, which has much, much more to offer than beer. Look up their webpage, and if you ever are in Nijmegen, it is really worth a visit.
Jack and Arinne.