Interview with Crucifixion BR !!!

Hello Juliana, thank you filling out and having time for this interview.

Hello Jack, and thanks for inviting me to do this interview.

In first i`d like to ask you something about Crucifixion BR, when was the band founded and recorded their first demo, played their first live show...So in other words...tell us something about Crucifixion BR in your own words.

Crucifixion BR was founded in 1996 in Rio Grande city, by myself and Marcio Guterres a.k.a. Lord Grave War, the vocalist/guitarist and composer. I was a guitarist in that time, and Marcio was learning to play the guitar. We had difficulties in finding a decent drummer, so I've started to play the drums with the help of Marcio. We only got to record our first demo in 2002, after a swedish guy named Jan Felipe Queiroz (x-MZ.412) a.k.a. Den Röde Med Horn joined the band as the bassist while he was in Brazil. In fact we released 2 demo-CD's with him at the same time, dividing our material in oldest and newest songs, so we had him taking part in 'Diabolical Profecies' and 'In The Shadows Of The Obscurity'. Our first live show was in 1999, with me as a drummer, before we met Felipe. We had lots of bassists after him. In 2003 I moved to a big city called Porto Alegre, and in 2004 the Marcio moved to Porto Alegre aswell, establishing Crucifixion BR in this new city, and it was better for the band, as we got to play in many other venues and in other cities around. Then we opened for Krisiun in 2007, and we started recording our full-length album in 2008, which was finished by 2011, not released yet. In the same year we released this Promo EP named 'War Against Christian Souls' through Satanica Productions, with 3 songs which will be on this upcoming debut album entitled 'Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ'. And in December 2011 we opened a concert for Dark Funeral with Gama Bomb, it was a big honour for us.

Crucifixion BR is a trio, are there plans to become a quartet in future or is the current line up sufficient? And what is the current line up and can you introduce the line up to our readers?

Well we have been thinking about looking for another guitarist, but for now we remain as a trio, maybe in the future we'll turn to a quartet if we find someone who has the same feeling of the band. Our current line-up is:
Marcio Guterres a.k.a. Lord Grave War - guitar/vocals
Matheus Souza a.k.a. Bestial Blasphemy - bass
Juliana Novo a.k.a. DarkMoon - drums

I know your bandname is inspired by Sepultura but what kind of bands are the main influences for Crucifixion BR?
We are inspired by many bands from different styles in Metal, but the main influences are Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Venom, Emperor, Immortal, Bathory, Dark Throne, Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, Satyricon, Morbid Angel, Deicide, old Sepultura, Slayer, Behemoth, Death, Rotting Christ etc.

The metal scene in South America is really huge, but there are just a few bands that really had a chance to get known worldwide, bands like Sepultura, Rebaelliun, Krisiun and Sarcofago.
Do you agree with this and do you have any idea how this comes, maybe a band has to have certain qualities and commitments?

Yeah, I think the most known are still Sepultura and Krisiun because of their originality and real feeling in their sound, influencing many bands out there, and their persistence in keeping the band alive while living in a country that doesn't support this style of music at all.

What do you expect of your upcoming full lenght album ``Destroying the fucking desciples of christ`` after lots of positive reviews concerning to the ``War against christian souls`` promo ep?

We expect this album will be our passport to worldwide recognition, having a great sound quality and feeling in our songs. It may be enjoyed by many fans of Metal, not only Black metal fans but people who enjoy good metal music. And we hope to get a tour around Europe as well, that would be a dream for us.

What are, except for the release of the planned full lenght cd, the future plans of Crucifixion BR? Maybe a tour to support your upcoming release?

As I said, we may try to get a tour in other countries, maybe some support act as well. And we are planning to make an official video clip for a song from this album, I think the chosen one will be 'Eternal Judgement'. And we already have 4 songs finished for a second album.

How are the reactions from metalfans that just discover Crucifixion BR and figure out their drummer is female? And can you play more instruments?

Usually guys get shocked by that, because of the brutality of our songs, mainly at live. They can't tell it's a woman playing the drums until they watch our videos on youtube or attend our gigs, and after our concerts I do get many compliments, I got even from Max Kolesne of Krisiun and Hellhammer of Mayhem, that's just amazing. I can play the guitar, but I don't play anymore cause I think I do my best on drums. And I'm also a singer.

Are there any Dutch black amd death metal bands you know and like?

To be honest I only know a good black metal band called Penis Christ; besides that, the only death metal band I know is Gorefest, I love them.

You are very handy with sticks, do you eat with sticks as well, as like in China?

hahah thanks, never tried to eat with sticks, but I should try it some day.

Well this was it Juliana (and Juliana was the name of a former Dutch queen as well)
thank you very much again, any last words for our readers and metalfans?

Thank you so much for this opportunity to show our work to all readers of Speed Slaughter Metal Webzine! Also I invite everyone to visit our official page and check out our music:
And I have heard about the queen Juliana, such a great name for a leader by the way.
Stay true to yourselves and keep metal flame alive!

Jack the Rapper. — with Pedro Lopez Caamaño, Crucifixion BR, Juliana Novo a.k.a. DarkMoon, Matheus Souza and Juliana Novo.

DaInzane ProjektzMazter interview by Arinne.

As a man running 4 projects and a magazine, you are very busy, would you tell us about your many projects and the magazine?

Yeah i`m very busy with doing all these things, but it`s fun to do. The four projects I run are Lepra, Penis Christ, Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors and ReakThor. I started to make black metal with Penis Christ in 1999 or so, and now I got 3 more projects: Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors, it is a NekroHouzeMetal project, Lepra is a fun grind/death metal project and ReakThor, that is Nuklear Grind Metal. Currently I am busy with recording the 1st ReakThor cd, and I have recorded some tracks for Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors as well and am about to finish the new Penis Christ cd, which will be a good release. The albums will be released by SpeedSlaughter Productions.
The SpeedSlaughter magazine I also run, is just a ``for when we have time and want to work on it`` magazine at the moment. It is based on 2 local magazines from the past, SpeedZone and SlaughterHouse. Pleasant and fun to read magazines they were, with a good sense for humor. SpeedSlaughter is based on those magazines. I started the SpeedSlaughter magazine because I got tired of reading those boring and too serious magazines that tell us all the time ``we have heard this riff before`` or ``better not buy this cd because it is unoriginal crap`` and ``we have heard a intro with battlesounds on many other releases`` jibba jabba bullshit. We just review what we want and like, I don`t care if it is original, but if a band sounds great to us... A band is not bad because they play old school death metal or thrash metal like many others do and did, a lot of bands sound familiar, have battlesounds as intro and such, but does that make a band sound bad or crap? I don`t think so.

Which project is the most difficult for you and why? And which was the easiest and why?

Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors is the most difficult... It is still in a experimental stage, I wont`s say the first album is good, but the next release of Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors won`t be made in a rush. It`s debut album was remixed and without the original drums. I had to make new drumpatterns myself for 26 tracks on Satan is a Z.M.M. Worshipper because I kicked MC Dollarsign out of the band. I`ll take my time for the next cd release...

How did you choose the name? What inspired it?

The name DaInzaneProjektMazter...? Well haha i`m a little insane and I got 4`s more a a name of a company haha.

Where can people read information about up coming invites or releases involving your projects?

Well on my facebook page, ultimate guitar page, myspace... and through Zwaertgevegt since a few days.

Do you have any help with any of the nummerous projects?
If yes who are they and what do they do ?

I got help from Lord AntiKrist, at the moment he is recording his bassparts. He also plays in other bands, so I have to be patient as well. I really want to release the new Penis Christ cd as soon as possible. A newer version of Nocturnal Slaughter is recorded and more black/thrash sounding.

Being from a rather religious area does this pose a problem for any of the projects?

Yeah I dislike it that christians (or whatever people and religion) try to stop me, and talk to me on the streets, to tell me about their great good god. I just think it`s a rude thing to do, and it should be punishable. Those people should mind their own business and not bother others with it. That`s why there are churches, right? And concerning to my music, so far no problems here, sometimes people tell me they like my music, especially Lepra.

Thank you for your time do you have any last words?

Yep! Here are links to check out my music and Zwaertgevegt label: and Zwaertgevegt label: or

--- Available releases: Penis Christ - Wrath of Satan cd 2008 / Penis Christ - The Final Massacre cd 2009 --- Evil old school black metal!!! --- Lepra - Ladykiller cd 2006 ; 27 tracks of insane death/grind! / Lepra - Spek-takel cd 2010 ; 19 tracks of more insane death/grind!!! (Dutch lyrics) --- Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors - Satan is a Z.M.M. Worshipper cd 2011 ; 45 tracks of NekroHouzeMetal!---

Also you can listen to my musick on YouTube:

Feel free to contact me if you have got any questions! Interview requests are always fine with me.

Drink beer and listen to good metal music, and have fun reading the SpeedSlaughter magazine!

And thanx Arinne!!!

Interview Demoniacal Genuflection - Jack the Rapper.

Hi Dobber, thank you for your time to do this interview with me.

Can you tell me something about your releases so far, when Demoniacal Genuflection was founded and who`s in the band?

We haven't officially released anything until the 4 tracks on the Ossuary Industries Limbsplitter II and now our "Hail the Serpents of Eden" 4 song
demo. We will soon be releasing a 2 track digipack called "The Ministers of Lamentation" independently and after that a full length through Ossuary Industries.
Member wise we started off as two of the original Infernal Dominion/Braced for Nails members (Michael Swearingen and myself) and two local musician friends
who were quite good at darkened compostions. Before any of that I was putting together demos at my home studio by myself and tweeking things here and there.

What bands inspired you guys to make this kind of music?

Originally the band started as a side project with the intent of being counter-culture to the current death metal trend. Not trying to be old school
or anything, just not trying to play this modern incarnation of slam and emotionless music. I've always been a musician and a learned musician at that,
so I began writing music with all elements of extreme metal with a bit of classical fare added. Some of the earlier stuff has full mock orchestra stuff
going on and it is certainly some of my favorite. In the beginning I wrote and played all of the music, but over the years have found a few (more than)
capable contributors. Now we have a full time lineup of amazing musicians who complete the fold entirely. My goal was to creat dark music the way I heard
or felt, without all the modernizing that we hear now. No quantizing, no pig squeals, etc.

Where are the lyrics about?

Standard fare for the type. A mixture of Lovecraftian fantasy and sci fi fantasy applied with a literal translation of the evils men create and commit
in the name of god/gods. We speak of suicide, the lament of loss and tragedy and the fantastical ideas of the afterlife and the lack thereof.

Did you do live gigs and with what bands did you share the stage so far?

We've played a few fest and some one off shows in the past, but nothing to large. Now is a different story though. Since we are 5 strong and very ready
to play live we plan to tour and make quite a go of it in the coming years.

I like older grindcore bands as like Carcass, Napalm Death and Terrorizer, what do you guys think of the grindcore and metalscene nowadays?

Ironically, I enjoy those bands quite a bit too. Haha. I have a great appreciation of the grind scene and the metal scene, though I wish it wasn't so
segregated. The grindscene always supports its bands and has an amazing network throughout the world to do so. Punk rock ethics. The metal scenes do not
suffer this same affliction. Sadly. It has more of a rock star outlook as a whole. We are small enough as it is, no use in categorzing us into oblivion.
Though it seems other would prefer being sepratist, I do not.

Do you have plans to record a new album, and do a tour maybe?

Absolutely! The beginning of the year will bring a new full length from us with as much touring and as many live appearances we can make. Here and
abroad. Could and should be a stellar year.

Texas is really a great and BIG State, are there many metal and grindcore fans there? I didn`t see many when I was there.

There are. Just depends on the scene and the click. Shows here can be very trendy and live attendance is just down everywhere in the states. People are
so lazy and the lack of drive to leave home to see a show is getting worse. I blame the bands though. Technology has made it to were any group of people
on the planet can start a band. Thus giving us shit bands and those shit bands seem to make it on to lots of shows. That and these massive touring fests.
Leaves no chance for good local bands to be seen in front of big local crowds.

What kind of music and bands do you guys like?

Most kinds. I'm a big fan of acoustic singer/songwriter stuff. Huge classical music fan. Huge. Lot's of black, doom and death music. Progressive metal, etc.
As for bands, that would be quite a list. As of now, I've been listenting to 40 Watt Sun, The Gathering, Beheaded, all Ulver, Antimatter, the complete Richter/Rachmaninoff
recordings, lots of Scriabin and Rachmaninoff, Death Breath and Paradise Lost. That's just what is on my iPod's constant shuffle right now.

What are your favorite movies?

Shit, lots of those. 13th Warrior, Heartbreak Ridge (anything Clint Eastwood), lots and lots of documentaries these days. Lots and lots of books too.
If you or your readers get into personal philosophies or anti-reliqious studies, you should check out a very interesting book called "Disproving Christianity
and other Secular Writings" by David G McAfee. Excellent read. That and any Christopher Hitchens work.

Final question is a personal question to Dobber Beverly; (if you don`t want to talk about it, it`s ok with me)
Why did Insect Warfare split up? I love the World Extermination album, it was the breakthrough album of Insect Warfare, if i`m not mistaken. And is there any chance Insect Warfare will reunite?

Haha, we broke up over some ridiculous shit. After "World Extermination" was released we toured and played a ton of shows all over the place. I had a talk with Beau (Guitarist)
about not tarnishing the name of the band and putting out a bullshit record. Kind of half joking and half serious. One of those, "Go out on a high note" things that evenutally
happened. I believe we came back from Japan and he hit me up saying that we should call it quits. So we did. That wasn't breaking up though. That was us laying it down before
we got stagnant. Earache approached us about reissuing the record and we agreed. Then they prompted us to do a reunion tour and we agreed. We all got back together for rehearsals
and everything was going farely well other than some distance between our vocalist and us. I started noticing it right away. The night before we left for England he called Beau and myself
to inform us that he wasn't participating due to some completely irrelevent bullshit between he and Beau. That broke the band up for good.

Any last words to the readers of this fucking great magazine?

Thanks for the interview and support underground music till death!!

Links to your bandpage :

Thank you very much and all the best with Demoniacal Genuflection!

1. Introduce the bandmembers to us if you want.

Greetings, Jack! Well, actually Deviator is completely my own musical formation (I do not like to use term "project" because of some unnatural meaning of it) and creation. Of course there are some people who have helped me to develop my own musical ideas (solo parts, keyboards, etc.). They are: Valentin Emperor( Internal Spirit ), Pr.Sergiy (Moloch), Alexander (Winter Depression), Andrey Poluektov "Mictian" (Tired Space)

Btw, I have decided recently to find suitable people to play my music live.
Though is not really easy task because people who would like to play my music together should be supporters and comrades to each other.

Current line-up is the following:
Me - guitar, vocal
Andrey Poluektov - drums (also he plays bass, keyboards)
Lena Dis - guitar ( also she plays lute and has musical education)

We play together only 6 months and only one day (Sunday) per week.

2. Tell me something about how you started the band, when and where?

To tell you the truth I do not remember when exactly it happened. But I think the beginning of my musical activity was in 2007 of modern calendar. when my first demo "Anomie" was released. It was dark electronic ambient.
But I do not have any physical copy of this material. It seems I ahve presented it to some collectors of my music.

3. How many Deviator releases are there so far?

4 demos, 4 splits, 1 EP, single & compilation and 3 full-length albums(!)

4. What is the difference between your older and newer material?

Difference is very palpable and big. From 2007 till 2009 of modern calendar ( in further m.c.) music had flat production of dark ambient and very raw and messy sound of my early black/death metal compositions. Though of course I still like some of my early dark ambient tarcks like "The inner self", "Old melancholy", "symphony of Despair", "Silent Resurrection" ("Estrangement" demo) and grim and obscure atmopshere of metal tracks.
Fundamental changes of the sound of Deviator were done in 2009 m.c. when fisrt album called "Mighty Black Inner Flame" was released on Cyberborea& Northern Lights Prod. labels

5. How would you describe your music yourself?

Now my music can be described as heathen atmospheric epic black/death metal.
Maybe it sounds pathetic but Deviator's music always will be connected with strong, deep my own inner feelings and things relating to the foundations of the Universe...

6. Where are the lyrics about?

Lyrics is important part of my Art. Every album has it's own conception, every song it's own story. Some songs are dedicated to global cataclysm, apocalypse that awaits on humanity ( like "Funeral Future Bells", "The last day of mankind", "Thy Blood in my veins", "Necrothrone", "Fenrir's shadow"). It does not mean that I am happy or get pleasure from such things but it will be reaction of Dark side of Nature according to devolution of mankind. On my opinion we are not the perfect form beings (people) and one day our visible world should be transformed to reborn in another one...
Another songs are about the virtues which are valuable for me and with them I follow in my life - Freedom, Knowledge, Pride, Honour, Justice, Lust, Passion, Strength, Courage etc. I am heathen and my music reflects the values of my beliefs. (songs like "Thy Blood in my veins", "To Forgotten Path - Triumph of the Will", "Mesmerized by Blood", "Way of Warriors - Hymn to Immortals", "Cost of Freedom").
Some compositions had a great influence my own feelings to the people whom I loved...( songs like "Forgotten Hope" (M.), "Black Sorrow"(I.), "Eternity of Blood" (M.), "Burning bridges become ashes"(J.))
Finally some of them have really transcendental meaning of Thy Majesty - "Mighty Black Inner Flame", "Primordial Darkness p.?(Ginnungagap)", "Undying Darkness", "Burning bridges become ashes", "The Inner Self", "Raw Symphony of Sorrow".

7. Which bands inspired you?

Metallica (1984 - 1988), Burzum (till 1999), Bathory(viking era), Gorgoroth(early), Dissection, Arckanum, Immortal(early), Amon Amarth, Dawn of Solace, Behemoth, Septic Flesh etc.

8. Were there line up changes so far?

Yes, there were. But the most successful period musical activity of Deviator is studio work. So, I do not think I should mention people wich played temporary with me in the past...

9. Do you have a side project or do you play in another band as well?

No, but I would like also to find another black/death/doom metal band where I would be a singer!

10. Did you play live shows already? When and where if so?

There were 3 live shows in 2008 and 1 in 2010 of m.c. They took place in Khmelnitskiy city ( I was born and live here) But I can not say I was satisfied of their organization, public and quality of sound. Music of Deviator should not be spreaded to masses but only for real fans, friends and supporters. This Art is very personal for me so general atmopshere of the audience is really important.

11. With which bands did you share the stage, and about which bands do you dream of to share the stage with?

Bands which I shared the stage with are not very well-known. Maybe I should mention Internal Spirit (they played melodic death/doom at that period) and Cromlech (lately formed as Vendogard). You can find their video of live shows on youtube channel I think. To tell you the truth, I do not really DREAM to share the stage with any popular black metal band now. Maybe it is worth to write with whom I wish to meet & speak in real life - K.Espedal "Gaahl" (Wardruna), T.Forsberg "Quorthon"(r.i.p.) Bathory, T.Azagthoth (Morbid Angel), J.Hegg (Amon Amarth), Nortt, Caranthir (Darkness), Jon Nödtveidt (r.i.p.) (Dissection), Nachtzeit (Lustre), V.Vikernes (Burzum) and many others of course.

12. How are the reactions about your albums so far by magazines and people that listen to your music?

First of all I should say Deviator is rather underground band with specific sound of the strong person-oriented influence . Someone who has no idea what my life is can not be adequate judge according to my Art. But I really respect reviewers who can get my personal feelings not just interesting in musical structutres. (I am glad that I have found such listeners and reviewers) However to answer your question most reviews are quite postive.
Though I am not popular on local level - I mean my own city.

13. How is the metal scene in your country (Ukraine)?
Metal scene is ok. There are some interesting bands but I am not interested in mainstream ones. Some of them I like I have been mentioned in many others interviews.

14. Is it difficult to start a band there and find a recordlabel?

Yes, it is quite hard task for me. There are not many musicians who really understand and support me. Also I am not at the proper level of materially and financially secured. And I do not like the place I should live and most people who surround me. Most of them are rather conformative, narrow-minded, materialistic, mass-oriented and so on. Ukrainian record labels are oriented mostly on mainstream, well highly technically performed and recorded at professional studio music.
Also Ukraine as a country has serious problems with the development of democracy, the appropriate level of life and legal state...

15. What can we expect of Deviator in the future?
I will develop musical ideas I have and we are going to improve sound of some old tracks of Deviator. Also new album called "Fehu-Fohat-Fire" should be re-released on more appropriate level for better promotion. Will write more details in the future on my site, facebook pages.

16. What do you think of the current metal scene of nowadays?
I very rarely discovering something of the current metal scene new or something that much impressed me. Anyway I like as many years ago such music as Atmospheric Black metal, Melodic death/doom metal, some symphonic metal, some raw black metal etc.

17. What are your favorite bands?

Well, I have answered this question in another words in 7 and 11 points.

18. What are your favorite movies/series?

I am not very big fan of modern cinema but there is some films I really like -Terminator 2, Gladiator, Brave Heart, 13th Warrior, The lord of the rings, Avatar, King Arthur, Robocop.

19. How and where can metalheads buy your albums and other merchandise?

Every metalhead (or anonther fan) who likes my music and what to buy my albums or other merch (T-shirts, patches, badges) or just would like to speak with me can write to my e-mail: Different labels connected with Ukrainian Deviator you can find on metal-archives page or by searching system. (Labels like Nihil Art, Glorious North Productions, Depressive Illusions Records and others)
Though I DO NOT RESPECT sites, pirate uploaders who share my music with out any permission of the author (that is me).

20. Are there links to your band and music so people can listen to it?
Yes, sure: (official site created & moderated by me)

21. If we would live back in time, in the stone age, would you invent the guitar and play a metalballad for a hot chick, or just hit her on the head with a bat, grab her and take her into your cave?

-Ha-ha-ha! Excellent sense of humour, man- it depends on the size of her body and her shape! Well, This is just a joke. Readers, do not take it too seriously.

22. Do you have something more to say to the readers?
Thank you for support and interesting questions, Jack! Follow the Voice of the Native Blood and be Creator of your own world!

All the best with Deviator and as in person!

Jack the Rapper

Interview Dood-SpeedSlaughter
Hailz and thank you for your time to do this interview with me.
Would you like to introduce the bandmembers to the readers?
Hi! Thanks for your interest in Dood. Dood consists of the following members:
-Drahcir: Vocals,lyrics(ex-Turris Arcanum)
-Ynzir: Guitars(Mescaliner)
-Phenex: Bass,lyrics(Hate Meditation, Saturnian, Ethereal, session Dark Fortress, ex-Beliar)
session drums: Jeroen Duyx(ex-Beliar)
How and when was Dood formed, and why did you guys decide to make old school black metal?
Dood was formed in the summer of 2011. We decided to unleash our psycho souls upon our music and we created Dood. We all had these same visions about this band and how it should sound like, we started writing on "Luciferian Manifest" and within a year we had the full album written and recorded. The reason why we make old school black metal is because that's the source where we came from, it also fits best to the ideas in our heads, this is how we express ourselves at it's best and purest form.
I hear (old) Darkthrone, Burzum and Gorgoroth influences, but which other bands influenced you guys to play old school black metal?
Most of our influences are not from bands but rather from the darkness of life and beyond. But if I need to refer to bands I'd say besides Darkthrone, there's Taake, Mayhem, Satyricon and some more.
I listened to your album Luciferian Manifest, (I like the album a lot) how are responses to the album so far? (I have to review it still)
Thanks! Responses are great so far, a lot of people seem to like it. We had some really good reviews with high ratings. We also receive lots of requests to play live and many people are interested in buying our music.
In the Shadow of the Horns (by Darkthrone) is a cover song on the album, why did you chose that song?
In the Shadow of the Horns is a great song by a great band, need more words?
Zwaertgevegt label released the album in cassettetape format, right? (I know Alex of Zwaertgevegt label, he is really reliable and does a awesome job in the scene.) Is he, or another label, going to release the album in cd format or vinyl format maybe?
That's right, Zwaertgevegt only does cassette releases. We want to release "Luciferian Manifest" on cd as well and maybe on vinyl, but we might have to release it through another label. Alex from Zwaertgevegt is a great guy and he's really into it, the scene would be a lot better if there were more people like him.
And now the album is released and for sale, are there any gigs planned? If so, when and where and with what bands?
We're working on a few gigs at the moment. We have three shows confirmed now, first we have two shows with good friends of ours called Lord Mantis(US, with Nachtmystium members) and Wraithcult(GER). Lord Mantis is playing Roadburn on April 18th, then we have a show on April 19th in ''De Witte Non", Hasselt(BE) and the day after we play in "Oefenbunker", Landgraaf(NL). Then we have a gig on September 6th in Breda(NL) at the Black Friday FilmBUT Festival. We're also discussing a mini tour with Icelandic band "Norn" at the moment and another tour, but nothing confirmed yet.
Can you tell me something about other projects/bands you guys play in?
Ynzir also plays in a band called "Mescaliner" (, you really have to check that band out, it's very good psychedelic/stoner/instrumental stuff. I(Phenex) also play in a few bands. I play in "Hate Meditation"( with Blake Judd(Nachtmystium,Twilight), we recorded our debut full-length in Chicago, October 2012, the album will be released later this year through Indie Recordings, Norway. I also play for the UK bands "Saturnian"( and "Ethereal"( Then I'm also a session member for Dark Fortress( Lots of spam, I know but you really have to check out all these bands.
What can we expect of Dood in the future?
We're going to spread our music through live shows and let people experience what Dood is all about. We're also writing new material again and are working on new releases.
What do you think of the metal scene of nowadays
It's too crowded with bands and I'm feeling claustrophobic. But ofcourse we've chosen our own path and we'll keep doing what we're doing.
What are your favorite (Dutch) black/death/thrash metal bands?Which bands would you recommend?
I don't have any favorite Dutch bands...Bands we're into are: Darkthrone, Watain, Taake, Shining, Celtic Frost, Fields of the Nephilim, Satyricon, Obscura, Lycia and lots of other stuff.
With which bands would you like to play live? And why?
Actually we were working on a tour with Shining recently, unfortunately it got canceled before was published. I would have loved to play that tour. In my opinion Shining is one of the real bands out there.
What are your favorite movies?
Holy Mountain
(Question for fun)
If you guys would organize a black metal festival (with cooperation of Zwaertgevegt label and SpeedSlaughter productions - sounds like a great idea in fact), would one of you be in a funny Immortal cover band, on stage, with 2 other guys, dressed up as penguins and play ``Penguins of Northern Darkness`` maybe?
How and where can we order your releases and other merchandise?
You can order tapes and shirts through our label Zwaertgevegt, our Facebook and via You can also order a "Luciferian Manifest" mp3 download.
Any links to your band(s) and music?
Dood official page:
Zwaertgevegt label:
Hate Meditation:
Final words of you guys to end this interview with?
Thanks for supporting Dood! Get your Dood merch and music! "The world is better off without you, do it!"
Jack the Rapper.

Interview Fenix - By Arinne

I thank you for your time and for agreeing to do this interview. What inspired you to begin with music?

I've been singing since I can remember, but there came a time when I got tired of singing songs in other bands that doesn´t inspired me, so I decided to start writing my own songs to sing. At that time was studying sound engineering so it was a natural step for me.

Which bands influenced you the most?

I listen a lot of music, but mostly those who have influenced me are: Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, Skinny Puppy, Fear Factory, Massive Attack, etc.

How would you define Fenix's genera?

I hate to classify, but I think “Alternative Electronic” it is more accurate, because I mix my voice with electronic instruments, in a very personal and intimate way.

Is this genera big in Chile? Or is this a new thing there?

There is an electronic scene (electro, synthpop or just electronic dance music), but nothing to compare with my style, as it is quite personal, more emotional and dark.

Tell us about your upcoming album? How many tracks will it have and of them which do you think would be the first single?

My new album has 11 songs, which have taken years to come to light. Thats why this songs manage to capture all stages and experiences I have lived in those years; challenges, joys, breaks, pain, love, hate and even depression.
I think the track "Lunacy & Joy" it will be the first single because of the good reception that has had ... not to mention that it's my favorite track.

Are you planning on making music videos?

No, I only have my mind set on mastering and the album release for now. But I have ideas about photography and a possible first themed video.

Have you done any live shows? If yes where and how was it? If not would you like to venture out to do live shows?

With this solo project I have not made any live shows yet. The release of the album will be the first opportunity to shape the format in which I will present live (alone or with guest musicians)

Where can fans order your album(s)?

It is not for sale yet, but will soon there`s information available about that.

Do you have other merchandise for sale?


If you could do a split with any band you want who would you chose and why?

I would love to do a split with Nine Inch Nails or Skinny Puppy, but it would be closer to my style Massive Attack, Bjork or Conjure one ... with anyone, it would be an honor for me.

What advise would you give to others beginning with music?

Perseverance and a lot of professionalism. Not for trying to achieve a place in the scene or sell your product (that can be a matter of luck, opportunity or taste), but to improve as musicians, reinventing your music and steadily improved your art, for when the time is right and you have an opportunity.

I again thank you kindly for your time we look forward to the albums release and of course wish the best of luck, have you any last words for your fans and our readers?

Thanks so much for your interest and support. I hope you enjoy my album and maybe some day, I will become a little part of the soundtrack of your life.

Interview Funeral Whore

Hi Kellie, and the others in Funeral Whore, thanks for your time to do this interview with me.
Roy: Hello, no problem.
Kellie: Ofcourse

So can you tell me how Funeral Whore got together and about your releases so far?
Roy: Back in late 2006 we started Funeral Whore as a 2 member formation and after some progress we got our other members as well. There were some lineup changes
over the years with drummers. When we had overcome this, we finally recorded our first full length album in august 2011 which was released in february 2012.
Kellie: Now there was a lineup change with the bassplayer but we're complete again! YEAH!

I did not know Funeral Whore, and I was happily surprised with the bands` performance at the Scream Bloody Scum festival. I really do like it a lot, and I listened to
your ``Step Into Damnation`` album. Alex of Zwaertgevegt already told me you are a very good band, and he`s a 100% right! I think Funeral Whore was one of the most
surprising bands on the SBS fest. What were your expectations with this festival? And did you all like it to perform live in Scum?
Roy: It was a awesome event! The guys of Nailgun Massacre did a terrific job! We never expected such a full crowded show.
Kellie: Scream Bloody Scum was an awesome night!!!

The tombstones you use for your show, are engraved with names of serial killers, if i`m not mistaken.
Are serial killers, maybe, also a inspiration for the Funeral Whore lyrics?
Roy: No, it's an idea of our ex-bassplayer Tim who came with the idea. We all liked it because it gives a more sinnister image on stage.

I am sure this was not the first Funeral Whore live show, with what other bands did you share the stage in the past?
Kellie: We have shared the stage with Master, Houwitser, Six Feet Under, Hail of Bullets and nummerous underground death metal bands.
In Germany/Switserland we have played with Sadistic Intent, Venenum, Escarnium, Nihilo, Burial Invocation, Deathronation, Lifeless, Obscure Infinity, Sufferage, Diabolical Imperium

Are there plans to play more live shows, to support your latest release ``Step Into Damnation``? If so, where?
Roy: Ofcourse, with our session bassplayer Sven Post, we will have the gig of our lifes upthere in Berlin!
Kellie: Yes, I'm very busy to arrange more shows with also our new bassplayer Robin! We're always planning more live shows!

To me, the ``Step Into Damnation`` album sounds very good, would any of you still like to change something about the album?
Roy: Certainly, the guitar sound had to be improved and better drumfills have to be made in the next album.

How did you guys experience the recording process?
Roy: We were pretty well prepared for these 3 days of recording and mixing. There were no serious difficulties.
Kellie: It was a whole new experience, but a good experience!!

How and where can people buy your releases and other merchandise?
Kellie: People can send me an email to and tell me there order and adress... They can also contact me on facebook...

What do you all think of the (death) metal scene nowadays?
Roy: A big commercial mess, no comment.
Kellie: It's better to go to an other country for a better scene!

What kind of music do you all like to listen to, and to what kind of music absolutely not?
Roy: I'm very specific. There are some very good black metal albums but I mostly listen to osdm.

I guess you all like horrormovies, which ones are your favorites?
Roy: Friday the 13th always kicks ass.
Kellie: Yes we like horrormovies, but only the good ones...

Does someone in Funeral Whore have a tattoo or tattoos, and what`s the story behind the tattoo?
Roy: I'm clean till the bone

Kellie, are you ever been harrassed or attacked by dirty old, slobbering men in front of the stage? (I swear it wasn`t me!)
Kellie: Hahahaha, no.

And a question for fun (as if the previous wasn`t funny already haha) :
Did one of you ever order a pizza in a sushi bar?
Kellie: No, why?

Any last words to end this interview with, from all of you to the readers?
What are the links to your bandpage?
Roy: To more osdm bands, contact us! It's time for us all to collaborate!
Kellie: You can find us on facebook, myspace, reverbnation or send us an email:

Thank you all very much, and very much succes with Funeral Whore, hope to see you play live again soon!
Kellie: Thanks!!!

Jack the Rapper

Interview with Max from Heersch

Hello Max, in first, thanks for your time to do this great interview.

It is already legendary!

Tell me something about the current line up, when Heersch was formed and about all Heersch releases so far.

I have formed Heersch in 2010 as a one man band, later on I got live/session members to play live and record. Now we are practically a 4 man formation who exist of myself on vocals, G. on Guitar, KP. on Bass and L. on drums.

As far as releases, we released a demo tape “Total war” in 2010 which consist of three songs, this tape is released by Achtung! Records.

We also contributed two songs on a split tape “Unholy Congregation of Demonical Reign” which was released as a co-release by Zwaertgevegt and Achtung! Records.
Currently we are working on an EP which will contain 5 songs.

Which bands influenced Heersch?

Marduk, Watain, Black Witchery and Venom.

The music of Heersch is black metal, right? How would you personally describe the musicstyle of Heersch? And where does it stand for, lyrically?

I would describe it as a, Storm of chaos and rebellion which fucks the world. Lyrically, it is about a Rebellion, Chaos, and a world in which all order and law are broken.

What are the future plans with Heersch?

The plans are to release an EP around April 2012, after that we got a couple of gigs which we will play. And we have an upcoming show at Scum in Katwijk on February 24th.

There was a metal fest in the Scum club, called ``Zwarte Nacht``.
The Christen Unie (Christian Union) -a political party- was against that festival and wanted to forbid that festival. And then at the festival, some christians were there in Scum, praying for our souls. What do you think of that?

I really don’t think a lot about Christianity, because I really don’t give a fuck about their religion.

And the inferior bunches of shit who showed up at that gig were actually all ex-junkies who suddenly had seen the light of god (Probably they got free meals in the church and were raped by the priest afterwards), they probably saw it the last time when they were shooting heroine and being fucked in the ass by their parents. Those people should be put out of their misery as soon as possible.

And about the Christen Unie, I don’t give a shit about politics and I definitely don’t give a shit about them, as far as I am concerned you can send them their “holy land” to be blown up by some middle eastern suicide bombers.

What do you think of the Dutch black metal scene nowadays? Is there any Dutch black metal band you know and is worth to be listened to?

There are a lot of good people in the Dutch Black metal scene, but there are also a lot of tragic figures, most of the call them self “Elite” or “Warriors” and feel themselves the new “Varg” in fact they are bunch of Nerds who are bitching and crying about anything, and if you want to be a warrior you should at least hold a knife, the only knife they are holding is there mothers kitchen knife which they asked to borrow when their mother puts up their corpse paint for their uber true facebook picture, and that is the kind of people on which I shit.

But As I said there are also a lot of good people whit in the Dutch black metal scene, as far as Dutch bands I have to admit that I don’t listen a lot them, but there are definitely a couple of good bands, and couple of very promising bands.

How and where can people buy Heersch cd`s and other stuff?

You can by our demo tape at Achtung! Record and/or Zwaertgevegt, the same for the split we have done.

We also have some merchandise which we take to gigs.

I know you like tattoos a lot. Can you tell me something about the tattoos you have and why you got them?

Most of my tattoo’s are from Nordic/Germanic mythologies, I always have been interested in it, also it is the mythology from where I am from and a part of history from where I am from. Further I got the word “Chaos” on my chest, and I got a Rebel Flag with Rebel underneath it, which is very fitting for me personally.
(And a question for fun)

Who in Heersch gets drunk of drinking non alcohol free beer?

Our old bass player, and you described exactly the reason why he is our old bass player!

Max, thanx for your time, your last words you want to spread in this magazine?

Check out our myspace for more information about our upcoming gigs and EP release, and you can also find out on it where to order our previous releases.

Interview by Jack the Rapper

Interview with Henryk of Conquerror

Hailz Henryk! Thank you for your time to do this great interview! Can you tell me when you started your band Conquerror?
Hello and thanks for interest of Conquerror. It has been long time now when I started this band with my friend, Martin. In 1997 we were 20 y.o. and fascinated by black metal. As You remember this time was a big explosion of interesting bands and albums – like Limbonic Art, Emperor, etc. So we wanted not only to listen music but also create it. In beginning of 1998 Conquerror was born – I was playing drums and singing, Martin was playing bass and we had a few guitarist in total.

Are there other bandmembers or are you a solo artist?
At this moment Conquerror (double “R”, see?) is one-man band. It died naturally death in 1999 but in 2009 I’ve resurrected it as Conquerror. Because I am alone here I don’t need to have a appointments with other musicians, and also there is no any rows and problems with rest of team.

What instruments do you play?
Guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and french horn. Last years I was moving very often so not always I had plays for my instrument. For luck I have computer software that emulate all these instruments and I use it very often. Anyway I am longing for playing real guitar or drums sometimes. Using of virtual instruments is main reason I am calling Conquerror’s music as “virtual metal”. But if I will be have a chance I record normal instruments for sure.

Where are your lyrics about?
They are very different. I writes lyrics from about 1996 and have really many of them for use in my songs. But in total there are depressive visions of world, strange poems (like “12 thrones” from “Second strike”), longing for freedom from mortality (and humanity too) and black thoughts of life.

What are your releases so far?
Free demo “First strike” in 2010, including 5 songs from different years (opening “Will You die?” was written in 2009, next one – “Black ocean” in 1998, etc.). Next one was “Second strike” – mcd for Satanica Productions and it has 3 tracks (about 20 min, one instrumental). Next one will be… no, not “Third strike” J. It will be full album “After agony” with 10 songs in one concept. This concept is dying and last thoughts in moments of agony. Style of it I may describe as mix of trash/black metal with unique mood. Last track (title track) is ambiental and You may check in on Conquerror’s page on MySpace. And for sure it will not be end of my albums… You know, because I am stand-alone composer I have no any pressure to makes albums on time, to care how much copies will be sold and etc. So I think it Conquerror will be so long active till I will be able to create music. Means to the end of life.

Have you ever done a live gig?
Heh, as a solo musican it is hard to do it J. Anyway if someone was interested to make a gig, I need only live-guitarist and rest music (drums, keys) maybe from playback. In fact it is nice to play sometimes live and I hope it will be possible.

Which bands inspired you?
When we’ve started Conquerror, main influence was Burzum, Emperor, Limbonic Art, also Hades (not Almighty yet) and Immortal. Now I am listen to many kind of music – from Limbonic Art to Metallica. In fact genre is not important for me. I listen to music and see it as like a constructor studying plans of machines created by others – lyrics are less important that composition, riffs, song’s structure, etc.

I have listened to your material, what is the best release of Conquerror so far to your opinion?
No need to think – “Will You die?”. And when I will finish “Snakes of light” (it is first song from “After agony”, I will mix it on days) probably it will be my “number one”

You`re also Lord Gorgo, an ambient project. What are your future plans with Conquerror and Lord Gorgo?
I told many about Conquerror so I add only I need good promotion and time to create music. But with Lord Gorgo is a very different story. Now this project is hibernated and slowly going back to life. I have already recorded two full-length albums and I think I will give them for free in Internet. Both were recorded in studio in 2001 and never published. Music of “old” Lord Gorgo was made on Amiga 1200 computer and inspired by old computer games. In 2009 and 2010 I have made two new tracks on my PC and I think it will be a little different than tracks I’ve made till now. But not any concrete plans yet.

Can we expect new releases of Conquerror and Lord Gorgo?

“After agony” will be release in autumn of this year (2012) and albums of LG I’ve mentioned in next weeks.

How can people buy your music and in which formats?
Demo of CONQUERROR is for free to download, contact me about that if you`re interested you readers! Tracks are in mp3 format. “Second strike” is available at Satanica and demo is as bonus on CD. Lord Gorgo will be in mp3 format also and free for download. All infos will be on MySpace page.

Interview by Jack the Rapper

Interview Kru$h

Hi Dennis and the others of Kru$h, thank you for your time to do this interview with me.

Can you tell me something about the long and rich history of Kru$h? As in like when you were formed, releases so far...
Introduce the bandmembers for our readers if you want.

- we started off as a project from our drummer Jay and his brother Gurt , both playing guitars at the time, and they wrote 9 songs.
They handed the demo's out to 9 different singers and that was the birth of our first release Murder Rhytms in 1998.
as we we're unable to perform with all singers live we did our first gigs with four vocalists.
Our second release was a MC with 8 songs, 4 of those songs were used for a split 7" with German Grinders Spinebender.
After that release drummer Rich, Guitar player Gurt and singers Peter and Mitch quit the band.
Jay changed from guitars to drums and we welcomed Mier on guitar. So the current line up is:
Row - Screams
Day - Grunts
Jay - Drums
Mier- guitars
Mitch - Bass

Further releases are:

7"split with Alkmaar crusties Distroy 2002
7"split with Brazilian grinders Gritos de Alerta 2004
7"split with high octain Thrashers Blood I Bleed ( ex My Minds Mine) from Friesland 2005
Compilation CD with all recorded songs from 1998 untill 2010 called 37 Bullets.
Full lenght CD/LP Krush 2010

Kru$h is to a lot of people a grindcore band, or is there more to it then just grindcore? How would you describe the music of Kru$h?

it's not only grindcore it's a mixture between grindcore and crust-core we simply call it crust-grind.

With what kind of subjects do we deal with, lyrically, when we listen to Kru$h?

All our lyrics handle about the state off our world. Subject that upset us and make us realy angry: racism, fascism, curruptcy to name a few.

I know Kru$h did a lot of live shows, the shows Kru$h did, must be countless already. Can you tell me with what bands you shared the stage?

We did a lot off gigs and toured with our friends from Fubar and Blood I Bleed from the Netherlands.
As you said we did a lot of gigs and festivals so the list is enormous.

What was the most worse show you ever did and why...and which one was the best so far?

The worst show was a gig in Alkmaar we should have go on at 01.00 but because of all kind of shit happening we went on at 05.00 in the morning!
We were all so drunk....but I guess nobody noticed hahahaha.
The best...pfff that's a hard question. For me it was on a Tsjech festival Play fast or Don't. From the first tone till the last the people went totaly nuts.
the Scream Bloody scum gig was also a great gig.

I saw Kru$h play live a few times, my last time was at SBS (Scream Bloody Scum). Were there things that could be better at that festival, from your point of view as artist, performing that day?

An Airconditioning would have helped but it was very well organised and promoted. Thumbs up fot the guys from Nailgun Massacre!

What kind of music and bands inspired you guys to start the band Kru$h?

Disrupt, Napalm death, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom and Slayer ( offcourse hahahah)

What do you think of the metal and grindcore scene nowadays?

I think the scene is healthy and alive, great festivals and every week there's a show to visit , so no complains.

What are the future plans with Kru$h? And are some Kru$h bandmembers in side projects too, maybe?

We are on a small hold for a moment because Mier and Jack are very busy writing and recording Toner Low's new record and after that we will concentrate on writing new songs.
And i'm busy with my Obituary tribute band Slowbituary doing some gigs and enjoying ourselfs playing these great songs.

How and where can people buy your cd`s and shirts and such?

At our gigs and just sent us a pm on facebook or myspace.

If Kru$h is invited over to play at a cremation or funeral, would you do it, and would it be acoustic or electric?

If it was the last wish of somebody I think we would but not accoustic!

Any last words to our readers? And links to Kru$h?

thanks for reading and we hope to see you all somewhere on the road in 2013! ( with stream of our full lenght album) (with free download of all our song till 2010)

Thank you very much for your time, hope to see you guys play soon again!

Jack the Rapper.

Lepra has a few albums under their title, would you briefly tell us about them?

Well...they are short death/grind metal albums and lyrics are in Dutch. It is just a bunch of crazyness.
Subjects on the albums go from fucking a sheep to alcoholism, from elderly sex to chop your wife in pieces, fry her and hoping she tastes like chicken... There is just one thing that I really need to say: Lepra is not inspired by Kutschurft or Kringspiertyfus, I heard someone make that comparison once... I do not even know their music! Lepra is inspired by Fried Full Rubber... a grindcore project/band from 1989 or a little later maybe.

With the latest release how long did it take to create?

I don`t know...probably a few months, it is not just making the music for Lepra that can take a long time, but making the intro`s and outro`s and weird effects... Sometimes I record tracks for 2 or 3 of my projects in one day!

Which track of Lepra has the most siginificance for you, which do you most relate to?

The track Neuk de 013 (Fuck the 013) of course... I got accused of hitting someone in the face in the toilets there, at the No Mercy festival. Of course it is a false accusation... I did nothing there, I left 013 to eat something in a
restaurant when the first band (Sinister) was done with their show. And to my surprise, the security of 013 concerthall denied my re-entrance, using this false accusation. Even a few guys told the security I`ve done nothing like that. But still, the 013 organisation and director decided to give me a proscription forever... After a mail to them, they invited me over to talk about this matter at ten o` clock in the night... if I wanted to go to 013 to talk about it, I had to drive 2 hours to get there, and drive 2 hours to get back home... they are nuts! I did not go indeed, so I`m not allowed to enter that lousy concerthall ever again. Karma hit them back very badly...the director of 013 died a few years ago when he was on a holiday in the U.S. I heard. I don`t feel sorry for him at all, I hope he rots in hell.

How did you come up with the artwork? Its quite genius.

Ah well, it are (Dutch) words of play, double entendre in the lyrics and titles, and that is incoporated into the artwork.

If you were to do a live show which tracks would you choose and why?

I think a lot of them, but not Lijkenhuis... They are all fun to hear but Lijkenhuis is not such a good song I think. I really don`t know what songs to play live... Let the readers decide what they want to hear live from Lepra haha.

Would you consider a live show?

Hmmzzz difficult question... Maybe... if I can find musicians that are willing and want to play a Lepra live show with me, maybe I would.

Thank you for your time and patience, any last words for you worshiped admirers?

Yeah... Enjoy good things in life!!! And have fun with the music of Lepra and of my other projects, you can find all links to it, in the interview with DaInzaneProjektzMazter, (if you want to listen to it), and links to the SpeedSlaughter magazine and the Zwaertgevegt label.

Thanks Arinne!

Lord Gorgo interview by Arinne

How did you come up with the idea for Lord Gorgo?

It was about 1998. I founded Conquerror and at this time listen two genres of music: bm and ambient. It was natural step to make next project to play ambient. I was inspired most by early Mortiis' works (so-called "First era") but also by music and sountracks of old computer games. So first tracks were made with Amiga 1200 and OctaMed prorgam.

Tell us a little about yourself and the scene in your land.

About scene I will tell you nothing because I am not in it since long time. As far I know there is many ambient/darkwave projects in Poland. About me - I am 35 y.o., working most day with computer and in free time I am father, husband, also musican and writer (sf stories). As You see I always have to do something.

What would you call your genre?

So, it's little bit complcated. There was "three levels" of LORD GORGO. First - music made on Amiga from 1998-2002. Trakcs from this time You find on albums "Queen of the demons" and "Escape from Emptiness". I could call it "8-bit ambient" and I think it's nice music for people who has nostalgia for times of Amiga, Commodore, Atari and all this stuff.
Second level was from about 2000-2002. I was making music with Casio CTK-811 EX keyboards, then recording it in professional studio, adding vocals sometimes. From 2002 Lord Gorgo was "hibernated". I've reactivated it in 2010 and now I makes music on my PC with use of Fruity Loops Studio. These tracks finished second level and third has started now. Not so long ago
I got a new concept of this music and now I may call it "classical" ambient. There is not any finished tracks yet but in short - musical, nostalgic and dark landscapes. BTW - tracks from "Second level" are gathered at album "Dreamland of Forgotten Times" and I think this is the best what can I show now.... yet :)

What inspired your music?

As I mentioned before, on beginning Mortiis and old computer games. Now my own emotions and... sounds as itself. I have got about 2 thousand instruments in my FL library for use. Many of them are very interesing and they "beg" to use it in long scale. If I had a time to do it...

How many releases do you currently have available?

Till 2002 LORD GORGO appears on two compilations MC, also I prepared four albums in total to realise by myself. I did not realise even one, so in fact Lord Gorgo starts from albums realised by Speed Slaughter Productions, "Escape from Emptiness", "Queen of the demons" and "Dreamland of Forgotten Time". And be sure this is just beginning!

Have you done live shows? If so would you tell us what a show of Lord Gorgo is like, how would you describe it? And how would it be like if you did a live show?

So for "modern"Lord Gorgo it could be music with live drums+some parts of keyboards with different pictures in background. At this moment I have no ideas for live shows but with next album maybe... who know what ideas the future will bring?

Have you had any difficulties when you started? If so would you explain.

First - instruments. It was 1998 and world was very different than now, also in technological aspect. I had only Amiga and keyboards but I was not able to connect them together to record music so I had to pay for studio to record. Also I was in shiity financial situation and was not able to promote my music. Now is very different - thanks to Internet, many webpages presents ambient music, web radio and similar. On
my MySpace page I have got a flag counter - because of it I know people from so exotic countries like Philippines, Venesuela or Saudi Arabia were listen to my music. Imagine how much it cost if I wanted send them MC in 1998? LOL. I am very happy of time I live now. Lord Gorgo could back to life because of Internet :)

Have you any music videos?

No but for sure I will try to make at least one. Expect something like slideshow with - maybe - some video. My music is not to view but to sit, put headphones on head, close eyes and listen to. In my opinion this genre of music should tell stories by sounds as itself and do not need any suport like clips, etc..

Where can fans write you; websites, social networks, or postal?

I am present on MySpace. That's enough for now.

What advice would you give someone wanting to start a band?

Patience, patience and one more time patience. If you made a track and thinks it's amazing, just levae it for a few days, back, listen again and for sure You will find things to change. But if You will be patient enough, this tree will give you fruits one day.

Thank you for you time we really appreciate it, have you any last words?

Thank You for interest of Lord Gorgo music. I hope you will like it. If not, gimme chance at next albums ;)

MACHETAZO (Official)
here's the intie, cheers!

Interview Machetazo - Jack the Rapper/SpeedSlaughter
Answers by Dopi, Machetazo drummer/vocalist

Hello and thank you for your time to do this interview with me.
-Hi, you're welcome.

So tell me about when you were formed and about your releases so far.
-Machetazo born in 1994, we have released a few albums and a lot of eps and splits. Visit our website for more info.

What are the main influences for Machetazo, which bands inspired you guys?
-80's / early 90's bands. Grind, death, black, doom, crust... lots of stuff.

How would you describe your music?

With what subjects do we have to deal with, when we listen to your lyrics?
-Specially with the fact that's hard to understand that growling excreted by our throats.

I bet you played a lot of live shows already, which one was the best and which one the worst.
-I don't know, it depends.

With which bands did you share the stage? And were there troubles with them?
-I can't make a list dude, too many to remember. We use to have trouble with promotors, not bands.

How is the grindcore/death metal scene in your country (Spain) ?
-Boring, like in any other country right now.

What do you guys think of the grindcore/death metal scene at this moment?
-Too many bands, lots of bad records out, people more worried to play the fool at fuckin' internet than to record some damn real music.

What can we expect of Machetazo in the future, some live gigs in Holland maybe too?
-Definitely I wanna visit Holland again, you have good and cheap weed.

Do you know any Dutch death metal and grindcore bands?
-Skullhog are my fuckin' fave right now. Also I like a lot Pestilence (with Van Drunen only), Inhume, Last Days Of Humanity, Asphyx, Sempiternal Deathreign and Delirium.

How can people buy your albums and other Machetazo merchandise?

If you guys were asked to play a live gig in someones garden, by someone whom dislikes his neighbours and it`s meant to piss his neighbours off, would you do the live gig, and how would it be like?
-Hahaha... what the fuck!?

Any last words to the readers and links to your pages?
-There will be a new album out pretty soon, so watch out freaks.

Thank you very much for your time and stay brutal!!!
-You're welcome dude.

Interview Mørktår - SpeedSlaughter magazine

Hi Thrym, thank you for your time to do this interview with me.

Introduce the bandmembers of Mørktår to the readers if you like.
Morrigan-Bass (who shall be in this interview with me.)
Hellfire-Session Drums

When and where did you start the band Mørktår? And what does the name mean?
T: Mørktår began in 2006 in Gravesend, Kent, as a one man project. The name is Norwegian and it means "Dark-Year."

I listened to some of your tracks and, to me, it sounds like Norwegian black metal from early `90-ies.
Is it by purpose to have that specific sound or is there another reason for it?
M: It is on purpose to keep the original sound, feeling and atmosphere that most 'black' metal bands seem to be lacking these days, without copying.
T: It is because any band can sound crystal clear or in other words, the same, which is why most bands had their unique sound in the first place to avoid sounding like the usual shit that was and is around these days, whether it is metal, pop, hip-hop etc...

What are your releases so far?
T: There were some untitled demos in 2006 which I scrapped, but since then we have had:
Cries from the Dungeon-Demo 2009 self released.
Reaped by Death-E.P 2009 self released then re-released by Thorn Laceration Records.
Fra dette Mørk...-Demo 2009 self released.
Spells of Foresight Predict Our Paradise-Split E.P with Blackspell and Folkstorm released by Thorn Laceration Records.
Mørktår 2011-Instrumental Demo 2011 self released.
Now Cold and Dead-Demo 2012 released by Salute Records.
Elite UKBM-Split E.P with Dark Debauchery released by Salute Records.

Where there line up changes in the past? If yes, would you like to tell why?
T: Yes there has been only a few though. Damasus was the first drummer, a complete amateur, who left due to musical and personal differences with me. And Vordhr, who joined another band instead after recording the last 3 releases together. Morrigan joined in late 2011 on bass. The line up of Vordhr, Morrigan and myself made a full live band.

Have you done many live shows already? And with what bands did you share the stage?
M: Only one: we shared the stage with Aeternum, Virophage and Void.

How are the reactions of black metal fans to your music, and from magazines?
T: No reaction from magazines.
M: We have had a mixture of feelings from people who listen as there are some who like our music and then there are some who prefer the modern TREND of black metal.

What are the future plans with Mørktår? Play more live shows, release more material and such?
T: We are currently writing our first album and we are looking to play live again in the future, but our main focus at the moment is studio work.

Do you play in side projects or other bands as well?
T: No need to.
M: Same as.

You are from England, how is the (black) metal scene over there?
T: It is extremely rare to find a REAL metaller, as these days the others seem to use it as excuse for financial gain and image and forget about the true values i.e the music and what it actually means to have a proper band without loads of fucking endorsements and advertising to sell out. The best music comes from those without all the endorsements, fancy photography and glossy advertising.
M: As usual it seems that metal is nothing special but just a fashion, no one listens to the real music.

Which bands from England do you recommend and with which bands would you like to play live with?
T: If we were to recommend some bands to you they would be Virophage, Grimsvotn, Adversary, Helvellyn, Baalberith and Verdelet, no one else.
M: And also although they don't play live, Old Forest.

Have you played overseas already, as in like the Netherlands maybe?
T: Not as yet.
M: No.

Is there a lot of interest in Mørktår by record labels?
T: Only by the more underground labels such as Salute Records from Sweden, who are interested in releasing real music. Other than the underground labels, no-They are only interested in sales and digital downloading shit.
M: Just to follow on from T above, we are against the big commercial shit.

What are your favorite bands?
T: Too many choose from, but if I had to name some then Vlad Tepes, Moonblood, Vargsang and Craft.
M: Aaskereia, Old Forest, Moonfrost, Morrigan (nothing to do with me,) Signum Karg and Corpus Christii.

What movies do you like to watch?
T: I don't give time to watch films, most of them are re-makes or bad copies of books these days as no-one has any idea of what to do anymore.
M: I rarely watch films.

How and where can black metal fans buy your material?
T: They can ask Salute Records in Sweden. They have a really good distro too.

Are there links to the band Mørktår, so people can listen to your music?
M: Look on youtube.
T: Or just buy a C.D from Salute Records.

Anything to say to the readers of this magazine?
M+T: If you like trends and fashion, then don't bother with the Metal scene, we won't bother with you. There are other things out there for you. Also, if you want music, then just buy a fucking C.D, vinyl or tape, this downloading shit is killing the whole industry.

Thank you, and all the best with Mørktår!
M+T: Thanks.

Interview with Lord Panzerfaust of Penis Christ

First off, I would like to thank you for giving us the oppertunity to do this interview.

Thank you too Arinne.

So when was Penis Christ founded?

Somewhere in the summer of 1999 it was, when I was having a beer and was talking to some friends(?) about starting the first black metal band ever coming from Katwijk.

Where did the name come from?

Actually, from a word of play...while drinking beer we were teasing a friend a little, he got pissed and he started cursing. He was saying things like: ``shit, penis, jesus christ,`` and such, so I mixed the words penis and christ and there was the bandname.

What were the influences for your music?

Older metal bands, as like Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Bathory and Darkthrone.

How would you describe the difference between your first albums and your upcoming release?

The upcoming release is more ``punk``. I mean, for the previous albums I really tried to compose good songs. The debut cd, ``Wrath of Satan`` was nice, but far from perfect. It just happenned that my personal computer crashed, and so I was unable to remix all the recorded songs, unfortunately. ``The Final Massacre``, the second album, is a good album to my opinion. I was more experienced with composing, recording and mixing the material. Also the sound is better than the debut cd. But still, i`m proud of Wrath of Satan, it is the first black metal album ever, made by the first Katwijkse black metal band... If someone can proove me it`s bullshit... speak up!

But now, I just grab my guitar, start playing and it all goes by itself. It`s still not perfect and simple black metal, but I like the messy ``punky old school`` sound it has got. The new Penis Christ album becomes, as usual, a raw old school black metal album without female vocals, synthesizers and nice guitar solo`s.

But to get back to your question, the difference is the writing and recording process, I just record the stuff just once or twice, then it`s fine with me. If it sounds good, I let it be it does not have to be super perfect or polished. I don`t want to spend 1000 hours in a studio for a release noone will listen to anyway haha. Besides that i`m busy with other projects as well (Lepra, Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors and ReakThor). I found a bassplayer, Lord AntiKrist, and he is, I hope, staying in Penis Christ. I think it`s a improvement as well, some friends indeed told me to get a bassplayer and so I did.

Have you ever thought of doing a live concert?

No...I do like to go to gigs and festivals, see bands performing live, but Penis Christ is really not interesting live. Besides that, Penis Christ is and will stay a non commercial underground black metal band. Also the thought to play live for a bunch of posers makes me feel sick...

What is the most difficult part of making the album?

The most difficult part...Programming the drums with a computer and make them sound proper is not the easiest thing to do. Some people tell me I have to get a real drummer, but who plays the drums tighter than a drummachine? Then I have to mix the recorded material and then comes the lyrics...a hell of a job sometimes. I hope the new 3rd Penis Christ album can be released in the fall of 2012.

Last question ( for fun)
When you play, do you play naked?

Yeah I play naked because I really want to be one with my B.C. Rich Warlock. And it makes me feel like i`m the best guitarplayer ever and it makes me look so evil like Abbath of Immortal. And I don`t feel naked with my B.C. Rich, I even walk outdoors like that and I see people think : he is the best guitarplayer ever!!!

Thank you so much for your time we really appreciate and enjoyed spending this time with you, rock on!

Thank you too, if people are interested in Penis Christ or my other 3 projects...visit my myspace page: or and feel free to contact me.

My releases are available through Satanica Productions, me and Zwaertgevegt Label,
look them up.

Horns up and stay evil!

Interview by Arinne

Razakel Krieg Interview.

First I would like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview, what inspired you to become a musician?

Its hard to specifically pin my inspiration to become a musician on one single deciding factor,

I guess its multiple... Such as the bands of my childhood, Celtic frost, Venom, Hellhammer, Sodom etc etc

Also the insatiable need to release my mental demons, A way to vent the anguish and torment of my life. It seems with finding musicianship I also found a clarity in life, something I could focus my negative mental activity into.

What bands influenced you the most and why?

As aforementioned Celtic frost, Venom, Hellhammer and Sodom... The raw original sounds these bands put out really appealed to me,

But also with finding bands of such Mayhem, Darkthrone and Emperor my fascination grew and music for me took a whole new turn,

This was incredible, and even to this day finding those bands stand out to me as the starting point where my creativity and ambition to do what they do hit an all time high...

How did you choose the name Razakel Krieg and Baalberith?

Razakel is part of European folklore, which tells of a man `who is a blasphemer born in sin and beyond salvation devotes his life to the servitude of an evil spirit in order to receive unnatural power and wisdom. Accepting this proposal, the demon strips the man of his conscience and human body. ..

krieg means war in German, I named myself Razakel Krieg simply because I see myself/my music as a demon of war, its only mission is to spread the hatred that dwells within my mind,

I want people to feel my suffering, to hear my words and take from them the messages I portray.


BaalBerith was the god of the Canaanite city, who later came to be viewed as the demon Baalberith by Christian demonology. According to the Book of Judges, his temple was destroyed when Abimelech quelled the rising of his subjects. The name denotes a form of Ba'al-worship prevailing in Israel, according to the Book of Judges, and particularly in Shechem. The term "Ba'al" is shown by the equivalent "El-berith" to mean "the God of the Covenant." The 'Covenant' (Hebrew: Berith) to which this refers may refer to treaties such as one with the Canaanitic league of which Shechem was the head, or the covenant between Israel and the people of Shechem. The term is considered by some to be too abstract to have been occasioned by a single set of conditions. Moreover, the temple of the god in Shechem implies a permanent establishment. Probably the name and the cult were widespread and ancient, though it is mentioned only in connection with the affairs of Shechem.

How many albums do you have? What are the names of the album?

Off the top of my mind... For my Razakel Krieg project:

Dawn of a New Existence [Split ]

Suicide [Single]

Death Beneath the Mourning Star [e.p]

Invoked Spirits of the Night [split]

Desecration of His Holy Empire [demo]

Kingdom Dammed [split]

Elitist Metal Bastards Unite [split]

Churchburner [full length]

Beholding the Blood Red Realm [Full length]

KVLT Worship [compilation]

Do you tour? Where is your favorite place to play at? And do you plan on playing internationally?

With this project I do not play Live... As it stands I am more than happy to let it remain as a studio project.

How many people are in the bands? Would you introduce them and which instrument they play?

For Baalberith:

Myself on Guitar and main vocals...

Zaharoth... My brother in blood and black metal is the other guitarist, also one of the original founding members.

Belial... On Bass... New to the black metal scene, but hes ready to make an impact upon our return to Live action.

And Finally Valefar, he has been our drummer now for a very long time... hes a big part to our Live performances.

What lies in the immediate future for you and your bands? Where do you see your music career in five years?

Baalberith are currently in recording the new album with out new lineup, then away to record our first music video.

We fully intend to get back on the road, to hit more venues than we have ever hit before on tour and to make a statement on the Uk black metal scene once more.

We are going to show that even if we disappear... We will always return with more hatefilled aggression than ever before, there is no killing us.

How many bands/projects do you have? And could you tell us abit about them all.

I am in various projects... Too many to mention in great detail. So i will mention a select few.

Demoniacal.. A two man black metal project featuring myself and baalberith drummer valefar, This project hasn't any recorded material as yet, but work has begun on that front.

We are taking it old school, bringing back the punk mentality to black metal, and playing raw old school black metal in its most aggressive form.

Dark Debauchery... A two man depressive black metal project formed between myself and kravor, This started a couple of years ago, and only to date has two finalized songs, which were released on a split with Uk black metal tyrants Morktar.

With this project we are not rushing to get results, when the finality takes over our minds...we Write.

Giving us a true melancholy to our songs.

There seems to be a lot of interest gathered over the past year in the UK black metal "super-group" Suffering, what is your involvements and hopes with this project?

I would hope for this band to get to the stage of playing Live shows, many people I have worked with are a part of this. And I believe it has the momentum to make it with the right circumstances and dedication to the cause.

What are your views on the UK metal scene at the moment?

I would say the UK scene is possibly at the best state it has seen in many years, More and more bands are getting the recognition they deserve from the press/listeners.

More bands are pulling together and helping each other out as oppose to trying to sabotage each other and one up each other for personal gain.

Black metal started in England [Maybe not in the traditional sense] but look at the likes of venom... They paved the way for many great bands [of today's black metal sound] both English and European.

So anyone that discredits this country when it comes to black metal is a fucking idiot.

It will always flow through there veins of the few that fight through the underground to get heard. And its that kind of dedication that deserves the recognition alone.

Finally, I again thank you for taking your time and doing this interview for us we really appreciate it, have you any words for our readers and your fans?

Never under estimate someone until you have seen deep within their soul or stared through their eyes at the world...

Interview with Nuklear Bastard of Reakthor.

This is a new band with a new genre what can you tell us about this upcoming band and album?

Yep this genre is new, but as always, there will be others that will say or claim the same, ``I was first with this genre...``
It is just very extreme metal to my opinion, I call it Nuklear Grind Metal. I think the FuckYouShima album will be a top seller in Japan.

What inspired the name and the album?

Well, that nuklear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, is the inspiration to this all. It`s simple humor though.

How many tracks have you completed so far?

So far, 8 tracks are ready and I want to have 25 tracks at least on the upcoming FuckYouShima album.

How many tracks will this album have?

Maybe 30 tracks, I really can`t say, but at least 25 tracks is my goal.

Do you have a date for the release of the first album?

Maybe February 2013, I take my time for it to record and mix the material as good as possible with the equipment I have, and I want it to sound proper.

Is this a one man project?

Yes it is, I do not like to work with other people in a band.

Do you think that this new band and it`s album will be recieved well?

I think I will get a MTV award for this album, hell yeah I think ReakThor will be received very well!

Where are you looking forward to?

To sell millions of the FuckYouShima album, so I can buy a big penthouse so i`ll have enough room for all the music awards I will win. And to have room for the thousands free bottles of saké that I will get from my Japanese fans of course. And I hope shark fin soup will become illegal, it is absurd and inhumane sharks are killed for a tasteless piece of shark fin.

Thank you for your time and much success.

Thank you too Arinne and stay (radio) aktive!

Check out my musick in the added links to it in the DaInzaneProjektzMazter interview.

First of all, thank you for your time to do this interview.

Tell us something of the history of Seventh Eclipse, what are your releases so far and what is the current line up?

I would like to thank you for this interview!
Well, Seventh Eclipse was founded in late 2009. And started as my melodeath/folk one man metal project , and i made a couple of demo songs in that genre, but soon after those i needed to expand the project . Since Ivan is my best friend for a long time, and we played in a band before , he was the best man for the job. I decided to make an EP and Ivan really helped me a lot with drum programming and recording, and in no time he was in the band...other people helped a lot too. Our mutual friend Ivan Šporcic lent us his bass guitar.. our current bass player (wasn't in the band at that time) helped with recording the bass guitar, my friend Darija Curic really helped a lot by promoting on facebook...After we released our first EP „Veles“ we decided to change the genre into Melodic Death/Metalcore , and took in other members in the band. The new material is handled by Ivan and me..
So now I play the guitar and do the vocals, Ivan is the drummer, Tony Hršak is the bassist and Valentino Hršak is also a guitarist. I would like to mention that our bassist and guitarist Valentino are brothers that are also in another band currently recording their own album..

Where are the lyrics about?

The lyrics in the „Veles“ EP usually covers the problems that the common man is going through in his life, like drug addiction, depression, dealing with death of our loved ones..Some of them talk about slavic mythology, but the main themes are those already mentioned...Now that our genre has changed i have also changed the way of writing our lyrics..but that is yet to be heard!

Which bands influenced Seventh Eclipse?

- Since I'm writing on the new album too, my biggest influences on those songs would be Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates and many others melodic death and metalcore bands.

I am greatly influenced by Children Of Bodom, Wintersun, In Flames and many other melodic death metal bands..But lately i have been listening to a lot of metalcore, progressive metal and modern metal bands that resulted in changing the genre..

How is the metal scene in your country, is it hard to start a metal band there?

- The metal scene is not so great really. It seems there is a lot of metal bands in Croatia, but they are all mostly underground bands with a relatively small but loyal fan base. Of course, some of them are really good (check out Kryn), but most of them are average. And it's very hard to start a metal band here because young people here mostly listen to some shitty folk music, and a really small percentage of teenagers listen to rock or metal, let alone play an instrument. It's sad, I know.

Have you ever played live with Seventh Eclipse, and if so, where?

- No, we've never had a live show in this formation, but we all had performed live before in some other bands.

Do you know other bands that are on the Satanica Productions label?

- Sorry, I don't haha.

Strings Of Distorded Doom, Tamara Picardi, Beltane..I know those because i am in contact with some of the artists on the label..

What are your future plans with Seventh Eclipse?

- We are currently in the writing process for the new album, and we are planning to record it during the summer, if it all goes well. Also, we are planning to play a few gigs soon so yeah, we are very excited right now.

What are your favorite movies and tv shows?

- Lord Of The Ring trilogy are my favourite movies probably haha. But there are really too many movies and shows that I love, it's a hard question, really.

-A hard question indeed hahah...I really don't know which movie is my favorite, but i really loved The American Pie movie franchise, Don't Mess With Zohan and such comedies..And about the tv shows..I am not sure about the favorite ,but i really like The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother hahaha..

(And a question for fun)

Did you ever had to puke because you saw a speach of the pope on live on tv ?

- Pope? Who's that? Oh is he that massive pedo cunt preventing the progresion of the human race? Yeaaah... no, I've never puked because of his speech.

Hahahaha...naah, i never had to puke because of his speech cause' i try not to pay attention to what those religious cunts say..But yeah, I don't like the guy and this would be a really long interview if i started to express my thoughts on religion haha..

Any last words and other things you want to say?

- Thank you for interviewing us and every one who is reading this, get the new Meshuggah album ASAP, it's awesome. m/

-Like Ivan said, thank you once again for this interview! It was a pleasure and i hope to hear from you again. Btw people who are reading this, get our EP too while you're getting the new Meshuggah album haha!

There you go mate!

Interview by Jack the Rapper

Hello Sugar Willy, Martin, Evert and JJ Wago of Smokin` Dynamite!
Thank you for your time to do this interview with me.

Introduce yourselves to the readers if you want to, and what instrument do you all play?
We’re a bunch of guys playing high energy, no nonsense kick ass and good timin’ bluesrock
Martin Bobbe plays various basses and does the main vocals
JJ Wago plays guitars and does some vocals too.
Evert de Vries is pounding the drums till hell freezes over
Sugar Willy blows the Mississippi saxophone, a heavy amplified harmonica.

Can you tell me something about how you guys got together and when was Smokin` Dynamite founded?
Smokin’ Dynamite was founded in 1996 by the former ‘Sugar Mama’ rhythm section and guitarist JJ Wago, who -in a different period though- had also played for ‘Sugar Mama’ . They’d met during various occasions and some kind of collaboration appeared and proved to be only a matter of time. Initially Smokin’ Dynamite was formed to become a harmonica involved band, but it took several years to find a proper musician to fit in. Smokin’ Dynamite became a power trio. In 2011 Sugar Willy dropped by, played along and never left actually.

Do you want to tell something about your previous bands maybe?
Much and many and to quote Sonny Boy Williamson: Don’t start me talkin’

Can you tell something about your releases so far? (I know there are 2 albums released).
Yep, two albums: “Smoke This . . . ” was cut as a three piece band and released in 2000. “New Fuses, Old Sticks” was recorded in the current line-up and released earlier this year.

Was the recording process easy or difficult for the New Fuses, Old Sticks album?
We did some intense rehearsals just to smoothen up the recording process and that turned out to pay off. We prefer to record as natural as we can get and we try to keep dubbings to an absolute minimum. In the end that’s exactly what happened.
How are the reactions to your New Fuses, Old Sticks album from your fans?
So far the response is quite positive. After our appearance at Sea Bottom Jazz Festival this year we noticed that “New Fuses, Old Sticks” was played all night between the various acts and we were told it is played on a regular basis in a couple of venues .

Do you get a lot of positive reviews in other magazines about your latest album?
We released our CD ourselves, sell it at gigs, and for that reason we did not use any professional distribution. “New Fuses, Old Sticks” might be reviewed elsewhere but if so we did not hear about it yet. We did get some pretty nice reactions online though. (i.e.

With what subjects do we deal with when we listen to your lyrics?
Booze, women and the trials and tribulations of life in general.

I have seen Smokin`Dynamite playing live once in the Underground, Lelystad, and I bet you guys have a lot of live experience. Where did you guys play already?
We played a lot of bars, roadhouses and festivals over the years.

Did you play shows outside of the Netherlands? (I am sure they will love your music in the U.S.A.)
We did some gigs abroad indeed, but mostly in Holland.
Fascination for US is highly overrated as far as musical careers are concerned. Note that lots of very talented American Blues musicians come to Europe to make a living from their music! Quite some great (professional) Dutch bands/musicians tried to find their luck in the USA and soon discovered the illusions of their enterprises. Fortunately we do not suffer any ‘US virus’ at all.

Are there lots of people coming to see your live shows? I guess you have a loyal fan base already.
We’ve played all over the country and -much to our surprise- in our hometown only the last few years and when we do familiar faces usually do turn up. Some of them already came to see us in the 20th century. Ever since Willy joined the band a lot of fresh faces came along!

How many shows do you play in a year?
Hard to tell upfront. With the new line-up we’re in a kind of re-start phase right now. At present we are not involved with a booking agency anymore, but negotiations are ongoing and we’ll see what will happen. In the meantime bookings can be arranged by contacting us at

What bands and musicstyles are a big influence for Smokin` Dynamite?
Well, it’s kind of a broad mix of influences. Basically it comes down to the 60’s white boy blues –who already contain the original black blues influences- combined with the Nine Below Zero drive and the Paul Butterfield finesse if you like.

About what band(s) do you dream of to share the stage with?
We all have our heroes, but then again, there are so many excellent known and unknown musicians around. You might say, whenever there’s a vibe, it will do!

What can we expect from Smokin` Dynamite in the future...? (More albums and live shows I hope.)
We would like to produce a full album with only songs of our own. At present our set list is about 30% songs we wrote ourselves. Note that we never ever really cover a song though, for we always turn it into a Smokin’ Dynamite version.

What music do you all like very much besides bluesrock?
Well, now you get us in a confronting situation. I think everybody has to speak for themselves now.
Martin Bobbe: Singer / Songwriter stuff, Tim Buckley and Gene Clark are like heroes to me. 60s pop, garage & psych, the music I grew up on, plus some early R&R like Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers and Eddie Cochran.
JJ Wago: Genuine (roots) music like Blues, Blues rock, Southern rock, country rock, real outlaw country music, rock and hardrock.
Evert de Vries: old style hardrock like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin but also Badlands en Queensrijche.
Sugar Willy: American folk and roots music; especially pre-war blues. Also West Coast swing harmonica players like Rod Piazza or William Clark. My guitarists of choice are Rory Gallagher and Robin Trower. But believe it or not I’m also crazy about Celtic folk and…… Scandinavian metal (Opeth is my favorite).

Do you guys have tattoos and if so, do you want to tell something about your tattoos maybe?
Well, recently our harmonica man (who is in his midlife crisis) took one: a scull where a rose branch grows through it with the text Death Fails as a mantra for himself.
JJ carries the ‘unknown’ guitar slinger on his arm representing lots of influences/heroes and a tribal on his other arm for strictly personal reasons!

Where can people buy Smokin` Dynamite merchandise as in like shirts and cd`s?
Due to the new line up we did not yet build up a decent merchandise yet.
CD’s are available at our gigs or online.

Are there links to a Smokin` Dynamite page so people can listen to your music?
Yep. We have our website with some samples:
There is also Facebook:
Myspace that we don’t use very often:

Well this was it for now, do you all want to say something to the readers of this magazine?
Keep listening or even better making your music and of course we are happy to see you at one of our shows

Interview by Jack the Rapper.
Here is a interview with Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus.

First i would like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview, what inspired you to become a musician?

Sturmgeist: Well there was always music on in my house, i grew up with music like Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix from my dad and then Kylie Minogue, Culture Club, spandau ballet from my mum haha. So abit of a mixture but as i grew up and discovered more metal bands it completely took over my life and decided thats what i wanted to do, the whole atmosphere, feel, truth, honesty and rawness of metal was something REAL i had found finally. Originally i wanted to be a guitarist and got a electric guitar for christmas when i was about 10 but i just didnt have the patience to learn then haha, so i decided that being a singer was easier and then found that i was actually good at it, also developing my writing skills with lyrics and then decided to start my first band Mundus when i was 13.

What bands influenced you the most and why?

Sturmgeist: To begin with it was Alice Cooper because i was always obsessed with horror and Alice's music was just brilliant! Especially the 80's era stuff but in terms of more "metal" music, early on it was Slipknot, KoRn, Marilyn Manson and Mudvayne which gave me most of my early influence and inspiration. During my early teens when i was in the Army Cadets one of my sergeant's played me the Cruelty And The Beast album by Cradle Of Filth and from then on i was completely sold on black metal, never looked back from then.

How did you choose the name S.F.I Sturmgeist.Fornicator.Insultus?

Sturmgeist: Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus is a mixture of German, English and Latin. Sturmgeist is German for Storm Ghost and the mixture of "Fornicator Insultus" would loosely translate as "Forced Sex/Rapist" or "Aggresive Sex/Rapist". I have always loved and been fascinated with the Germans and second world war history and also Serial Killers/Rapists like Ted Bundy for example. So Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus is a good name for a black metal artist because that is pretty fucking brutal, getting raped by a ghost storm, haha.

How many albums do you have? What are the names of the album?

So far none. My first official release will be the A Gathering Of Four Tyrants split album with Razakel Krieg, Lord Forneus and Lord Andras. There has been a Mundus album being planned for quite awhile now but due to various issues and problems that keep arising it has just been too difficult for us to proceed.

Do you tour? If yes is it international? Where is your favorite place to play at? If no, is that something you are planning to do in the future?

At the moment no, i wont ever take S.F.I to the stage but you will see Mundus and Suffering live in the future and im hoping all over the world.

How many people are in the band? Would you introduce them and which instrument they play?

Mundus: Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus - Vocals/Lyrics. Scorpius Inferi - Guitars/Lyrics.

S.F.I Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus (only member) - Vocals/Lyrics/Guitars/Bass.

Suffering: Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus - Vocals/Lyrics. Razakel Krieg - Guitars. Lord Forneus - Guitars. Thrym Mørktår - Bass.

What lies in the immediate future for your band? Where do you see the band in five years?

Well for S.F.I Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus i plan to record my full length album soon and hopefully have steady releases with that. As for Mundus and Suffering i plan to get everything sorted so we can start work on recording albums. Where i see them all in five years though, i have no idea.

Finally, I again thank you for taking your time and doing this interview for us we really appreciate it, have you any words for our readers and your fans?

Well thank you for the support, i really appreciate it. Just want to say thanks for all my friends and bands alike that have helped and stuck by me through out the last few years and forever support your local music and underground!

Interview by Arinne.

This interview is done with Rob Slaughter the drummer for TCF.
Thank you for your time to do this interview with Jack the Rapper. Can you tell the readers when T.C.F. was founded and releases so far? Who are the band members?
T.C.F. was founded in spring 2007 when Hans and I started jamming on some crossover thrash tunes. In only a few rehearsal sessions we wrote enough material for our first demo “Core ’88” which we also recorded together. About a year later in spring 2008 we decided to make T.C.F. a “real” band and that is when we asked Noise Gate Nick to join. From then on we started acting as a normal band, first rehearsing and writing more songs until we were ready to do live shows which was April of 2009. In the fall of 2009 we released our ep “Speed or Bleed” that gained a lot of positive reviews resulting in more and more live shows. Summer of 2011 was when we recorded “Where Madness Reigns” and that has been out since beginning of 2012.

You already have a rich history in bands... can you tell more about that?
All three of us have been in bands for years. In the second half of the 90ies Hans and I were in a thrash band called Paveway, but that was the time of nu metal so we did not last very long. After that I was in a thrash band called Incremental which did quite well in the local “Katwijk area”, we recorded two demos and did a lot of live shows. Around that same time, Hans was in a thrash band called Enforcer (no, not that glamband from Sweden) which had some potential, but Hans was the only member that really wanted to make something out of that band. When Hans and I both found out our regular bands were coming to an end, we decided it was time to try things with T.C.F.. Nick is a lot younger than us, but from 2005 on he was in a heavy metal band called Speedchaser. Nick is the most talented and ambitious musician of us, he studies guitar at the famous Dutch Rock Academy in Tilburg and he now also plays in a female fronted rockband called Gold who are making quite some name for themselves already.

I like your debut album ``Where Madness Reigns`` a lot, it is really great crossover. It got a lot of positive ratings from a lot of magazines. I recognize some D.R.I. and Nuclear Assault in your music, but which bands influenced T.C.F. for the most part?
Yeah the response has been amazing so far, even big magazines like Rockhard (Ger) and Aardschok (NL) were very positive. We’ve got the obvious influences like D.R.I. and S.O.D. etc… but T.C.F. also owes a lot to UK punk bands like GBH, Discharge and Exploited. Especially Exploited’s “the Massacre”, that is one of the best punk/thrash albums ever made.

How was it like, to record the debut album?
We recorded it a studio called “Independent Recordings” in Utrecht (NL). It’s owned by a guy called Quintijn Verhoef and he really knows how to deliver a good sounding product for a reasonable price. For us it was the first time recording at a ‘real’ studio so that brought some pressure, but we managed. In hindsight there are some things we could have done differently, but overall we are very pleased with the end result.

I bet you played a few live shows already, which one was the best and which one the worst? And with what bands did you share the stage?
Yes, we did a lot of shows, best shows for me were the “Where Madness Reigns” cd release party at the Kroeg in Rijen (NL) and also some of the shows we did in Little Devil, Tilburg (NL). Absolute worst was the show in Bolwerk, Sneek (NL) supporting Heathen (US), the people and atmosphere at that venue were horrible. What a letdown that was. We have played with a lot of bands, to name drop a few: Heathen, Whiplash, SSS, Détente, Andralls, Septic Christ, Rebellious Spirit, Evil Invaders, Prematory, Rezet, Nuclear Devastation.

I saw you guys play live in Scum, opening for Whiplash, I liked it.
How did you experienced that evening? And did you like it, to play in Scum?
We played with the mighty Whiplash, for us it was an honor to play with such an influential thrash band. I think it went quite well, although I hoped more people would have showed up. I’m from Katwijk so I’m very familiar with Scum, I went to my first concerts there and also played there a lot of times with my previous bands. Personally I would like to see more international bands in Scum like in the 80ies and the beginning of the 90ies. I’ve seen so many killer shows there from Dark Angel to Mucky Pup and I would like to see that happen again.

In what place would you like, or dream of, to play live and why?
Dynamo Open Air! That’s the ultimate when it comes to playing live here in The Netherlands. Only too bad the last DOA was in 2005, but maybe those Aardschok dudes get the festival going again.

With what kind of subjects do we deal with, when we listen to your lyrics?
We started out with those funny lyrics but after while we found out that for us it would make more sense to write about more serious subjects based on a critical view on society and life in general. We also really wanted the cover art of the album to be an extension of the lyrics and Mario Lopez, the cover artist, managed to translate that very well.

What can we expect of T.C.F. in the future?
Hopefully more gigs and we’ll have to start working on material for a new release.

What do you think of the current metal scene?
I mainly listen to music from the 80ies/beginning of the 90ies so it’s cool that at the moment there is quite a big and exciting old school metal/hc scene with a lot of reunions. Downside is that all those mediocre bands from the past suddenly start playing again. I don't have that much with all the newer genres and hypes, I try to stay away from that.

What are your favorite artist/bands? And movies?
On one hand common bands like S.O.D., D.R.I., Anthrax, Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Carnivore, Hellhammer, etc… but also bands like Discharge, Heresy, Larm, Hellkrusher, S.O.B., Unseen Terror. I don’t watch a lot of movies, but one I really like is “Clerks”, a comedy about some guys in a convenience store. It’s hilarious!

Do you have tattoos? If so, can you tell us something about it?
No, I don’t have any. Tattoos are way too much of a fashion item nowadays. Besides that, I just can’t image that they will still look good after having them for 20+ years.

Where can metalfans buy your merchandise and contact you guys?
Are there links to the band?
Just contact us at or leave a message at/check out our facebook page:

And question for fun:
If T.C.F. was invited to play a show in a elderly home, would you play there and have fun with elderly groupies?
I’d like to play at “Overduin”, the biggest elderly home here in Katwijk. I actually have worked there in the past, at their facility department! Elderly groupies?! As long as they leave their dentures out!!

Rob, once more, thank you for your time, is there something you want to say to the readers?
Thank you for the interview, keep the zine going. To anyone interested; we still have a lot of merchandise (cd’s, shirts) available for cheap prices so drop us a line if you want to order some. Cheers!

All the best with T.C.F. and as persons!
Jack the Rapper

Interview Xerpentor - SpeedSlaughter magazine

Hell-o, thank you very much for your time to do this interview with me.

So who are the bandmembers...would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

Leon - Bass/Vocals, Phil - Guitar, Bram - Drums

Can you tell me how and when Xerpentor was founded, and if you guys played in other bands before Xerpentor...
If so, in which ones?

Leon: Founded as SerpentoR in 1998 as a 5 piece old school heavy thrash/death metalband by Leon , and since 2002 transformed into the 3 piece old school Death Metal Band XerpentoR.
Phil: I Played in Eternal Solstice, Dissect and Mourning before...
Leon: nothing worth to mension, and this is Bram’s first band

What are Xerpentors` releases so far?
Phil; None....yet...first album before the end of 2012.
Leon; Get ready for this old school monster of death

Did you play many gigs already? And with what bands?
Phil; Yes....about 40 gigs so far..with all kinds of bands,
Leon; like Houwitser, Lord Belial, Forlorn to name a few

I saw you guys perform live at SBS (Scream Bloody Scum). How did you guys experienced that festival?
Was it positive or were there some things bothering you in Scum though, and were there things that could be better that evening?
Phil; Great festival, positive in each and every way..
Leon; good initiative, i hope they'll keep it up

I liked your performance a lot at SBS, I like old school death metal a lot, but what do you guys think of the (death) metal scene, nowadays?
Phil; Scene is simular to the scene I remember back in the early 90's
Leon; It's good to see that the old school stuff in still around and people are still up for it.

With what kind of subjects are we dealing with, when we listen to Xerpentors` lyrics and music?
Leon; death (of course), war, anti-religious, the society and gore. That’s due the fact we still play some of the older songs. In the future it will be death, war and gore only haha

What kind of music do you all like the most? And what kind of music abolutely not?
Phil; Death Metal the most....absolutely no 538 radio..
Leon; Like- old school death,
Hate- house, trance r&b, rap and more of that shit, most of the top 40

How and where can people buy Xerpentor releases and other Xerpentor merchandise?
Leon; and Slowrunner records, and at the gigs!!

Will there be Xerpentor toy dolls produced, for McDonald`s uberhappy kid meals?
Phil; No way!
Leon; what he said

Anything to say to the readers of this horrible (haha) magazine? And links to your pages?
Phil; Check us out..
Leon; XerpentoR Face book or

Thank you very much for your time and hopefully I see you all soon live on stage! All the best!

Thank you

Leon; Thank you to man m/

Jack the Rapper.

X E R P E N T O R - Dutch Old School Death Metal
The official Xerpentor Website

Interview with Meanie of Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors. Interview by Arinne.

First off thank you for your time.
The name of your band Z.M.M. ( Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors) what does that mean? And where did you come up with the idea?

Zeeuws Meisje is a (butter) brand. The commercials were very annoying and I can imagine myself a man wants to molest that bitch in the commercials haha. I just hated those stupid commercials so I called the band Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors for fun and to make fun out of it.

This is a new genre that you have created would you tell us about it?

I think so, I never heard something like this myself, but it`s awkward to hear other people telling me they did. I made a mix of Nekro (guitarsound), Houze (gabberdrumbeats) and Metal (because it`s metal). So in short NekroHouzeMetal. And the vocals are just awkward. Maybe others did do this thing before me, but also a friend of mine never heard something like this ever before, and he is just like me, for a long time in the metalscene. So yes, I created a new genre and Z.M.M. is in a experimental stage still. The vocals won`t be like they are on the debut album (``Satan is a Z.M.M. Worshipper``), on future releases. It was over the top on the debut cd, I have to admit that.

There are many tracks on the ``Satan is a Z.M.M. Worshipper`` album. Which was the most difficult and why? And which was the easiest and why?

The most difficult part was to make new drumpatterns after kicking Mc Dollarsign out of Z.M.M. He was a lazy bandmember, and had very poor ideas (in fact none). I had to make new drumpatterns for 26 tracks, but also I had record new vocals and mix it all over again. The album ended up in a total of 45 tracks, and almost has an hour playtime. I could make 2 albums out of it haha. The tracks that were the easiest to do, were the ones I did by myself. That are the first 19 tracks on the official debut album ``Satan is a Z.M.M. Worshipper``.
Maybe mister Mc Dollarsign did sell a few copies of that Z.M.M. cd called ``Satan is a Drum `n`Bass dj``.
Well, I can tell everyone, that cd is not a official or legal Z.M.M. album. However, it are the original recordings. Maybe I will release it in the future though, but it really is a maybe.

How long did it take to complete this album?

I think more than 1 year. I was also busy with recording ``The Final Massacre`` album of Penis Christ and with Spek-Takel of Lepra when this happenned. I do not regret it, it was a hell of a job and the result could be worse. Whoever heard the pope say fuck? Noone right? Well the pope does say fuck on the Z.M.M. debut album ``Satan is a Z.M.M. Worshipper``!!!

What was the inspiration for this album and what sets it apart from other bands?

The inspiration to make this album was to try to invent a new genre, make a funny album, and I am sure I succeeded. No matter what others say and I don`t care what others say. There is always one person that says ``I was the first with this style of music`` ... Proove it to me I would say... Nothing sounds like Z.M.M., the inventor of NekroHouzeMetal.

Which song on the album would you choose as the first single and why?

As single... wow difficult... I think of ``Yeah one, two, i`m gonna scare the shit out of you`` or ``I am Mike and I have a motorbike``. Because they are funny haha.

Any chance of a live show if no then why?

No... Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors is a non live performing act, just like my other projects. Maybe a live show with Lepra,
but that`s it, sorry.

Thank you for your time we cant wait to hear more in the future.

Thank you too Arinne, stay nekro!
And look up for info about Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors in the interview with DaInzaneProjektzMazter... Cheers!Interview with Meanie of Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors. Interview by Arinne.

First off thank you for your time.
The name of your band Z.M.M. ( Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors) what does that mean? And where did you come up with the idea?

Zeeuws Meisje is a (butter) brand. The commercials were very annoying and I can imagine myself a man wants to molest that bitch in the commercials haha. I just hated those stupid commercials so I called the band Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors for fun and to make fun out of it.

This is a new genre that you have created would you tell us about it?

I think so, I never heard something like this myself, but it`s awkward to hear other people telling me they did. I made a mix of Nekro (guitarsound), Houze (gabberdrumbeats) and Metal (because it`s metal). So in short NekroHouzeMetal. And the vocals are just awkward. Maybe others did do this thing before me, but also a friend of mine never heard something like this ever before, and he is just like me, for a long time in the metalscene. So yes, I created a new genre and Z.M.M. is in a experimental stage still. The vocals won`t be like they are on the debut album (``Satan is a Z.M.M. Worshipper``), on future releases. It was over the top on the debut cd, I have to admit that.

There are many tracks on the ``Satan is a Z.M.M. Worshipper`` album. Which was the most difficult and why? And which was the easiest and why?

The most difficult part was to make new drumpatterns after kicking Mc Dollarsign out of Z.M.M. He was a lazy bandmember, and had very poor ideas (in fact none). I had to make new drumpatterns for 26 tracks, but also I had record new vocals and mix it all over again. The album ended up in a total of 45 tracks, and almost has an hour playtime. I could make 2 albums out of it haha. The tracks that were the easiest to do, were the ones I did by myself. That are the first 19 tracks on the official debut album ``Satan is a Z.M.M. Worshipper``.
Maybe mister Mc Dollarsign did sell a few copies of that Z.M.M. cd called ``Satan is a Drum `n`Bass dj``.
Well, I can tell everyone, that cd is not a official or legal Z.M.M. album. However, it are the original recordings. Maybe I will release it in the future though, but it really is a maybe.

How long did it take to complete this album?

I think more than 1 year. I was also busy with recording ``The Final Massacre`` album of Penis Christ and with Spek-Takel of Lepra when this happenned. I do not regret it, it was a hell of a job and the result could be worse. Whoever heard the pope say fuck? Noone right? Well the pope does say fuck on the Z.M.M. debut album ``Satan is a Z.M.M. Worshipper``!!!

What was the inspiration for this album and what sets it apart from other bands?

The inspiration to make this album was to try to invent a new genre, make a funny album, and I am sure I succeeded. No matter what others say and I don`t care what others say. There is always one person that says ``I was the first with this style of music`` ... Proove it to me I would say... Nothing sounds like Z.M.M., the inventor of NekroHouzeMetal.

Which song on the album would you choose as the first single and why?

As single... wow difficult... I think of ``Yeah one, two, i`m gonna scare the shit out of you`` or ``I am Mike and I have a motorbike``. Because they are funny haha.

Any chance of a live show if no then why?

No... Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors is a non live performing act, just like my other projects. Maybe a live show with Lepra,
but that`s it, sorry.

Thank you for your time we cant wait to hear more in the future.

Thank you too Arinne, stay nekro!
And look up for info about Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors in the interview with DaInzaneProjektzMazter... Cheers!

Interview with Alex of Zwaertgevegt Label.

Hi Alex, thank you for your time to answer my questions!

- You are welcome of course.

Can you tell us something about yourself, as in like when you started to listen to metal music, what bands and music you really like and dislike and such?

- Well normally i don't talk much about myself since i like the focus more on my label. But i will share some things with you. I started listening at first to Iron Maiden around 1985 i think
and in a year it went harder to bands like slayer, metallica, Megadeth, etc and very soon stuff like Possessed, Venom, Bathory and Napalm Death and more,
of course at a time i got interested much into the black metal scene, but even though i like releasing much bm i still see myself as just a metalfan.
It is hard to say what i like or dislike, since i am personaly not bound to genres in music.
All i can say is that i spit on the nowadays popmusic/hiphop and stuff most of the time and it is just a shame good bands in the scene are sometimes liking money more then following their hearts.

You were doing a (black) metal webzine as well, Hatefront Warzine, what happenned with that magazine? And I liked the Penis Christ interview because it`s my bm project.

- We started Hatefront Warzine to make a webzine with perhaps even a paper version 4 times a year and written in dutch, but well it is hard to get motivated people for the job, so everyone started enthousiastic
with it, but at the end everything was falling apart. We sometimes have thought about to restart it, but we are just too busy for runnung a total webmag.
So i think that one will never rise again.
Well i did the Penis Christ interview since i always like to promote the Dutch scene and like the PC underground sound.
And for every magazine who wants to have an interview with one of the bands on my label i can arrange it or even do it for them of course :)

You got your own label, Zwaertgevegt label. You have a lot of tape releases , but do you have cd releases as well?

- Zwaertgevegt only releases tapes, but i sometimes take full distribution over a cd(r) release becourse i think it deserves the support.

Which bands on your label are underestimated and deserve more attention you think?

- What to call underestimated ? :P
I release underground stuff, so most bands will fit in that.
And well i try to get the attention from people on it, that's my job.
People should just listen to my stuff on my YouTube page.
Like my last release from Vartanian.

What do you do to promote your label and the bands on your label?

- Well i think there must always a difference between promoting and spamming.
I always release in limited amounts so for myself i dont worry.
I just like trading with other labels also much so the releases get spread worldwide.

Can you tell me, which bands will release a cd or tape through your label in the near future?

- I just had 6 releases, 4 tapes of Hell Icon and a tape of Nothhymn and one of Förtvivlan.
Now busy with some releases with old stuff from Funeral Grave and Toorn and a release from Melancholie.
Also in the planning for a tape from Nord and Sammath, which will be re-releases and for the rest i will see what comes my way.

What is the most surprising and renewing band on your label? (I heard Zeeuwse Meisjes Molestors is pretty awkward with their NekroHouzeMetal).

- Hard to say since i like all bands on my label, i only sign for releases i like myself to do, that is the freedom of running a underground label.
If i wanted to earn a lot of money i just could not do that and had to make choises i don't support.
Well for the stuff of Penis Christ, ZMM etc, they are not really my releases since i only release tapes.
I am just happy to do the distribution since i support it :)
All nice underground stuff made by a person that follows his own path just like me and i like that :)

Alex, I know you are a very down to earth person, and just like me, you are in the metalscene for a long time. What do you think of the metal scene nowadays?

- I know this is a question in many interviews also with bands and well as i said i don't mix up much my own opinion with my label.
A music scene just needs changes to survive and well not always people will like that.
so for me it will be the same.
Just don't make music for the money but make it becou se you love it !!

How can costumers order your Zwaertgevegt label releases?

- They can contact me through my mail:
Of course i have a site, which is still a blog, but hoping to get a pro-site next year:
Also i have a facebook and myspace, stuff on Youtube.
Well people can find it fast enough when they look on Google i guess :P

(And a question for fun) On what album from which artist do you like to smear your poop on and bring it back to the store you bought it, because it is a shit album?

- I know it is a question for fun, but i still not gonna answer it.
One men's shit can be someone else his treasure.
And i know from the past i hated some albums but in later days i still started liking them.
I think as long as people are really into their music and putting all of theirselves in it it will not be shit, just a matter of taste.
I just rather listen to most underground stuff since a lot of those bands/projects are just still full of spirit :)

I hope you liked the interview, any last words?

- Jups, total support to your zine, i really hope it will get the attention it deserves with all the work you are putting in it !!
I hope people will listen to more Dutch Black Metal, since i think there are so many good bands people don't know since they only listen to the bands they already know.
Keep on supporting the underground !!

Interview by Jack the Rapper.

Interview with Carwyn Marshall of Prometheus Rising

1. Hail! Thank you for agreeing to this interview with Speed Slaughter.
First please give me a brief description of your band, and how you came to start out,
What influenced your sound and aspired you to create music.

A: Hello. I am Carwyn Marshall, the sole member for Prometheus Rising, a South Wales based Black Metal project. I tend to play varying styles of Black Metal depending on my mood and don't stick to one 'sub-genre'. I've done old-school style, newer style, symphonic, crust/Black 'n' Roll.
I started the project in 2010 while in college on a music course. I became frustrated that I was around people that were able to play Black Metal but for one reason or another wouldn't start up a band. I was learning how to use the technology and decided I could just do it all myself. Starting off I was very much influenced by Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone and Emperor and was going for the early 90s, lo-fi sound. Over the years I've invested in better technology and learned how to use it more effectively so my sound has just progressed.

2. What can you remember about that time? was a hard beginning or was everything easy? (finding members, the song creation process and playing Live etc)

A: Well at the time I was frustrated that the course I was on had me playing songs I really couldn't stand, and didn't allow me to play my preferred styles very often. That anger and frustration definitely drove the music for the first release. Finding people that were into Black Metal was easy but they all made excuses constantly and in the end I decided it was better for me if I just did everything myself. It meant that if something wasn't being finished, it was because I wasn't doing it.
Writing songs sometimes is difficult because sometimes my technical limitations on guitar or with drum programming won't allow me to match what's going around in my head and if my motivation is low, I find it extremely difficult to stay focused.
I played one gig live with this project doing vocals and guitar (with drums, bass etc on my iPod running through the desk) and my nerves caused me to mess it up royally. I decided never to play a gig with Prometheus Rising again.

3. Have you undergone a lot of line-up changes?and what motivated you to continue the work?

A: I've thought about bringing people in quite a lot but ultimately decided that it's better for me if I didn't. It's a very personal project and I think I'd lose that with more members.
I continue to write and release stuff mostly for my own satisfaction. It's very therapeutic for me. I find the world around me motivates my music and I often write about things that piss me off or things within history that would have pissed me off had I been around at the time. It's always good when people say that they enjoy your music etc but generally speaking I do it for myself.

4. How do you see the difference of the Black Metal scene then and now?

A: I don't tend to keep up with the scene but I have noticed that Facebook makes growing an audience much more difficult than Myspace did. There isn't much of a scene around my area.

5. Can you tell me about other projects your members are or have been involved in? and can you tell me something about these bands?

A: I am starting a project with some friends this summer that'll be more Melodeath based. A good friend of mine, who has followed Prometheus Rising since the beginning, has always wanted to record some metal style music but due to certain limitations has never had the opportunity. He's more Melodeath influenced than I am but maybe there will be some Black Metal styled stuff thrown in the mix somewhere. Other than that, I've not really been a part of anything else, mostly through choice.

6. How often do you play live shows? and what is the reaction of the U.K.audience?

A: I played one gig in 2010. I found the audience to be very understanding of the reasons I wasn't on top of my game. But that was 3 years ago and I've not played live in any capacity since.

7. Let me talk about your life behind the bands. What would you like to doing in your free-time? What kind of music do you listen to beside Black Metal?

A: In my free time I usually play games. I prefer RPGs such as Skyrim and JRPGs. I also enjoy watching things like South Park, The Simpsons and American Dad. I've recently got into Anime and Manga too. I'm also heavily into body modification and have quite a few facial piercings, almost my entire neck tattooed and I had my ears surgically pointed to resemble elf ears.
Outside of Black metal I enjoy listening to Classic Rock and Metal such as Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Progressive music like Rush, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater etc and of course Death Metal. I also sometimes listen to hardcore, Straight Edge Hardcore, punk etc. I'm the sort of person that will listen to something if I like it, regardless of genre, though electronic, dance and pop music is usually hated by me.

8. Can you tell me something about your local scene? Which bands do you recommend for the fans? Do you like your scene?

A: The only bands I know that's still going from my local scene are Necrocest (Death Metal) and Fourth Autumn (Extreme metal). Other than that there are projects such as Gates of Carpathia, Order of Tepes, Coedwig Machen and Octohead (which all feature Fan).

9. What is the meaning of Black Metal for you? Are you into the old school or into the progressive kind of BM? What is your favorite bands?

A: Black Metal to me is freedom. Though Black Metal has certain 'compulsory' stylistic elements, it's a broad term that encompasses a lot of styles. I also like how most everyday people would not be able to listen to it so it makes the whole genre seem like a secret society if that makes sense. Either you get it or you don't. There's rarely any middle ground.
I like most kinds of Black Metal, from Venom, Celtic Frost and Bathory to Emperor, Darkthrone and Burzum. I also enjoy bands like Enslaved, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, right the way up to Xasthur, Lifelover and Happy Days. If something hits me the right way, I'll enjoy it regardless of genre.

10. What can the fans expect from you in the future? Any change in your music or any big things left to come from you?

A: Well lately I've been trying to focus releases into certain styles. The first three were a random collection of old-school, newer styled (like Immortal), symphonic and depressive.
I am releasing a split soon that's pretty raw Black Metal. Just waiting for the other band to finish up. Hopefully it'll be out in the summer. I'm also working on a standalone Prometheus Rising EP that won't be out until October at the earliest. That one will hopefully be self released with a run of 50 copies to begin with and maybe a tape run. It'll be a slight change in musical direction but not too drastic. I'm keeping it a closely guarded secret for now.

11. What releases are available at the moment? Reissue of your old recordings to come?
Thanks for your time, do you have anything else you would like to add?

A: At the moment I have 5 releases. There's Gospels of Hate which was my first EP released in April 2010, Cruel Britannia Demo which was released in June 2010, The Embrace of Night which is a full length released in April 2012, I Don't Give a Shit Demo which was released in November 2012 and Ex Oblivione which is a split with a band called Black Serpent Sun which was released last month.
The EP and the demos are available to download for free from my Bandcamp site: The Embrace of Night is available (I think it's still available) as a CD-R from Depressive Illusions. It's also available to download from my Bandcamp for £1.50. Ex Oblivione is available from Depressive Illusions as a CD-R or a tape (for around €6 I think) and is also available for download from mine or Black Serpent Sun's Bandcamp for £2.50.
Thanks for the opportunity for the interview and thanks to all that read it. Updates are posted on so be sure to follow. Thanks again.
1. Hail! Thank you for agreeing to this interview with Speed Slaughter.
First please give me a brief description of your band, and how you came to start out,
Ars Macabra started up 1999 from me and Nero Baratro our first bass player when we met working at some concert venues

A. we wrote our first demo "Iter in obscurities Mentis" and from there all the rest is from there it's all easily found on our biography

What influenced your sound and aspired you to create music.

A. I would say sound-wise we have always been influenced from death metal since the beginning if this sort of distinction can be made, anyway
as today I can find many productions from trash to death metal to even hard rock that can nail the sound exactly where a good black metal record with the right vibe can be obtained
The music creation is the natural consequence and outsourcing of our beliefs and interests of the occult and spiritual side of existence

2. What can you remember about that time? was a hard beginning or was everything easy? (finding members, the song creation process and playing Live et)

A. the hard part was more on the technical side and the relative experience we had as a band in the whole meaning of the word, we had a lot of raw material to put on music
and concepts to put on lyrics , members where coming and going since the "scene" was relatively more active and populated, the live scene was pathetic since then and seems not much have changed.

3. Have you undergone a lot of line-up changes?and what motivated you to continue the work?
A. yea, wasn't easy to always fit within Ars Macabra since for one reason or another our style,requests,and dedication wanted have been always tight and quite severe
for the average of the members who have come and gone .

4. How do you see the difference of the Black Metal scene then and now?

A. not that much , some cliches always repeat, I don't understand why there is this habit and insistence of call it "scene" there is no brother of metal and all that crap
everybody would stab you in the back in a blink of an eye with no problem so….

5. can you tell me about other projects your members are or have been involved in?

A. I am not involved in any other project I think i have enough material and possibilities within A.M.
for the other members I would let them tell you what are involved with I don't have much infos to be honest.

5.1. and can you tell me something about these bands?
A. One is Throne of Molok which is a good band where my bass player play guitar ,he is also involved with other projects "Beast of Torah" and "Sirrush"the singer is involved with a death metal project but I don't know that much about

6. How often do you play live shows? and what is the reaction of the Italian audience?

A. if you want to play ,honestly here Italy right now you got to go sometimes different stages of compromises and prostration where not even sometimeshumiliation unless you choose
shortcuts like paying to play or getting involved in some "mafia" circle of uninspired quite boring ppl club owners and local "promoters" that manage stagnating clubs and situation
which somebody have the guts to call it "scene" ….. I don't know…I am saying something is quite evident here in Italy and when you talk with words of "Italian audience" it makes me almost smile looks like we are in some fantasy context it sounds quite surreal…. especially when who attends shows are just friends ,relatives of band members or even just the other band members of the bill, I bet you know that.

7. Let me talk about your life behind the bands.What would you like to doing in your free-time? What kind of music do you listen to beside Black Metal?

A. I paint and do graphic works beside music as well as reading and listening all kind of stuff

8. Can you tell me something about your local scene? Which bands do you recommend for the fans? Do you like your scene ?
A. I am sorry but I don't have arguments about bands and scene , the concept of "fan" I think is quite immature and inappropriate if you want your art to be taken seriously
"fan" is something I confine for pop music or any other shallow mass phenomenon and trend , I am not for that.

9. What is the meaning of Black Metal for you? Are you into the old school or into the progressive kind of BM?What is your favorite bands?

A. I don't start or do what I do with asking me questions like that honestly,meanings are subjective and relatives is such a waste of time to declare such non-sense to me.
I like Venom,Celtic Frost and Mercyful Fate if that can be of indication, as well as Deathspell Omega ,Katharsis and many others that transmit a major vibe.

10. What can the fans expect from you in the future? any change in your music or any big things left to come from you?

11. What releases are available at the moment? reissue of your old recordings to come?
A. our latest CD "III" and few copies left of the "Nil Sine Deo" with the Greek band "Cosmic Ekpyrosis"

12. Final questions...
Does Black Metal have much history in your country?

A. I wouldn't say so may be a certain number of followers but rarely something genuine or original

12.1. I know of many bands, But do you follow any?
A. I got different CDs from some bands all of them have split up unfortunately

13. Do you know of the Beasts of Satan and what controversy they caused?

A. were basically a gang into bullying other kids that ended up into violent acts and killings, torture etc although they weren't acting with an intended and planned Satanic intent

14. What are your views on their actions?
A. my thought is that in the end that can be considered a consequence of a demonic energy disguised under the inexperience and approximation of some kids,sometimes that type of energies are channeled into many controversial actors, in order to be more effective and to remain completely hidden and low profile
If you can point the finger on something specific I think its easier to fight it, a lot of power of course comes from not be identifiable.

Thanks for your time, do you have anything else you would like to add?
A. Keep up the excellent work with the Zine ! Cheers
cheers. R.K

1. Hail! Thank you for agreeing to this interview with Speed Slaughter.
First please give me a brief description of your band, and how you came to start out,
What influenced your sound and aspired you to create music.

A. Hi, Immortal Empire is an atmospheric Black Metal band that started in 2002 as a solo project.
It all started with a load of incomplete recordings on cassette that were referred to to create alot of the demos that followed. The music then was rather simple with no production but very honest and apart from the basic grim/gothic intentions I had no direct influence.
All that I wanted to do was create something dark, atmospheric, a bit medieval to what most people now say is 'typically British sounding'. Alot of Hammer Horror films inspired the theme to the early recordings along with the usual Witchcraft, Vampirism, history and Occult. I have always been into literature such as H.P. Lovecraft, Poe, Baudelaire, Tolkien -to name just a few.
In 2008 I wanted to form a live version of Immortal Empire which took a couple of years to get off it's feet experimenting with different members and it wasn't until 2011 when we were able to start booking gigs.

2. What can you remember about that time? was a hard beginning or was everything easy?
(finding members, the song creation process and playing Live etc)

A. Being a solo DIY project is an easy job- recording when and how you like etc. I knew exactly what I wanted to achielve which took a couple of years to really understand and to harness my own ability - to learn as you go really. I had riffs that I had been playing for years but I soon found a personal favourite set of scales and progressions that seem to be ever fruitful. Digital home recording was the answer to everything in regards to creation and I love to experiment. I like to incorporate as much as I can into a track with stuff like synthetic soundscapes, samples and sound effects which luckily we have the technology to do the majority of it live aswel. Immortal Empire has a dark ambient side to it aswel which some people favour.
I was very hard to start the live version of Immortal Empire. There were absolutely no Black Metallers available anywhere nearby but I had interest from other extreme metallers from local bands who tried out. There was the lengthy processes of teaching the tracks, understanding peoples abilities to getting it together for rehearsals. There was little faith all round back then.The first Live gigs (2011) were awkward as we were experimenting with technology on and off stage and it's always difficult trying to explain what is required from a sound guy who has never heard of Black Metal like some here but yes technical issues and ill educated techs are the usual.

3. Have you undergone a lot of line-up changes?and what motivated you to continue the work?

A. Yes a few changes, it was either other bands commitments or just losing faith but because Immortal Empire had always been a solo project I still carried on dishing out the music and promoting constantly, if it didn't work out live it wasn't the end. Good writeups and a health demand for CD's always kept up morale. Now it is equally important being a live act as a solo project as we have all come together to become a tight band, we are good live and we have come a long way in the last couple of years each putting in as much effort as possible to get to this point and I am proud of the music and the live band.

4. How do you see the difference of the Black Metal scene then and now?

A. Locally there isn't a Black Metal scene, I don't think there ever was. There is occasionally Black Metal bands come to play but it was always a thing I had to read about.
To be honest I only started this band in 2002 and there hasn't been a significant change but there is still an increase in the old wave and new wave BM which is all rather good.

5. can you tell me about other projects your members are or have been involved in?
and can you tell me something about these bands?

A.We have all been in local bands together and also other bands. The other guys have had a band going a few years before and just before Immortal Empire I joined another band in Norway which is kind of on hold as we are all active in our own bands at the moment.

6. How often do you play live shows? and what is the reaction of the U.K.audience?

A. We get a fair amount of offers, not as much as what we would like but during the summer we get a few more opportunities and as gigs are usually unpaid now it gets hard so some we can't do but depending on our availability/ payment we'd do as many as inhumanly possible.
It is hard to get a decent gig with all BM bands nowadays. We have gigged with non-black metal bands where promoters just want to put on a mixed night for the sake of it but they normally lead to bad atmospheres and weird looks and in turn we don't feel it which is not good for anyone so we've started to say no to some gigs now just for that fact. We have fans all over so we need to bring/find decent bands so the atmosphere is good, we feel it and no one wastes money and time. We got a decent faithful bunch of fans that appear often and we get good writeups so we can't complain there. Like any band we do bad gigs normally due to some tech issue but our live sets are alot more vicious than the recordings and people like that in a show so yes it's generally a positive response.

7. Let me talk about your life behind the bands.What would you like to doing in your free-time? What kind of music do you listen to beside Black Metal?

A. I have always been obsessed with playing music and it takes up a hell of alot of time. I have a son who keeps me active and in the little time left I am researching history, literature, art. When it comes to listening to music, I am usually wound up by something so if it isn't Black Metal I either put on a relaxing CD like some ambient classical or female celtic, gothic folk soundtrack scores to anything seriously loud and aggressive
(80's-90's thrash, death). I have always put alot of effort into looking for music as there's so many bands and artists out there that people can't be bothered to find.

8. Can you tell me something about your local scene? Which bands do you recommend for the fans? Do you like your scene ?

A. There is a shit scene for us here, weird really because there are lots of
alternative/metallers and goths here but there's just the same shitty bands playing the same shitty places, nothing much from the dark genres.

9. What is the meaning of Black Metal for you? Are you into the old school or into the progressive kind of BM?What is your favorite bands?

A. Black Metal is an intelligent concept, it is a dark art, it is passionate, cold and good Black Metal is like an epic journey where you can isolate yourself and feel the atmospheres be it primal, celestial, gothic or unearthly. To me it gives atmospheres that no other genre is capable of reaching. There are so many bands I like though I never have had a favourite band or album. I listen to all types of BM from old school raw (Mayhem, Bathory, Burzum, Darkthrone etc, to modern wave symphonic and atmospheric (Hecate Enthroned, Theatres Des Vampires, Summoning, Kovenant. There are the older grim thrashy bands that are kind of Black Metal like Possessed and Desaster which I like alot too. I've found some good tracks from obscure named European slavic pagan folk bands and also the bands that entered other territories like Dargaard with an ambient side.

10. What can the fans expect from you in the future? any change in your music or any big things left to come from you?

A. There is the new EP / mini album Immortal Reign which has just been mastered and just waiting for the artwork to be finished. I have laid down some basics for another release maybe at the end of the year. We have gigged for a while without a keyboard player and now we have a guy in rehearsals so at some point soon the live sets will be enhanced there.

11. What releases are available at the moment? reissue of your old recordings to come?

A. The 2013 EP Immortal Reign is available to order. The previous release -Within The Sign Of A Bestial Moon is available which is a mixture of unreleased and alternative versions of the tracks we play live. I have promo copies of The Division Of Empires and The Hammer Of Witches, there are several older demos that can be reproduced but all down to funds at the time. There is a limited number of 50 cassette tapes of The Hammer Of Witches which includes some other old rarities all remastered which is soon available from Plague Devastation which I really recomend as a piece of Immortal Empire history.

Thanks for your time, do you have anything else you would like to add?
cheers. R.K

Thanks very much for the interview, for supporting and being part of the UK underground scene. Hopefully see as many of you as possible about in the year. There are some free downloads on the Immortal Empire reverbnation page if anyone wants to check em out and keep an eye on the facebook page for our upcoming gigs starting in May!

- Interview with Armand of the band Plagues of Rhyzyktus by Jack the Rapper.

- Hello Armand, thank you for your time to fill in this interview for the SpeedSlaughter magazine.

No problem. Thanks for the interview and for taking the time to check out the band.

- Can you introduce the Plagues of Rhyzyktus bandmembers to us? And what instruments do they play?

Currently, it is just me handling all vocals and instruments in the studio. I've been trying to get a line-up to do live shows with no luck so far.
My long time friend and partner in crime, Diego Angee, is responsible for recording and producing the music, and he's basically in the band as the
producer. In time, he'll probably play either rhythm guitar or bass and take a more active role in the band.

- Can you tell me how the band Plagues of Rhyzyktus was formed, and where?

Plagues Of Rhyzyktus was formed in December 2008 in Wake Island, Florida. I was doing vocals and guitars while a friend of mine, Chris, was
playing drums. In 5 months, we had the songs properly rehearsed to record the demo. Unfortunately, it turned out that Chris was addicted to heroin
and had to go to rehab. After completing rehab, he became a born again christian and wanted nothing to do with metal music. I also had recording
obligations for my other band at the time, Evil Throne, and that also postponed the demo. Since then, I relocated back to Miami and it has basically
been a one man project up to now.

- What kind of bands inspired you to become a musician and start a band yourself?

Thrash was my main influence when I first got into music, but with time I wanted something more intense and found that upon discovering death metal
and black metal. The speed, intensity, and rage had me instantly hooked. It would take forever to name the bands I like, but my main influences are
bands like Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, Myrkskog, Zyklon, Dark Funeral, Suffocation, Marduk, Sinister, Belphegor, Crucifixion (US), early Hypocrisy,
Incantation, Nile, Immolation, and Dismember.

- Is there a lot of interest from (death) metal fans in your band? Or from other magazines or labels?

Both the death metal and black metal scenes are pretty dead in Miami. It's a shame, too. There are quite a few good bands down here that people are
missing out on. Plus, most U.S. labels refuse to sign acts that haven't already played live or toured out of their respective hometowns, which doesn't
help matters much.

- What are your releases so far? I only know the re-released split album The Aura of Purified Hatred,
with Tenebastulum that has been released by SpeedSlaughter productions in 2012.

The Aura Of Purified Hatred split that was done back in 2010 is the only release we have done at the moment. It was done as a split to give the fans
two band demos in one disc. It went out of print for a while, but thankfully Speed Slaughter productions re-issued it, which is great.

- How are the responses to that release so far?

Responses from just about everyone who's heard the split have been positive so far, and people can't wait for me to secure a line-up to tear shit up
live. They also like the fact that there's one half that's brutal fast death metal and a second half that's raw black metal.

- You are currently at SpeedSlaughter Productions, how is your experience with us so far?

So far, the relationship has been a positive one. Jack has been great to work with from the get-go. No "read between the lines", no getting ripped
off in the end. More record labels should follow SpeedSlaughter's example and stop trying to fuck over bands that just want to have their music heard
by other metalheads.

- I like Tenebastulum as well. Can you tell something about Tenebastulum?

The ironic thing about Tenebastulum was that it initially was never meant to be taken seriously. The band was actually formed as a joke in 2003 under
the name Khaoz. I was doing vocals and guitar while my brother did drums and vocals. The year after, we changed the name to Tenebastulum and went on
hiatus until we could come up with serious music. In 2009, I resurrected the band alone and recorded 3 songs for the split.

- Will Tenebastulum reunite maybe in future?

Right now, I'm also playing in another black metal band called Belzeth. Since both bands sound kind of similar, I feel it'd be much easier to just
focus on Belzeth right now. Although this leaves another resurrection of Tenebastulum highly unlikely, only time can tell on the matter.

- But back to Plagues of Rhyzyktus... You are busy recording the debut full length at the moment.
How is the recording and writing process going? Is it different than when you were recording the split album?

The riff writing process began and ended in 2005, actually. Writing the music is usually the easiest part for me. I orignally wrote music for 17 songs,
and kept what I felt were the 8 strongest ones. In 2006, I had most of the the lyrics ready to go. It was also meant to be for another death metal band
I was in during that time. However, that band split up in 2008, and then I simply used those songs as a template for Plagues Of Rhyzyktus.

The only real difference in recording the full-length is the equalization of the guitars and bass. I think I've managed to create a clearer yet heavier
sound for this upcoming release. Other than that, the recording process has been very similar thus far.

- Do you have a title for the debut full length already? And will there be a promo video for it?

The album will be called The Decimation Of Ethereal Mendacity. The concept of the title track deals with how religious nut-jobs constantly try making
everyone's time on Earth, including their own, as miserable as possible in a desperate attempt to validate their beliefs in some bullshit mythical
paradise. At the moment, I haven't made any plan for a promo video, but we'll see what happens with that soon.

- Have you done live shows maybe? If so, where did you guys play already and with what bands?

Since I'm the only one in the band, it's impossible for me to do live shows at this time. I'm hoping that this is a problem that gets solved in the
near future.

- Do you guys have a (mini) tour planned maybe when your debut full length is released?

We were offered a gig for November, but again, that's assuming that I find reliable people who can handle the music. If I do a tour, it'd probably be
around that time. I'd probably keep it close to home for the moment and then branch out to other states and countries in due time.

- Where and with what bands would you like to play a live show?

If possible, I'd do it with other underground local acts to show the world that death metal and black metal is far from dead in Miami. None of that
trendy pseudo-emo deathcore bullshit. Just bands that make you want to get up and kill people. I'd be honored if I could get a line-up and share the
stage with bands like The Glorious Death, Death Crowned King, Blowtorch Sodomy, The Hackish, Sinistre Division, and Nuclear Infantry.

- How is the metal scene like, in the area you live in?

This is just my opinion on the matter. You can feel free to kill me later, haha...

The Miami metal scene is a double-edged sword, to be honest. As with any scene, there are both good and bad elements. On one hand, there's these emo posers
that believe something is metal just because a clerk at Hot Topic told them so. Their idea of heavy music are generally trendy mall bands like Avenged
Sevenfold or Whitechapel, and dare I say it, are often a cancer to the underground metal scene. On the other hand, there are still some purists out there,
and those are the true diehard metalheads. Those are the people that look outside the box and seek music that is obscure and noncommercial, which is what
helps keep any form of underground music alive.

- What do you think of the current metal scene? Bands you like and dislike?

I utterly despise the deathcore trend and I hated the nu-metal trend just as much. One genre involves 10,000 emo kids ripping off Suicide Silence while the
other one involved 10,000 wiggers ripping off Korn. I also hate bands that dubiously label themselves to promote their music, ie. a band says they play brutal
technical death metal when it's really just deathcore.

- What bands do you like to see live yourself and to hear?

I recently got to see Marduk and Inquisition, and both bands fucking ruled live. I would love to see Myrkskog and Sinister live one day.

- What are your favorite movies or tv shows? (I like the Walking Dead a lot)

Some of my favorite movies are The Evil Dead Trilogy (fuck the remake!), The Alien Quadrulogy, The Exorcist, Hellraiser 1 & 2, Silence Of The Lambs, Confessions
Of A Serial Killer, Robocop 1 & 2, Total Recall (again, fuck the shitty remake!), The Usual Suspects, and Scarface, among others. My favorite shows (when I
actually have time to watch TV) are 1,000 Ways To Die, Aqua Teen, Metalocalypse, American Dad, Bellator MMA, Vikings, and Married With Children, among others. I
also like just about anything on the History channel, especially when there's a World War II marathon of some kind. When all fails, anything featuring Tera
Patrick would do, haha.

- Where can metalfans buy your album, or other merchandise?

The Aura Of Prufied Hatred can be purchased here:

In time, I will also make t-shirts and stickers for the band as well.

- Where can people listen to your music (add links)?

People can listen to and follow Plagues Of Rhyzyktus on these sites:

- Any last words to the readers and people you know?

For those who have never heard of Plagues Of Rhyzyktus, I hope that this interview has given a greater degree of insight to this band and what it represents.
Check out the links and prepare for a pure death metal onslaught. For those of you that are already fans of the music, I would like to thank all of you once
again for your kind praise and support. You guys fucking rule. Stay brutal and fuck the white light hypocrisies.

Don't forget to purchase a copy of our split with Tenebastulum, and that our debut album, The Decimation Of Ethereal Mendacity, will be out soon. Keep supporting
underground metal music. m/

- This was the interview, thank you and all the best to you as persons and with Plagues of Rhyzyktus!

Thanks again for the interest and support.
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Instead of a interview with a band, it is, and was about time for a interview with a artist, who creates really amazing artwork:.imp!

Hello Kris and thank you very much for your time, to do this interview with me.
Can you tell me, when did you start drawing/painting and became a professional artist?

I started drawing at a very early age. In the beginning I created my own comic books until 1993 when I got an offer to paint an LP cover for a local band ( Ancient Rites ). One year later I got an offer from Osmose Productions from France to paint the covers for Marduk and Absu. That was the start of my carreer as a CD cover designer.

Who inspired you to make drawings/paintings?

Not anyone in particular. I always loved to read my fathers comics when I was young and I loved watching fantasy and science fiction movies. Then one day I saw Conan the Barbarian at the movie theatre and I wanted to recreate the world from that movie somehow. Back then you couldn’t watch a movie on DVD again, so I tried to capture the feeling in the only way that was possible at the time. Since then I never stopped trying to create these fantasy worlds…

Your artwork is very great and very professional.
How is the process going?

I always listen to the music on repeat and read the lyrics while I’m working on a composition for a CD cover. I want to create an artwork that is a visual representation of the atmosphere of an album. Then I start making rough sketches of ideas that come into my mind. Some of these are sent to the bands and then they choose what they like the most. When I’ve found a composition that everyone likes, I start painting the detailed artwork. I usually work with acrylics and water mixable oils. When the art is finished, I make scans and send the files to the bands for use on the cover and merchandise…

Do bands or recordlabels decide how the artwork has to be? Or are you free to create what you want?

It depends. Sometimes they tell me exactly what they want, but sometimes I’m free. Often the most known bands and the biggest labels give me the most freedom. Small bands and labels are usually the most difficult…

How do you decide what to draw/paint?

I let the music influence me and try to create something that I haven’t seen before. It’s not so easy considering the amount of art that is being created these days. Originality is difficult… everything seems to exist already.

Are there special techniques you use for the drawing/painting?

I used to work with airbrush, but the past ten years I’ve worked only with acrylics and water mixable oils.

What kind of bands or labels hired you so far, to create the artwork for?
(Thyrfing, Manegarm, Absu, Lord Belial to name a few?)

The list is a bit too long to mention them all, I’m afraid. I’ve worked for most big metal labels by now. Sometimes it’s the bands who contact me, sometimes it’s the label.

How long does it take to create a drawing/painting, that`s supposed to be used as albumcover art?

Sometimes only a few weeks, but sometimes 6 months or even a year. That’s because I’m always working on several artworks at the same time. It depends on the deadlines

What is your favorite drawing/painting by your own hand, to your opinion, and why?

I don’t really have any favourites. I believe that I still have to make my best painting. I do enjoy some more because of other reasons. The subject, or the story behind them… I’m still very fond of my early works because I can still remember painting them so well.

How do bands or labels hire you?

Word of mouth or through the internet. They write me a mail and then I get back to them. I ask about the concept, deadline, etc…

Do you know other artists, as like Dan Seagrave, Edward J. Repka or Christopher Moyen?

Yes, I’m very much aware of other artists. I’m in contact with many of them through facebook. I even share the same day of birth with Dan Seagrave. We are exactly the same age…

Vikings and barbarians are a inspiration, but do you draw/paint other things too?

Yes, of course. As long as it doesn’t remind me of the modern world, it’s all ok for me!

Do you like to listen to metal music, if not, what music do you like?

Yes, I’ve always listened to metal. I also love movie soundtracks and some classical music.

What movies do you like to watch?

Of course, Conan the Barbarian is my favourite one, but I enjoy most fantasy and historical epics. I also love science fiction, etc… Escapism for the most part.

Any links to your site(s) so people can see what you create?

Last words to the readers and other things you want to say?

Thanks everyone for your interest in my artworks!

Thanks again for your time Kris, all the best in the future!

Jack the Rapper

Interview with Lord Forneus of Grimsvotn

1. Hail! Thank you for agreeing to this interview with Speed Slaughter.
First please give me a brief description of your band, and how you came to start out,
What influenced your sound and aspired you to create music.

A. Hails.Thanks for the chance to spread our message.I, (Lord Forneus), am involved in the band Grimsvotn.I have many projects but this is the main focus.The project began in mind at least many years ago..Solidly from about 2005-2006.In 2008 I was finally able to begin writing for the project,although no recordings for this project took place until 2011.I wanted to feed my hate to the masses after years of experimenting in various genres.
I am influenced by the cold,Winters,the snows..Depression,mental health issues..many dark things come together to form my art.

2. What can you remember about that time? was it a hard beginning or was everything easy? (finding members, the song creation process and playing Live etc)

A. It took me a long time to gather equipment & experience,i have always felt & worked better alone and this came to be at the right time.Due to distances it is hard to rehearse which has delayed our live rituals.Songs are written by myself but we will create as a unit when the second album is ready to be recorded.

3. Have you undergone a lot of line-up changes?and what motivated you to continue the work?

A. We had some people involved through Winter Forest Industries,but they quit to continue their own projects as Grimsvotn became more 'known'.The 2011 onwards line-up was put together for live rituals and future releases by myself.We have a core line-up but it has not been rehearsed enough as yet.
I continue to work at this because i wnat to spread our art,our message.We want the UK to have a great scene & we know of many great bands out there.But hopefully we can push things further.

4. How do you see the difference of the Black Metal scene then and now?

A. I suppose back then there was still alot of good bands in the UK scene.And i am talking of the underground,nasty kind of Black Metal we lack these days.We are trying not to be elitist in pursuit of awaking this beast of a scene,but to inspire the scene to become filthy & awaken the spirit of old Black Metal.

5. can you tell me about other projects your members are or have been involved in?
and can you tell me something about these bands?

A. Well my core band are all in various projects but share a main one,Baalberith of the UK.They are very well produced which is something normally i dont enjoy,but i think they invoke a unique atmosphere,with excellent musicianship,again this is personally something i dont care for in my own projects but they bring an nice mix of genres into great sound of Black Metal.For now this is all i wll say.I have other members that have been involved but they wish no part in this exposure.

6. How often do you play live shows? and what is the reaction of the U.K.audience?

A. As yet we are unable to keep a date for a live ritual.Our first show was to be a mini festival by the label whom released our only full length album to date.But 3 venues rejected after it was pointed out Baalberith & Grimsvotn were on the bill.They were concerned for their establishments..

7. Let me talk about your life behind the bands.What would you like to doing in your free-time? What kind of music do you listen to beside Black Metal?

A. I only work on music,its all ive done for years.I hardly see any other humans apart from lately when i take up cycling.I enjoy weed and have started cycling rather than always walking in the countryside.I can cover further distances to enjoy the nature,the land and some fine smoking.
Musically i have incredible wide taste,ill list some genres form top of my,Death Metal,Doom,Grind,Old Skool Heavy Metal,Rock,Dark Ambient,Classical,Neo Folk,Drum n Bass,Jungle,Trip Hop,Old Skool Hip Hop,Noise,Speedcore,Dubstep...i can go on,also i have touched on many of these genres in my various projects.

8. Can you tell me something about your local scene? Which bands do you recommend for the fans? Do you like your scene ?

A. Local scene is none existant.I recently discovered a decent Doom band,Edenfall, listed as being from my hometown.But theres NOTHING else.But that said,there are great bands in the UK scene.I believe that as i mentioned Baalberith (Newark) are doing a great job.Other bands i would consider doing good work are Mørktår (London/Bergen),Lykankult (West Country),Written In Torment(Yorkshire),Emit/Hammemit(fuck knows..).Old Forest..Off the top of my head thats a list..and i cannot think of anymore at this time but im sure i have forgotten at least one...

9. What is the meaning of Black Metal for you? Are you into the old school or into the progressive kind of BM?What is your favorite bands?

A. I have personal meanings of Black Metal i will not discuss,but i will say this.The feeling it invokes within me is incredibly special,notably from the Norwegian & French/French Canadian bands.These scenes are fucking incredible,the atmosphere they create is just magikally dark.I like many aspects of Black Metal,i find the genre so varied.Again a list on the spot...Norwegian bands of course,Mayhem,Darkthrone,old Emperor,Burzum.Ildjarn is very special music.The French scenes,Les Legions Noire..Frech Canadian bands,from the Ross Bay Kult to Forteresse,to Akitsa...Then,well,theres just so much..Xasthur,older Urfaust,Lifelover,Paysage D'hiver..i could go on & on..

10. What can the fans expect from you in the future? any change in your music or any big things left to come from you?

A. We are currently finishing a new demo,feature length.It will feature Pr.Sergiy (Moloch) on 2 vocals,im not sure if he is recording bass for it still or not.Also,the mastermind behind Glorious North Productions (UK) contributed a spoken word track for this piece.its well over an hour long,i believe it will be handled by Nihil Interit Records (France) again on request of the label after they released the first part of a current trilogy,The Evening Twilight.The second part should be coming out soon & part 3 will follow also.This has had a new track recorded for it and has been remixed after the label chosen pulled out of releasing it.It will now be handled by our Ukrainian brothers at Depressive Illusions Records.Live rituals are still in the pipeline but will be a big deal when they come.

11. What releases are available at the moment? reissue of your old recordings to come?

A. As mentioned,The Evening Twilight is available in an excellent A5 digipak via Nihil Interit Records of France.This release is part 1 of a trilogy.The subject matter concerns one mans fall into depression,mental illness,isolation & unltimately suicide.Parts 2 & 3 will follow in the course fo this year.And the feature length demo featuring contirbutions from Moloch member will also be out in the next few months in lavish packaging again at Nihil Interit.
There will be no more re-issuing at this time.We are contriuting all new material & there wont be any more material until a new,second album is written by the full lineup.This will be followed by live shows but is unlikely to be this year.

Thanks for your time, do you have anything else you would like to add?
cheers. R.K

A. We have a facefuck page at Major announcements and links to free music are always here.
Thank you for the oppertunity.LF
1. Hail! Thank you for agreeing to this interview with Speed Slaughter.
First please give me a brief description of your band, and how you came to start out,
What influenced your sound and aspired you to create music.

A. My band is called Mørktår (pronounced Murk-tawr) and means 'dark year' in Norwegian. It started as a solo project. I was listening to a lot of metal from the 70's, 80's and 90's, so that inspired the sound and creation.

2. What can you remember about that time? was a hard beginning or was everything easy? (finding members, the song creation process and playing Live etc)

A. It was difficult and still is today, I'm not going to lie about something like that. I had a broken drum machine and a shitty guitar amp, but that's what made it in the first place. It was difficult to find a drummer in the first place where I was living and able to travel. I was offered gigs at the time, but we had only been practicing for about 2 months.

3. Have you undergone a lot of line-up changes?and what motivated you to continue the work?

A. I have had some line-up changes, the first drummer I found was an amateur, we had personal and musical differences so I decided to take Mørktår as solo again. I then relocated to London where I was able to find more beings like myself, so I had Vordhr on drums who went to join another band. When he was in the band, I took on Morrigan as bassist and we managed to play the first Mørktår gig after 6 years of the bands existence. After Vordhr left I hired Sinmara on drums. I am on the guitar and vox.

4. How do you see the difference of the Black Metal scene then and now?

A. I see loads of posers and yuppies who are in it for the image and to try to commercialize it.

5. can you tell me about other projects your members are or have been involved in?
and can you tell me something about these bands?

A. Morrigan and Sinmara are not in any other bands.

6. How often do you play live shows? and what is the reaction of the U.K.audience?

A. I am currently arranging gigs for the band now. The first and only time we played, what was the reaction? No-one left the hall and we had good comments from the audience after.

7. Let me talk about your life behind the bands.What would you like to doing in your free-time? What kind of music do you listen to beside Black Metal?

A. Drinking and listening to music. I also listen to some other genres of metal, but not very often.

8. Can you tell me something about your local scene? Which bands do you recommend for the fans? Do you like your scene ?

A. The local scene is made of 2 types, very few real metallers and more fakes. I will only recommend those who I have mentioned before in an interview-Grimsvotn, Baalberith and Virophage.

9. What is the meaning of Black Metal for you? Are you into the old school or into the progressive kind of BM?What is your favorite bands?

A. It is my release from my mental torture and life. It is me saying that human beings are worthless, unreliable and greedy- my hatred. I don't care when the BM is from, so long as it is real and not fake.

10. What can the fans expect from you in the future? any change in your music or any big things left to come from you?

A. We are arranging gigs right now and working on an E.P.

11. What releases are available at the moment? reissue of your old recordings to come?

A. Ask Salute Records.

12. Thanks for your time, do you have anything else you would like to add?

A. Not really.

cheers. R.K

Interview Vent d'Automne.

Hi Souvik, thank you for your time to do this interview with me.

Vent d'Automne is French.. What does it mean?
ans) vent d'automne is french for 'autumn's wind'

Tell me and the readers about the line up in Vent d'Automne, if you want.
ans) i (svartblod) do vocals,lyrics,drum programming,synths and occassional guitars while lysetdod does guitars

How and when did you start this band?
ans) me and lysetdod started this band in july 2012

Who, or what bands, inspired you to start a band yourself?
ans) bands such as alcest,lantlos,soliness,netra,amesoeurs,hypomanie,sun devoured earth etc inspired us to make this band,mostly the post black metal scene, even some ambient bands like stellardrone inspired us too..

How would you describe the music that you create?
ans) we describe our music as experimental rawgaze, its like a mixture of raw black metal,shoegaze and other genres like ambient etc..

With what subjects do we deal with, when we listen to Vent d'Automne?
ans) we deal with mostly urban depression,filthy city life,the hardships people have to face in urban society, a feeling of isolation amidst the crowd,the loneliness etc..

What are your releases so far?
ans) we have released an ep called 'everything is fading away...' on russian label cvlminis on august 2012, and we have also recently released a split album with 3 other bands on french label le crepuscule du soir

Did you play live already with Vent d'Automne?
ans) no,we dont play live..

How are the responses of magazines and people, that listen to Vent d'Automne, so far?
ans) well the reviews and responses are quite good, and so our ep has been uploaded on many metal blogsites by listeners and fans, we r really happy with the response and we hope to improve a lot in our next ep..

Vent d'Automne is from India, I never heard a release of a metalband from India before.
I also don`t know a thing about the metalscene over there, so how is the metal scene in your country
and is beer from India good? Name some brands I should try, if you want.
ans) we both dont concern ourselves with other bands and the overall 'scene' here, we are very isolated from the rest of the scene and about the beer...hmm well no comments..haha

Is it hard to find a proper recordlabel there, or play live shows in clubs?
ans) its very hard to find a proper record label here for metal,especially for black metal, some of the labels i hv heard support mostly rdio friendly bands and genres...

Are there upcoming releases in the nearby future of Vent d'Automne?
ans) we would probably start work on the 2nd ep of vent d'automne in december this year and we would release it next year in feb or march ...most probably if things work out the way we want it to...

What are the future plans with Vent d'Automne?
ans) we wana make music, good music, we wana improve and learn a lot in future,our debut was kinda lo-fi,we are not saying that its bad,we wana keep that essence alive but we also wana add a lot of complexities in our music too, we dont wana sound like 'just another blackgaze band' , we wana be different, we would work hard..

Do you play in other bands? If so, in what bands, and can you tell something about those bands?
ans) currently i work also in krayl,the end,mistet fjell,valtiel,vanyar and de l'enfer, i used to work in spirit in eteral pain,lobotomical abstract torture and cassiopeia..

What are your favorite bands and what kind(s) of music do you like to listen to?
ans) i like mostly black metal, mostly all sub-genres, i like raw stuff like torgeist,darvulia etc and also trippy stuff like velvet cacoon,vernen,clair cassis etc, i also like electronica and ambient, downtempo stuff like massive attack,kruder and dorfmeister etc,i like goregrind ad brutal death metal too, i love western classical too like mozart, beethoven and also new age stuff like enya,my choice of music is varied...

What are your favorite movies or tv-series?
ans) my favorite movie of all time is artificla intelligence by steven spielberg, i also love the truman show by peter weir and lots of other types of movies in many genres mostly sci-fi,horror,fantasy etc, my favorite tv series are dexter and the x files

Is there merchandise available of Vent d'Automne? And where can people buy it from, if so?
ans) there are no merchandise available anywhere for now..

Links to your bands, so people can listen to your music :

Anything you want to say to the readers?
ans) i dont have anything else to say, thank you for the interview

I wish you all the best and good luck in life, thanks again for doing this interview with me.

Jack the Rapper.

1. Hail! Thankyou for agreeing to this interview with Speed Slaughter.
First please give me a brief description of your band, and how you came to start out,
What influenced your sound and aspired you to create music.

A. Thanks to you, I am honored that my first interview is via Speed Slaughter.
I had long been wanting to do a project like Rotten Light. My first attempt was with a band called "Life is My Prison... Death Is the escape" in 2010. Due to various problems, the band split up and two years later I started Rotten Light, my personal project.
As a DSBM project my influences are a lot of life experiences, the two depressions for which I have passed, nightmares and alcohol.
Musically, my influences are bands like Pyschonaut 4, Hypothermia, Suicidal Nihilism or Burzum.

2. What can you remember about that time? was a hard beginning or was everything easy? (finding members, the song creation process and playing Live et)

A. All beginnings are hard. I have not bothered to find members for Rotten Light, I prefer to have full creative control in my project, this is how I express myself and I need everything to be tailored for me.

3. Have you undergone a lot of line-up changes?and what motivated you to continue the work?

A. The advantage of having a personal project is you do not have to worry about having other members.
The problems in life never end and I'm still going through very hard moments. For me, Rotten Light is a therapy for everything that goes wrong. I need to make music to feel good.

4. How do you see the difference of the Black Metal scene then and now?
A. Like any genre of music, Black Metal has evolved and unlike what many people think, that's very good. When something does not evolve is destined to die.

5. can you tell me about other projects your members are or have been involved in?
and can you tell me something about these bands?

A. I live for music and live music through me
The session guitarist Diego Di Romein and I have a project called Occasum Solis that we formed a year ago and with that we're going to release a demo soon.
My other projects are 2003 VB16 (Drone), Grimmist and Nocturnal Graveland (Both Black Metal) and Silence In The Woods (Ambiant Black Metal)

6. How often do you play live shows? and what is the reaction of the Spanish audience?
A. I have not played live yet, I'll try to find some session musicians when I release the next work... I do not know what reaction may take people in Spain to something like a DSBM project, they are not used to something like that.

7. Let me talk about your life behind the bands. What would you like to do in your free-time? What kind of music do you listen to beside Black Metal?

A. My life is not really at all interesting, actually the last few months I live my life with total normality, and sometimes I spend time with a few friends, I also sometimes drink alone... I cannot say I have a really interesting life.
I enjoy a lot of Classical Music; some of my favorite composers are Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, and Beethoven...
Obviously I also listen to other metal genres, like Doom Metal, Atmospheric Metal, Post-Metal and even Hard Rock.

8. Can you tell me something about your local scene? Which bands do you recommend for the fans? Do you like your scene?

A. Unfortunately, the local scene in my city does not have great bands... I can name only a few worthwhile: Arcanima (Heavy Metal) Drinkhorn (Folk Metal) Diego Di Romein (Melodic Death Metal) and Black Forest (Black Metal). Of All these bands, only Black Forest has published material.

9. What is the meaning of Black Metal for you? Are you into the old school or into the progressive kind of BM? What is your favorite bands?

A. Since I discovered Black Metal it has become a fundamental part of my life. My favorite bands are both old school and modern. I can name a few as Lux Occulta, Armagedda, Svartidauði, Wormlust, TeitanBlood or Lifelover.

10. What can the fans expect from you in the future? Any change in your music or any big things left to come from you?

A. I have a lot of material written and it will be a long time until I run out of ideas. I have a lot of released planned (Full Length and Splits) I'm experimenting with the writing process... So there will be changes in some songs.

11. What releases are available at the moment? Reissue of your old recordings to come?

A. At the moment I have published the first demo "My Nocturnal March" and a split with Pestilent Desolation "Slaves of Depressive Pain" both releases are available for free download

Thanks for your time, do you have anything else you would like to add?

A. Thank you for this interview, Razakel, and thanks for all the fans for the support, it means a lot for me.
Stay tuned, get drunk, kill yourself.

cheers. R.K
1. Hail! Thankyou for agreeing to this interview with Speed Slaughter.
First please give me a brief description of your band, and how you came to start out,
What influenced your sound and aspired you to create music.

A. Hil! My band called Controversy Of Doom,where "of" means "with",you know?
We are from Dolgoprudny,which lies near Moscow. Our specific genre sounds like mix of technical death,melodic death and... groove metal. We called it "melodic groove metal". The band was founded at september 2012. I had just finished the previous project called "Svoboda Slova" ("Freedom Of Speech" in English) where i played some easy and not interesting for me punk/hard rock. I don't know somebody or something definited,that made me compose and play music which we play now,cause my favourite bands are Woods Of Ypres,Pantera and Satana Kozel,but i've listened too much bands in my life and i think that this infernal mix might be the cause our band's sound .

2. What can you remember about that time? was a hard beginning or was everything easy? (finding members, the song creation process and playing Live et)

A. Oh... We are now in "that time",nevertheless the beginning was fun but unproductive. We played with drummer Kirill Goncharov and guitarist Dmitry Frolov,but because of some arguements between us he dismissed from band's membership. The most difficult thing was to find interested drummer and bass player who would have enough abilities to play our music. We have enough material for an album,but it needs conforming record's quality. I try to attain the imaginary sound with my laptop,but of course it would be very difficult. In ideal variant we need a label which could support exactly our recording in a qualified studio,cause for an unlabeled musicians recording in Russia is more than just expensive. In the end,because of absence of musicians we couldn't play live... But recently we've founded session drummer and bass player and i let me say that everything would be great and we would satisfy our fans desire to see us on scene in near future.

3. Have you undergone a lot of line-up changes? And what motivated you to continue the work?

A. Yeah,of course. We changed drummer,two bass players and one vocalist. Before march 2013 it was very difficult for us to play,sometimes we loosed our faith... But something changed - we've decided to take ourselves in hand and everything becomes great,so now we are confident in our abilities,recording of demos is around the middle of process. We don't need motivations - we do it only because we can't live without it.

4. How do you see the difference of the Groove/Melodic deathmetal scenes then and now?

A. I can't say precisely,but i think that then musicians put their feelings into melodies. But now popular bands on melodic death/groove metal scene are old bands like Amon Amarth and Lamb Of God... New unknown musicians have many troubles to become popular,so the scene crashes. Now your popularity grows if you prefer to play "zeros" on 8/10-strings instead of putting soul in their music.

5. can you tell me about other projects your members are or have been involved in?
and can you tell me something about these bands?

A. My first project had name "R.G.D.". As the name of grenade you now? We had sound like Paranoid of Black Sabbath and Ogon'ki of Lyapis Trubetskoy... Before i closed it R.G.D. had become another two-man band,but we even played two or three concerts with midi-drums in our town. We was very funny that time,but now we are not haha. Later R.G.D. became "Svoboda Slova" and then Controversy Of Doom. Our guitatarist Dmitry Frolov before CoD was in band called H.O.N.R.O. where they played some alternative metal... But he had decided that he doesn't interested in this genre and left H.O.N.R.O.... Then i met him and requested to play with us. So all our previous projects are gone. But at the end of April 2013 i had became acquainted with Baalberith frontman Razakel Krieg and we founded Doom/black metal band called Manufacturing The Rust. This band is active now,but it's just an internet project,which means that we only record music,but don't play it.

6. How often do you play live shows? and what is the reaction of the Russian audience?

A. This answer would be the smallest here. As i said above we can't play live shows but we are prepare to do that. Because of abscence of live shows i can't tell you about the reaction.

7. Let me talk about your life behind the bands.What would you like to doing in your free-time? What kind of music do you listen to beside Death/Melodic deathmetal?

A. In my free time i study at school *haha*,engage in our local gym or hang out somewhere with Dmitry. And of course i practise on my guitar. If i don't play with band in certain time after 3 p.m. 80% that i sit in my room and jam. I listen very different kinds of music from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Pride & Glory to Thy Light and Woods of Ypres. So i listen to music that i need to.

8. Can you tell me something about your local scene? Which bands do you recommend for the fans? Do you like your scene ?

A. In our town scene mostly contains different pop/alternative rock bands. But if you want to listen something really good i can recommend you to try Satana Kozel (pagan),Shturm (melodic death),Angedonia Nigila (black metal). I don't hear,only read, about our city's scene,but i'd prefer something more aggressive.

9. What is the meaning of Technical death/Melodic deathmetal for you? Are you into the old school or into the progressive styles? What is your favorite bands?

A. Melodic death and technical death metal are genres of melodies and feelings in my opinion. Only here you can find difficult rhythms and solos mixed with beautiful themes and exotic for metal instruments like violins/fluets etc. This music is my energy,my mood,my life. I'm old school boy to the marrow of my bones. More than anything else i hate today's core genre. Of course there're many exceptions. But when i see young guys who's appearance is like even younger girls,when i see their identical style of cloth,tattoos and especially music i understand that it is very badly. People loose themselves i think. I don't understand music where you have 8/10-strings guitar but play only zeros... My favourite bands are Woods of Ypres,SatanaKozel and Pantera.

10. What can the fans expect from you in the future? any change in your music or any big things left to come from you?

A. We are in the middle of recording an demo album,but maybe it would become full valued debut album. This would be a big thing. It will come out this end of summer/beginning of autumn. Also we are prepair to the concert,but talk about tour dates is senselessly without an album.

11. What releases are available at the moment [if any]?

A. Now people can only check out some videos on youtube. This collection would increase from time to time. But we haven't got any singles/EP/LP etc. because of abscence of enough money or label which could support our recording materially.

Thanks for your time, do you have anything else you would like to add?
cheers. R.K

A. Thanks for you,Razakel! I can only wish a good luck to young musicians including us.

Zavod Interview With Johan Sannestedt (guitar/synth).
July 28, 2013 at 10:04pm
Zavod Interview With Johan Sannestedt (guitar/synth).

1. Hi guys, first i would just like to thank you for taking your time to do this interview with us. Could you give us a bit of a history lesson on the initial start and formation of Zavod?

Hi, the same to you! Zavod started as an idea in cirka 2004 maybe even 2003. It was always something we talked about when we meet. My brother and his friends were in a death metal band together and they had asked me for help recording 2 demos earlier. We developed an interest in doing something diffrent. Since i was making synth music and were all into thrash/black/death and all kinds of metal we thought it would be the ultimate industrial sound, a little bit harder and darker sounding. It wasnt until late 2005 when Konstantin called me and asked if we could do this. We recorded roll the dice and from that day on we just continued making the demo songs and record them in my small apartment with shit equipment but with a determined mind. Zavod was born and consisted of Peter, konstantin, brothers Tomas and Johan. From that time forward we been through alot, and zavod is a big part of our lives. Its more than a band for me anyways. We are a 3 piece now: Konstantin ,Tomas and me. And even though Konstantin is not our brother by blood he is our brother for life. Music or no music, zavod is in our blood. We all have a part of the machinery and it would be impossible to change members. If one goes there is no more zavod.

2. Is everybody in the band all into the same kind of music or is there different influences? If so does it help having different influences?

Well, very much when i think about it. And i think we have influenced each other with bands and genres also. We listen to all kinds of music from classic to black metal so we are not typical metalheads. People would be surprised if they knew what our iTunes playlists look like. Metal is our biggest love though!

3. What are the main influence's behind your music style and also lyrical subject matter?

We find influence in everything and we dont have a special subject that we always stick to. The next song could be about anything. Konstantin have some lyrics about life events some are just fiction. he likes cryptic lyrics also, sometimes me and my brother dont understand but thats awsome so you may interpret it the way you want! We like the lyrics to be mystic and dark. Like the music. Many times we have came up with a cool title and just write lyrics from there and the music aswell. Half of the songs on the album were made this way with only a title to begin with.

The influence to our music is a big russian abandoned factory in a postapocalyotic enviroment!

When it comes to musical influences i could mention : rammstein, depeche mode, satyricon, judas priest , immortal, tiamat , polish death metal and a lot more. I was hooked to synth combined with distorted Guitars since i heard Rebel yell with billy idol as a kid!

4. I've personally been a fan of Zavod (and also one of my favourite bands) since your early beginning's on Myspace. How do you think things have changed for you since those day's?

Thank you! We are older now and we have become this unit that i mentioned earlier. We no longer have to use shit equipment either.

5. I recently noticed that you have been working on new music. Is there any information or details you could share about your follow up album to Industrial City?

Yes! We are working on some songs right now that hopefully will be released next year. I would say that its still old zavod but more developed. Some songs on industrial city were really old when we re-recorded them and alot has happened since then. Pripyat was very diffrent from the rest of the album and that was the last one we wrote so... When we make music we want it to be like a soundtrack to a movie and i think the new songs is just like that. Its easy to get images in your head while listening to them. Thats how we know if its good. We can never decide which one to use for a video because all deserve one, but we end up doing no one because of that! Haha. But we will for sure choose one and record it soon! It also feels good that were not ever going to have to re-record demo songs again. This time we have the knowledge of doing everything right from start. You shouldnt re-record something that people have been listening to for 5 years or so,.Now we just look ahead! We are back to basics and are recording everything by our selfs but with a whole lot more experience and a little more equipment.

6. How come your song's Davai, Davai! and Roll The Dice didn't appear on Industrial City?

We decided to leave those out and write 2 new songs instead. Because they are really old and we thought we needed to do something new.. The other songs that we re-recorded was an easier choice for us so its that simple. I dont think that they are bad, they were just wrong for the album.

7. Do you guy's have any plans to tour the UK? because i have been waiting many years to see you live! haha.

If someone could organize that for us we would be on the plane right now! Haha

8. How has the reaction been to Zavod outside of Sweden?

Amazing! Especially in south america. I would say that 80 percent of our likes on Facebook is by someone with a spanish name! They just love industrial metal over there!

9. I think it would be safe to say that there is a extreme metal influence in your music. There has been a lot of success for extreme metal bands from Sweden in recent years, such as Marduk, Shining, Dark Funeral and Watain. Do you think that Zavod fits well in a extreme metal scene?

Both yes and no! I dont think we are that extreme. Like someone wrote in a review of industrial city - its to hard for the soft metal guy and its to soft for the extreme metal fans. I dont know? We have influences from extreme metal but we are a little more mainstream. When we played shows in the past its usualy have been togheter with more heavy bands like pure death/ thrash but that have worked really well actually.I guess their fans can smell The influences from those genres in us and forgive the use of synth.

10. If someone new asked "why should i check out Zavod?" what would you tell them?

I dont know I rarely do that! But now i would say that the songs we are about to release are fucking fantastic!

11. Lastly i would like to thank you for taking your time to do this interview, it has been very much appreciated. Is there anything you would like to say or let us know about? Also where can people find you guy's online?

Thank you! We will bring the industrialdarkness back to you in 2014!

By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus

Interview Ancient Rites by Jack the Rapper.

Hails Gunther! Thank you for having time to do this

interview with me, it is a very big honor.

-My pleasure., thank you

I know Ancient Rites from early `90-ies, since the

release of the Evil Prevails ep. And so far you have

reached a lot with Ancient Rites! Most of your fans

know that you are a intelligent man, have no rock

star attitude, and are a down to earth person.

-There never is an excuse for arrogance in my

opinion. No matter what a person’s background,

position or skills are. Because of my work as a

musician I have “lived the life”, had a look behind the

screens, shared the stage with many bands. Some

musicians behave like spoiled diva’s, I have little

respect and no time for that kind. When we played

with big bands we sometimes were instructed on how

to behave “don’t talk tot hem unless they talk to

you” etc I always thought “who do some people think

they are?” I understand that some people can be

pushy but I have seen “stars” walk around backstage

with body guards behaving like royalty. I have seen

musicians refusing autographs. They seem to forget

that without the people who support them they

would be nowhere. When I was 15 I met The

Undertones, an Irish punkrock band who were

becoming successfull back then. I had their records

and the guys were down to earth. As a kid it is nice

when musicians one appreciates treat you with

respect. I always said to myself I would display a

similar attitude if I would get anywhere in music. I

started as a music fan myself so why look down on

people who love your music? Arrogance is no sign of

intelligence and somehow stains the talent a person

might have.

To start with, how are you, and how is is life lately? I

know you got married, were very sick... Do you want

to tell something about that maybe? (it`s ok if you

don`t want to)

-I have always been very aware of one’s own

mortality. Even as a child I often thought of decline,

of how one day I would go to my grave. Never took

life for granted and somehow this awareness helped

me when I became ill. Dealt with cancer, chronical

infections, operations. Last year things got out of

hand and my life quality was very low. Infections

floored me, was taken to intensive care and they

discovered underneath the infections polyps on my

colon that could become lethal. I never lost my will to

fight or humour but when I was reduced to a hospital

plant for a while I realised even more how fragile life

is. Also I have seen many friends and family members

die. In hospital I saw people I shared the room with

dying a slow death. Somehow I made it and I

appreciate the little things in life. I still am under

treatment and the battle continues but I am not

down. Actually I feel very content, daily troubles do

not have a big effect on me because I know what

matters: enjoying the little time we have on this

planet as much as we can with as little as we have.

And when things go bad I can deal with it. Yes I got

married last year too, with my youth love I know for

about 20 years. Our marriage happened in between

my times at hospital, we had no wedding trip, even

on the day of my wedding I briefly ended up in

hospital because of an accident. I could laugh about

the irony, guests were arriving at our wedding party

and I was in hospital in my tuxedo being stitched up,

I was cut by a glass bottle that fell, of course the

glass had to find me and cut me open I returned to

the party to feast on, I said “no anaesthesia”

because I wanted to live the moment of my marriage

I am covered with scars and cuts but each one

represents a victory somehow. The mind can be

powerful. Of course in the end one loses the battle,

we all die, but meanwhile we must keep positive and

fight on and laugh about what life lines up for us.

Last year I was hooked on machines in hospital,

meanwhile I go hiking, cycling and travel through

nature. It feels like some sort of a resurrection. Of

course I am grateful for every moment.

Can you tell something about Ancient Rites` past?

Like how did the band started, when you recorded

your first demo`s, tell something about the early


-During the first years most people did not

understand our work or looks. A band with occult

lyrics, mixing history in there and wearing leather and

bullet belts, inverted crosses and what was that

paint and blood all about? Are they a cheap version

of Kiss? Black Metal what was that? “Intelligent”

extreme Metal bands were writing about nuclear

power and world peace! A few remembered Venom,

perhaps Bathory and understood we were closer to

that but most did not get what we were about.

During the mid 80’s I was trying to form many bands

in the style but things always went wrong, impossible

to find musicians willing to do what we tried to do.

ANCIENT RITES was created at the end of the 80’s.

All members used to play in other bands before. I

pushed things into a extremer direction because they

had been playing Thrash or Crossover before. The line

up consisted of JOHAN and PHILIP (guitars), STEFAN

(drums) and me, GUNTHER (bass/vocals). One year

later the "DARK RITUAL" demo was released and

spread throughout the entire underground worldwide.

Soon after the recordings PHILIP died in a car

accident, problems forced the band to replace

STEFAN by drum roadie WALTER (STEFAN committed

suicide a few years later) and JOHAN decided to

leave the Metal scene. PASCAL and BART (guitars)

joined and the "EVIL PREVAILS" ep ('92) was recorded

and released through their own label FALLEN ANGEL

RECORDS and later on through several other record

companies such as WILD RAGS (USA) and Colombian

WARMASTER. PASCAL joined the army and never

returned. As a three piece ANCIENT RITES released

several split ep's (Belgian AFTER DARK RECORDS and

Greek MOLON LAVE RECORDS), a split lp and appeared

on several compilation albums. 1994 The debut full

length album "THE DIABOLIC SERENADES" was

released through AFTER DARK (CD version) and

MIDIAN CREATIONS (LP format). Licensing deals were

signed to guarantee a worldwide distribution


to be a total rip off and eventually ceased to exist

leaving no penny for the band that had invested its

own money in the recordings, artwork and photo

sessions. In 1995 a deal was signed with Dutch


released January '96. The band toured Europe and

the U.K. several times playing with acts such as





ROTTING CHRIST to mention a few. Throughout the

years of A.R.'s existence the band had to deal with a

lot of misfortune (boycotts, bomb threats, violence at

concerts, ripped off for large amounts of money by

labels and promoters, members ending up in hospital

or dying), however anger can be turned into power

and all the hardship can be an inspiration. May '96

BART left the band which made A.R. a duo (WALTER

& GUNTHER) working with session musicians.

Guitarists of bands like PENTACLE, ABSU, KATATONIA,

SWORDMASTER, LUCIFERIAN volunteered to give A.R.

a helping hand. Although strongly rooted in Flanders

(Belgium) ANCIENT RITES slowly turned into an

international act. On the third album entitled

"FATHERLAND" (recorded February/March '98)

musicians from Holland, Suomi-Finland, Germany and

Belgium made their contribution. A compilation album

entitled “THE FIRST DECADE 1989-1999” was

released to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the

band. After a negotation and business transaction

between the labels ANCIENT RITES moved from


which a fourth full length entitled “DIM CARCOSA”

was recorded in winter 2000/2001. The album entered

the independent Dutch charts on the 9th position. A

Line up change took place when DOMINGO SMETS

(ex-RENAISSANCE/AGATHOCLES, keyboards) was

replaced by DAVY WOUTERS (ex-OBLIVION). The Live


light of day in 2003. Later BART VANDEREYCKEN made

his unexpected return to replace JAN YRLUND who

was fired due to personal conflicts during the

“Generation Armageddon” headline tour. Another

surprise for many people was the return of two other

former band members: guitarist RAF JANSEN who was

in the band during the BLASFEMIA ETERNAL tour and

DOMINGO SMETS on bass guitar. I decided to

concentrate on vocal duties in ANCIENT RITES. The

band nowadays consisting of an old/new line up

combination released “Rubicon” through Season of

Mist. The collaboration with Raf came to an end and

Domingo took over his guitar duties. Today A.R. are



and I, GUNTHER (bass/vocals).

I know know Ancient Rites since the release of the

Evil Prevails 7'' ep from 1992, since then Ancient Rites

became a well known black metal band in the

underground bm scene. Ancient Rites had a cult

status, how did you experienced those times, the

``early days`` of Ancient Rites?

-I still cherish those times. Black Metal wasn’t

discovered by mainstream labels yet but through

tape/vinyl trading, exchanging letters, fanzines etc a

fresh breeze was going through the worldwide

underground. There was a strong “Do It Yourself”

independent mentality and originality was

appreciated. There wasn’t a “formule” of how a band

should sound, think of the early bands, we all had an

own identity. Copy cats emerged when the scene

became popular.

With the release of Diabolic Serenades, Ancient

Rites` debut album, the artist Kris Verwimp became a

well known artist too. He did the artwork for the vinyl

version of Diabolic Serenades album. So for both, it

was a breakthrough maybe, but what album was, in

your opinion, the break through album?

-“Diabolic Serenades” was released too late by our

label, we had been touring Europe and there were big

crowds attenting the shows. We were one of the first

bands of the new breed to tour Europe. The few

existing Skandinavian BM bands at that time did not

tour nor did the South European. People bought our

shirts at these shows but we could not offer them

our album which was released a few weeks after the

tour, a fail by our label. It would have made a

difference. Years later “Fatherland” became album of

the month in Englands Terrorizer but the label we

were signed to at that time had no real distribution in

England. To be honest: labels never brought us much

luck. To some “The Diabolic Serenades” was a

breakthrough. Others say it was “Fatherland”.

Personally I never thought in those terms but I have

seen our crowds growing. Each time critics predicted

our decline when we released a new record that

didn’t sound like a copy of the previous one but each

time they were wrong in the bigger picture. Also live

we perform old and new tracks and there is a certain

continuation in our sound, a link between old and

new. We are not the type of band that looks down on

previous releases and make drastic changes who ban

old material from the set.

In 1996, Bart left Ancient Rites and Eric joined

Ancient Rites after leaving Inquisitor. Also Jan Yrlund

joined Ancient Rites. Was the sound of Ancient Rites

changed a little because of that? I noticed some

changes in the sound of Ancient Rites, it got a little

more melodic, symphonic and a accessible sound on

Fatherland, but with your authentic bm sound... What

is your view about that?

-On "FATHERLAND" a new line up was presented.

New, more technical, musicians joined the band and

technical skills improved in general. Inside Rites each

musician has his own style/approach (how it should

be!). Originality is highly appreciated within our ranks.

Every band member has a long tradition in Metal. We

already were into the Metal scene even before

Black/Death Metal was created. We obviously take

part in that scene but our roots and approach differ

from the other bands in our style and older

(traditional Metal and first generation Black/Death)

and other influences shine on trough as well. Also we

ignore what is popular or fashionable at the moment

and go our own way. We play what we instinctively

feel without ever considering what the

press/audience might think of it. We try to achieve a

balance between aggression and melancholy, brutality

and atmosphere. Unlike most other bands in the B.M.

scene we want to achieve a clear, tight and heavy

sound/production. Surely we like primitive Black Metal

but because of our ancient Heavy Metal roots we

also settled for a tighter sound. We try to improve

with each release and wish to avoid stagnation. It is

our aim to grow without selling out and evolve in a

natural way. We have a natural 80's Metal touch to

our music because A.R. started in that era but at the

same time we never stagnated. Our sound contains

different aspects of Metal and even elements of

Classical, Medieval and Folk music can be detected in

our music. We play what we feel, there is no real A.R.

recipe, just emotions, dreams and visions we try to

put to music. A classical musician once told us that

the structure of our songs (including the more

extreme Metal parts) is similar to the way medieval

musicians composed their music, I can’t think of a

better compliment. We never analyze our music, we

try to achieve a balance of different atmospheres

that fit to the concept of the band.

On Rubicon it was way more symphonic and melodic

than on Fatherland, maybe a little too symphonic for

Ancient Rites fans from the first hour. Bart was back

in the band, but that did not change the sound of

Ancient Rites. A band can play the same thing over

and over again, but that is what Motorhead already

does... but what were the responses of Ancient Rites

fans to that album? And was the album to your

satisfaction at that time?

-It was and still is. Some fans of the first hour

already felt that “Fatherland” was too complex and

they prefer the first two albums. I can understand

that. Others prefer our later work which I can

understand too. And there are people like me who

can appreciate different approaches, one not

excluding the other. I still believe in each album we

ever did as they all came from the heart. Most A.R.

fans grew along with us. Others didn’t and they

prefer a certain era of the band. Nothing wrong with

that. When a band doesn’t sound the same on each

release it is normal that people have preferences. Did

you know that several first hour fans were

disappointed with the “Evil Prevails” ep because it

sounded different from our “Dark Ritual” demo? “Dark

Ritual” had clear vocals “Evil Prevails” didn’t, overall

atmosphere was gloomier. “Dark Ritual” had a strong

80’s feel because the tracks were written in the 80’s.

Thus certain first hour fans felt our evolution too

extreme. That is the risk a band takes when not

recording the same stuff over and over again. It’s a

normal reaction and I understand those fans but I

never wanted to be dictated by others about our

work. In essence our approach didn’t change. Many

first hour fans came around and got used to the later

sound. When Bart returned many believed he would

change the style back to the first two albums and he

would have been welcome to put a bigger mark on

the record but Bart seemed less motivated. Things

were far more simple in the old days on all fronts. I

think he he did not feel at home in the group

anymore, the whole working process had changed. He

sometimes did not show up at gigs, didn’t learn all the

songs. I think he had expected to find the band the

same way he had left it but meanwhile many years

had passed. Nostalgia I perfectly understand but

unfortunately one can’t turn back the clock. If he had

stayed all those years ago he would have had a

bigger impact on the evolution but it was his own

choice to go back then. Life doesn’t always go the

way one would want. Sometimes things grow larger

than oneself. The band had grown in numbers, the

sound was way more complex, expectations different,

stress harder, discipline stronger. I always liked Bart

and still do but he lacked motivation. “Rubicon” was

very inspirational to me as a lyricist because I wrote

the lyrics around the classical music of the record

without hearing the rest of the music. What I

originally heard was like a movie soundtrack and in my

mind historically correct epic scenes were created, a

“feeling/glimpse” of ages buried by time and dust with

a more ancient type of music to guide my inspiration.

Of course I wanted “Rubicon” to be a Metal record

and that is what it became but almost no one knows

I wrote the whole album around the classical

orchestrations first. It enabled me to travel back in

time even better, metaphorically speaking. I wouldn’t

mind to record a complete classical album in the

future or a very primitive one. I appreciate different

forms of music when it is truely inspired and organic.

Can you also tell us about the writing and recording

process, the difference between each album?

-The early records were almost recorded live. We

wrote most of our work together in the rehearsal

room. Later when the band became international with

the band members living far away from each other,

the musicians started to record ideas at home and

communicated through the net or altered things last

minute at studio even. It is a complex way of

working, often we went to studio and songs had

changed a lot. When we sit down all together to hear

the final mix it is a surprise to all of us because things

are added, changed etc Our producers are classical

musicians and very demanding forcing each musician

to take things to perfection “bum notes” are banned,

all musical layers must fit perfectly. So it can happen

that someone goes to studio, plays the song as he

learnt them to find out that certain notes clash with

other parts of the music. In that case he must learn

on the spot a completely new line. Hard work. I don’t

mind because it kicked our asses to a higher level.

Difference is that all is way more difficult now, harder

work. Only one thing counts: the end result.

Also Ancient Rites reached a larger crowd, Ancient

Rites played on festivals like Graspop and such, for

me it was strange to witness that, but of course it

was fantastic! I was used to see Ancient Rites in

smaller clubs like Baroeg (Rotterdam), Twilight Zone

(Wassenaar) and such, once I got drunk at a

afterparty there with you guys. I still don`t know

how I got home, but it was awesome! But how did

and do you deal with the success and raising

popularity of Ancient Rites?

-Very simple. By remaining the same person with the

same attitude, equally giving it all I can, no matter if

we play in front of a few or thousands of people. All

the circus around it does not matter to me, the

competition, the commercial business. It’s the music I

focus on. Of course it’s fantastic to play in front of a

huge crowd we could only dream of because

remember we never were helped by big managements

who secure their bands a position on festivals

because of lots of cash or bribing. But I equally enjoy

playing clubs with an intimate fanatic crowd, I never

changed my attitude towards a gig depending on the

number of crowd. Another reason for my “down to

earth” attitude (apart from that being a character

trade which I find only normal) is that I didn’t grow up

with superstar bands, as a kid I wasn’t interested in

super heroes either. I’m not impressionable by big

shows or mass events. Looking up the arse of

superstars who think they own the world. Anyone has

an arse and can be good at something; I judge the

music and lyrics. Keep in mind I stem from a garage

band scene. When most kids were into stadium rock

bands back in the 70’s I was into Punk and Oi! Were

rockstar attitudes were despised. Unfortunately some

of these bands went the same way as the ones they

were criticizing once they were offered big contracts.

Probably it is only human to grab chances and

nothing wrong with that but don’t go back on your

word, don’t become what you criticized. It’s the same

with Metal bands who start extreme and look down

on older bands who play a somewhat more traditional

style. I recall early Metallica on stage during their

first European tour. They were mocking iron Maiden

on stage playing “Run to the Hills” in a joking way,

“not hard enough, sissy stuf” was the message. Don’t

misunderstand me. Loved the show. And Cliff Burton

was a great bloke. But I felt uncomfortable with the

Maiden mocking. Look what Metallica have become?

Iron Maiden still is rather close tot their essence.

Metallica need therapists and the drummer sells posh

art for big dollars and musically they are far away

from what they did. Now I wouldn’t have minded that

because it is a free world, all I want to say is: before

you criticize others, look at yourself, think twice and

who knows what your own future will bring? On the

other hand there were traditional Heavy Metal kids

hating the new breeze and took it far too. I remember

a DJ who said he broke Venom records in his Metal

pub and used the Metallica debut album as a

projectile. “Not music!” he said, “I only play decent

Metal”. So one had all these sub divisions hating each

other. I found it total nonsense. I was a DJ myself in

a Metal club in the 80’s. During my “set” I started

with traditional Rock via Hardrock to NWOBHM,

continued with Doom, Thrash to Black Metal, threw in

crossover and played Punk, old school Hardcore and

Noise. And started all over again. I enjoyed the whole

set. People had one complain: I played old Motörhead

a bit too much haha! Anecdote: there was this

prospect biker and he walked up to me: “Play AC/DC!”

. He did that a few times. Trying to look tough and

mean. When I played AC/DC he walked up to me

again “When will you finally play AC/DC?!!!” lol! Guess

he wasn’t a real fan I remember times I had to

explain myself to Heavy Metal fans why I was wearing

a Tank T-shirt and played in a BM band. “We have

HM influences too” I said “No! You don’t” they said.

As if they can be the judge of where I come from. I

gave up all that nonsense and explaining years ago.

Once at an AR headline gig a guy walks up to me: “I

hate your band and what you stand for”. I smiled and

said it wasn’t very clever then to buy a ticket of our

show. Next day a call of our label “A guy complains

you spat in his face yesterday and were violent. That

I should kick your band off our label” I said I wasn’t

even violent in a verbal way. Rumours circulated I

was on the market of Leuven walking around with

animal body parts I had sacrificed to Satan lol! I love

animals! Do they take me fora n idiot? Most likely. Or

that I imprisoned people to perform rituals on. I was

followed by state security until they made themselves

known when they found out I wasn’t involved in any

illegal actions. I had noticed strange clicks on my

phone. People can be tiring and rumours can lead an

own life. All I ever did was playing extreme music,

never had a criminal record. The media jumped on my

case too here. Manipulated video shots, dubbed

voices, doomy music as background while guests in tv

studio (politicians) talked about the danger of my

bands. All on national TV. Gutter press. All that

resulted in boycotts and bans but fine by me. I don’t

apologise for what I do. But don’t spread rumours I

didn’t do. Journalists of non musical press and media.

Don’t trust them when they jump on subcultures.

They want to sell stories. So…you keep fun memories

of the early days when drinking together after the

gigs? That’s good, memories are made of this! Good

you made it home safe!

It is quiet since a few years since Ancient Rites`

latest album ``Rubicon``. What is the main reason

for that? Also you quitted playing bass guitar, was it

strange for you to be on stage without a bassguitar?

-I still play the bass with Lion’s Pride so it wasn’t a

complete farewell to the instrument. But I

experienced that there was more interaction with the

crowd during encores when I sometimes put the bass

aside. Also I “live” the lyrics more by concentrating

100% on the vocal duties. It was a double feeling:

strange at first but I felt liberated at the same time.

Ancient Rites never broke up but was put on hold

because of several reasons: line up changes and

band members dealing with other priorities because of

work, family. I was not happy with the situation

because I did not want the situation but saw no

alternative, as a band on stage we all have very

specific duties and when a band exists as long as we

do it is not easy to break certain chains, also from a

technical point of view. But we have been playing

concerts again and are writing new material.

What were the highlights of Ancient Rites according

to you? Unforgettable moments on stage and in your


-The first gig. The first studio recording and release.

Every new release is a highlight. The first tour. The

first headline tour. In my life? Everything is like a

never ending adventure/experience. Good or bad.

But next to Ancient Rites you have and had a few

other bands and projects; Danse Macabre, Iron Clad

and Lion`s Pride. How would you describe their music

and where is it about, lyrically?

-The activities with my Goth Rock band DANSE

MACABRE I had to stop as ex A.R./D.M. member

Yrlund bought the copyrights to the band name

without my approval. I suddenly was conronted with

legal papers. Although I am the founder of the group,

legally I’m not entitled anymore to record albums or

play gigs under my old band name. This music

industry is all about money and contracts. I was

naive to believe that the person who founded a band

would have the right to continue with his/her

creation, especially in our so called underground

scene. Of course I was wrong. After all, Danse

Macabre was founded in Athens with members of

Rotting Christ, Necromantia and Septic Flesh. On our

debut album the recordings with this line up were

included as a bonus. One doesn’t expect that

someone of a later line up would “buy” the band name

like a trademark. I don’t lose sleep over it but it was

an eye opener. The machinery in our “scene” doesn’t

differ from the mainstream in the end. $ buys

everything. Currently I am active with LION’S PRIDE:

music is like a tribute to my earliest youth and is

ranging from Metal to old school Punk, Hardcore,

Rock’n Roll and Oi!. Punk and Oi! music always have

been important in my life and the "Do it yourself"

mentality made me decide to form a band, we signed

to PURE IMPACT, a label specialized in Streetpunk/Oi!

who released “STAND AND DEFEND” our debut record

including a video. Gigs all over Europe took place.

Lyrics often deal with everyday life issues. We made

our debut on an Oi! Compilation of Pure Impact and

appeared on several international compilations. I’m

also involved in a band named IRON CLAD; it is a band

consisting of Metal veterans who still hold on to their

old roots, it is not just another retro band. Music is

traditional Heavy Metal, lyrics are rather epic

(specially dealing with medieval history). We invited

Erik of A.R. as a guest in studio as well. The debut

album “LOST IN A DREAM” was released on Goodlife

Records. Also an IRON CLAD/LION’S PRIDE split album

was released entitled “Fortress Europe/Stand and

Defend” through Nepherex Records. Recently a new

Lion’s Pride album has been released called

“Vlaanderen”. These different bands give me the

opportunity to use my voice in a different way and to

explore topics which wouldn't fit to the concept of

ANCIENT RITES, a way to show different aspects of

my personality. I realise there are people who dislike

the fact I work on different musical fields but I refuse

to limit myself. Metal will always be an important part

of my life but why should I be narrow minded? I have

a huge record collection in which many styles can be

found: from the most amateurish noise to the most

divine music. A person carries so many different

emotions and feelings inside, to each one exists a

different kind of music, depending on the actual


Are those bands still active?

-The danse Macabre situation I explained earlier. A

pity our last album was never released as I thought it

was our best work so far. It has been released under

a different name but my vocals were erased. I still

have the original master. The label we were signed to

said they knew the history of the band and were

there when we founded the band in Athens, but

contracts are contracts. “Concentrate on Ancient

Rites, we release your new album. Ignore Danse

Macabre” and they even contemplated on releasing

the new Danse Macabre with my work erased. Then I

decided to not release the new Ancient Rites on their

label. Well that is life. Win some, lose some. Only

thing I regret is that the final album never saw the

light of day in its original form. It had a lot to offer.

Iron Clad is not active at the moment. Our guitarist

Sammy moved to the States. We were offered to

play live concerts but I’m not the founder of the band

and although Sammy had no objections of IRON CLAD

playing live without him we felt it wasn’t the right

thing to do. Besides IC always has been more of a

studio project. With Lion’s Pride we recorded new

tracks and the album entitled “Vlaanderen” finally was

released with a bonus DVD after troubles with the

artwork etc. Now the label received a few albums but

the album is not for sale as the majority of the stock

never arrived from abroad where they had the album

pressed. I think this release is doomed somehow. A

new guitarist has learnt the stuff but there is little

use to perform live to promote an album that is not

available. I hope the situation will be solved. These

past few years have not been easy on matters like

the bands, my health, work. But one deals with the

situation and battles on. Life is not a bed of roses, no

use to sit down and complain about setbacks…

But what can we expect of Ancient Rites in the

future, and from you? A new album that goes back to

it`s roots and live shows, I hope?

-The new tracks we have written are a continuation

of where “Rubicon” ended. Goal is to achieve a

heavier sound though. Personally I also expressed my

will to the other band members to release a very

primitive old school underproduced mini album. More

raw than we ever did. It is easier said than done

because it is difficult for musicians to play “below”

their technical abilities. I’d like it to be vile and

“warlike” with ultra heavy dirty sounding riffs, mixed

with war explosions, vomit style vocals, no fringes.

With the anger and hunger of a debut band who are

straight out of a garage rehearsal room. But first we

must finish the next opus.

What do you think of the current (black) metal


-I don’t. There are some interesting and many

uninteresting bands. There should be more originality

but that is just my own humble opinion. I’m mostly

still stuck on the early bands. “Newer” bands like Thy

Repentance or Hordak I appreciate though. But also

they are going for years. Perhaps my vision is

somewhat clouded with nostalgia because the early

years of the scene offered something different and

new, more individuality. But there still are interesting

bands happening which I applaud.

What are your favorite bands and what bands

inspired you to make music too?

-I decided to pick up an instrument because of the

whole “do it yourself” Punkrock thing back in the 70’s.

Bands like Sex Pistols, Damned or Ramones. After

discovering them I got deeper into that underground.

One didn’t have to be a top musician to create the

music one liked. The energy and power of their

records were like a soundtrack to my early teenage

years. Best thing I ever heard, so raw. Early

Motörhead were responsible for the fact I moved into

the Metal direction, I know strictly speaking they are

Rock’n Roll. But you get the picture. “Ace of Spades”

blew me away. Then Venom and Bathory inspired me

to explore the darker fields of the spectrum. I never

was interested in imitating any of these bands

though, always wanted to do my own thing. Even the

Punkrock bands I created in the late 70’s/early 80’s

didn’t sound like any of the bands I listened to. Also

lyrically I did my own thing, they were rather

misanthropic and often disliked by the punk crowd

especially those who moved into a hippie direction

haha. Misanthropunk lol! In essence my musical paths

make sense, although I work(ed) on different fields

the drive was/is similar. General attitude didn’t

change. Of course I learnt to express myself in a

more detailed/better way as compared to when I was

a teen but that is only natural I suppose. Don’t regret


What are your favorite books and movies?

-Don’t know where to begin as I have a huge book

and film collection. History, poetry, literature, the

dark side, travels, nature, amongst other things, will

always remain a source of inspiration. Also on my

work as a lyricist. I don't want my lyrics to be one

dimensional, therefore I try to avoid a too

"sloganesque" approach. My life seems to be a

constant quest for knowledge, meanwhile I try to

improve my writing skills. It truly is an almost

impossible task (and challenge!) to describe for

instance the rise and fall of a civilisation in a few lines

but I will continue trying to catch the essence of

what history has been providing me: thousands of

years of historical events to take inspiration from.

Also masters of literature such as Lord Byron, Shelley,

Baudelaire are influence. If only their spirit could

guide my hand! Don’t expect "I sodomize you in the

name of Satan" type lyrics, they are amusing and I

can enjoy a nihilistic approach from time to time, but

they are not at all my approach. I do not wish to

preach but somehow I want to offer something

through my lyrics. Even though they are dark they

are always rooted in reality and never based on

fairytales. Reality often is stranger than fiction, larger

than life. One certainly does not need dragons or

demons to achieve a gloomy atmosphere. Even when

referring to Satanism I prefer a realistic

(philosophical) approach, and if I mention mythical

names such as Lucifer it has a symbolic meaning. I

like to believe that the lyrics I write are not naive or

cheap. Also concerning lyrics we are after

authenticity. When for instance a poem of the French

writer Baudelaire was the main source of inspiration I

find it important to include parts in the original

language. When I describe a place in Flanders or

Holland it contributes to the concept to give the song

a Dutch title. Latin philosophers should be quoted in

Latin, German literature has to be presented partly in

German tongue and so on...Another reason why I like

to write in different languages is that sometimes

certain expressions sound best in that particular

tongue. Also this way of working offers variety in

sound because every language has a typical colour.

In my book collection one finds many works on

history, including works written in ancient or medieval

times by people who lived the era. Writers such as

Herodotes, Tacitus, Plutarch, Seneca, Aurelius,

Erasmus etc. Modern writers I like are Steven

Pressfield, Steven Saylor, and Ian Pearse for they mix

historically correct backgrounds in their historical

novels. I have authentic medieval works in my

possession, books published in the 16th century,

maps of the 17th century or old parchments made by

unknown 12th century monks. So inspiring! I do

collect modern historical works too but the problem

often is that writers want to push their views onto

the reader, I like sources to be neutral, simply stating

facts when proven without insulting one’s

intelligence. But fact is history is written by the

winning side, always has been. It is important to read

between the lines and use different sources.

Generally speaking I’m interested in all historical

periods. Fascinating I find diaries of people who lived

the era, perhaps their views are limited because they

lacked an overal general view as they didn’t have the

means but still they are eye witnesses. Concerning

films I have a wide taste as well. I love classics such

as “The Third Man”, “Citizen Kane”, “M”, “Nosferatu”

or Hitchcock. I watch modern historical films as well

but Hollywood often spoils a lot and re-write reality

to please the masses with hitorical incorrect

nonsense. I like thrillers and horror but the acting and

story lines have to be decent. I’m not into movies

simply based on special effects.

Have you been thinking of writing historical books

maybe? I`ve been told you know a lot about history.

De bokkenrijders (the Buckriders) is a awesome story.

-I did write short novels. One you can find on my

facebook and it happens to be about “De

Bokkenrijders”. The Bokkerijders are of a personal

interest as direct ancestors of mine of the Theys clan

were involved. It was fascinating to read about them

in books and diaries of that time. Sometimes I write

columns. I also made several graphic novels as I love

to draw. On my Facebook I sometimes post drawings

I made. I work in different styles from comic to

realistic. I would like to write and/or draw more. In

the past I did earn a living as a designer for T-shirt

prints as I was hired by a chain store selling clothes.

Also worked for several Metal shops. I work old school

though, with pen, pencil and ink. Of course my work

is drenched in historical backgrounds. Travelling,

reading, visiting musea, they’re all sources of

inspiration I like to share and want to be creative

with. In a way that is what I do with Ancient Rites as

well, share that knowledge and shape it into lyrics.

Frustrating is that the more one learns the more one

realises to know very little. Even now I see matters in

my own lyrics I would write more nuanced because I

discovered more details meanwhile. It is a never

ending learning process.

Where can people buy merchandise and albums of

your bands?

-Our last album should be available in the shops. It is

possible to order merchandise directly through us too

though. I take care of the handling. Drop me a line,

explain what you are interested in and we will take

care of the rest, send you the post account number

and the package will be send your way after


Any links to your band pages?

-There’s the official bandpage ,

it has a section “merchandise” and the e-mail orders

arrive directly in my mailbox. I can be found on

Facebook as Gunther Theys as well. That is easy and

direct too.

I bet there`s a lot going on in your personal life; busy

with the family, and the band(s), so I end this

interview. Do you want to say something to the

readers and your fans?

-I’m preparing for trips now to Germany and France.

In two days I travel to the Alsace/Elsass and

Vogesen (Vosges). Mountains, forests, rivers and

medieval castles/villages. Looking forward. In three

weeks I travel to the Rhine again with our

historical/cultural hiking bond De Leeuwerik

(Lark/Lagoz), we have explored the area and set up

an interesting program for our group. With this

international group we offer historical, cultural and

nature trips to the members. September off to Greece

with my wife. But I return on time to play an A.R.

show in Holland (Occult fest) in september. And in

between the usual work. Thank you fort his

conversation and I wish you all the best with Speed

Slaughter. My best regards and thanks to the readers

and those who support us. A fine day to those who

don’t too, why the hell not!

Thank you again for your time, all the best with

Ancient Rites and your other bands and as person.

Let the Flemish lion roar!

-My pleasure! Thank you kindly, best wishes to you

as well. Let the Dutch Lion roar as well

Jack the Rapper.
Interview with Ferry Haryanto of Embryo, by Jack the

Rapper of Speed Slaughter

Would you like to introduce the bandmembers to our

readers, and what instruments do you all play?

-Yes I would like to introduce my band right Embryo

name my band and my band's music instrument air

brutal death metal and more to the U.S. style

Can you tell me when and where the band Embryo

was formed?

-Yes my band formed at me and his other friends

were gathering at my friend's house and inadvertently

we formed a band at the time of the March 28, 2011

What are the releases of Embryo so far?

-So far we only made one song and will soon release

all merch and going to make albums in 2014

Where are the lyrics about?

-Lyrics of the song I was more toward the tribal

aghory cannibalism

How are the responses of other magazines about


-Yes I think this magazine is the same and the other

its contents may be different

What kind of bands inspired you to make this kind of

metal music?

-I like the band's musical inspiration Cephalotripsy,

Devourment and Epicardiectomy

Did you play live shows already with Embryo? If so,

where and with what bands?

-Yes of course I have played in the area around

Bogor alone and playing with our friends bands such

as Janin, Frodhos Death etc.

Where and with what bands would you like to play


-I certainly have a dream band to play at Moutain

Death Fest with famous bands there

What do you guys think of the current metal scene?

-Hm .. I think metal music scene in today's world is

growing even many European bands play in my

country it's a sign of metal music today are preferred

by all people

Are there more bands from your country? Name a few

bands worth checking out?

-Yes of course it is no such Burgerkill, Gore Infamous

and Injury deepen the already famous band in my

country and even the world

Are there many metalfans over there, in Indonesia?

-Yes of course a lot of almost of all walks of life love

metal music

How are the metalfans over there?

-Yes metal music here is very nice and I like the

atmosphere here metal music

Is it easy to get a recorddeal over there?

-Not easy because it's already looking great and

definitely need to fund its

But back to Embryo, what are your future plans with


-Embryo plan for my band for the future and wanted

to make an album like my band's music received by

his audiences and one another Embryo eager to be

recognized by the metalhead in the world

Where can people buy Embryo stuff, if and when


-Yes temporarily available at my friend shawn

goremonger or in

#! Media/c60z
there where items of my band

We have AC/DC beer, Iron Maiden`s the Trooper

beer, can we expect Embryo beer soon?

-Yes it's up to you, but I prefer Iron Maiden

Is there something you want to say to the readers of

this magazine?

-Yes to the've read this magazine I just remind that

the same young people who have not lost big. Music

and metal music is not racist hehe: D

Thanks Yes I also pray that this magazine

SpeedSlaughter became a great magazine!

This link fanspage Embryo, Youtube and Revernation :

(Fanspage), (Reverbnation)


. Thanks You very much.


(This guy is a nice dude, I noticed his English isn`t

that good, don`t make fun out of it. Everyone that is

interviewed and/or reviewed in this magazine is and

will be treated with respect and decency.)

Jack the Rapper.
Acolyte Interview

Hi guys, first i would just like to thank you for taking your time to do this interview with us. Could you give us abit of a history lesson on the initial start and formation of Acolyte?

The band was formed back in 2008 by myself (Malekh) and my best friend JT. We were interested in creating some thought-provoking extreme metal and we were both very interested in black metal. We both cultivated a serious love-affair with some of the more unusual and exotic extreme metal bands of the late 90s and 00s and ended up forming the band.

Your music is very dynamic is somewhat a rubik's cube of music. Is everybody in the band all into the same kind of music or is there different influences? If so does it help having different influences?

I am the main songwriter in the band currently, while I feel this is largely going to stay the same I don’t ever discount the possibility of writing cooperatively, or even maybe having another band member write a tune. I think now we are starting to really get a feel of what Acolyte really is, and what we really sound like. I think so long as it sounds like it is one of our tunes I’ll be overjoyed to play it and incorporate it into our sound. I think everyone in the band has varying tastes when it comes to music. Regarding extreme metal JT and I doubtless have very similar tastes (We lived together for 5 years and pretty much experienced all the same new music together during that time) but I think Chris would come at things from a very different perspective. I utterly trust Chris’ judgement though and know he would only want to write something or collaborate in a way that made us sound great. This hasn’t happened yet though, I seem to just always be writing new material haha, but it may do in the future.

Recently there has been a line-up change, has it been a problem finding new members or have things gone smoothly with this new transition?

It is always a bit of a headache finding new members these days. We are still not a very widely-known band and because of this we can’t simply just say we’re seeking a new member and have people throwing themselves at us. That would be nice I suppose but it’s not how things work these days. Sure it makes the search for new musicians longer and harder but I think in the end we find the right people for the job. All we ever want is people who are dedicated, love the material and are prepared to put in the hard work.

You have been featured in the latest issue of Terrorizer magazine alongside greats such as Anaal Nathrakh and Voices in a UK black metal special. I bet you must feel honoured to be included. How has reaction been to Acolyte from people abroad?

Yes it was amazing to be asked to do this interview! I personally feel like we haven’t really gained a proper foothold in the UK yet but I suppose terrorizer takes a slightly different tack on that. It really was an honour to be included among such other great bands, up-and-coming or otherwise. I am not sure how we have gone down in the rest of the world just yet, although we were recently contacted by a chap from France who sent us a really heartfelt email asking very politely for a signed photo of us. We’re sending him a tee and a signed copy of Alta. That sort of thing I didn’t really see happening at this point so it was very heart-warming to read.

What would you say as a band is your "mission statement" or "purpose"?

Wow, that is a hard one. I suppose, considering we are accused of being black metal we should probably say something along the lines of "For SATAN!" or "To denounce mankind for all it’s wretchedness" or something along those lines but we are not a band with a particular lyrical bent. We are a-political and we don’t have one particular "message" to give across. Although I would say that themes of anti-religion and general misanthropy are both very typical black metal tropes we often deal with. I personally think that our mission is simply to make the best music we possibly can.

Being a musician and band man myself and looking at the UK black metal scene from that perspective, i think there are a lot of great bands around today but there isn't really a "scene" so to speak and it is very fragmented with bands having their own idea's and pulling in different directions. Do you think that will only damage the scene further? What are your thoughts on the subject?

I think the diversity in the UK "scene" is one of its major highlights. I think having a bunch of different and exciting bands is what is going to make for a really fruitful scene that I think really is only starting to truly blossom now. I think all it will take is a couple of bands like Winterfylleth, Cnoc An Tursa and A Forest of Stars to hit the big time for it to really be thought of as a scene. I mean, who was talking about the French scene in the late 90’s? Nobody probably, but then comes along bands like Alcest, Blut Aus Nord and the mighty Deathspell Omega and people are calling it the greatest black metal scene in the world. Do I think our scene will gain that level of respect? Probably not, but I still think we will have something to be truly proud of, especially when we have some more new exciting talent to add to the roster.

Are there any other bands or projects that Acolyte members are currently involved in or have been involved in the past?

Not anything of note. I myself have several projects; a still unrecorded doom project called Acid Hag, a dark ambient thing called Project: Osiris and an avant garde black metal band called Denizens. Denizens has a 4 way split coming out over the next year with three other bands and Project: Osiris has an unreleased first album and a second album in the works. Our guitarist Chris was in a post metal band called Artefact who were starting to do really well a number of years ago but that dissolved. Acolyte is the first band I have ever been in.

What are your future plans besides the release of Alta album?

We are trying to organise a tour for the end of the year but we still have no news on this as of yet. We are also hard working on the material for our second album (All of which is written and demoed) so hopefully over the next year or so that will be recorded. We just want to get out gigging as often as possible and start to play some larger shows really.

If someone new to Acolyte asked "why should i check out Acolyte?" What would your pitch be?

I would say the best reason to have a listen is that we try to be thought-provoking, extreme and balls-out rocking in equal measure. So we aren’t all pretentious and overly complex, we sometimes just like to rock the fuck out, yet we bring interest in the form of dissonance and unusual arrangements that I think will keep people into the more cerebral stuff happy as well as people who just want to hear some good metal music.

Finally i would like to thank you again for taking the time to chat with us. Is there anything else you would like to say or tell us about? Where can people find you?

Thank you very much for the interview as well. We can be found on Facebook ( as our main hub of communication, for listening the album can be streamed and purchased at the Mordgrimm bandcamp page and we are also on spotify. For those of you who wish to have the full collection we also have our debut EP still for pay-what-you-wish at our own personal bandcamp.

By Sturmgeist Fornicator Ins
Price of Death interview by Radomir

1. Hello,my friends! Thank you for agreeing to this interview with Speed Slaughter.
First please give me a brief description of your band, and how you came to start out,
What influenced your sound and aspired you to create music.
Hi Rad,thanks for that interview opportunity.
So,our band is called "Price of death",we are from Moscow,Russia,and we are playing oldschool death-metal.The biggest inspiration for us was a band named "Bloodbath",these guys influenced on our music with their great vocals and brutal riffs
2. What can you remember about that time? was a hard beginning or was everything easy? (finding members, the song creation process and playing Live et)
Our band was formed in 2011 and at the begging there was only 2 guys-Mikhaylov Artem(Lead guitars) and Dmitry Barulin(vocals).We had a lot of troubles searching for musicians, but soon we had second guitarist (Max Antsiferov) and our bassist (Igor Susorov)
But the biggest problem was finding a drummer,and after lots of searching our band was completed by Gosha Petrusev and soon we released our first album called "Rest in Suffering"
3. Have you undergone a lot of line-up changes? And what motivated you to continue the work?
Yeeaah,it was like we're going to have a rehearsal and each time we had a new drummer,it was really hard to find the right guy,so it was that way up to the moment of forming our current line-up.
I think the greatest motivation for us was our love for death metal,for music in general,and also we wanted to develop this genre in Russia
4. How do you see the difference of the deathmetal scenes then and now?
Old death-metal scene was more brutal than now,it was distinguishable by low tuning of guitars and veery brutal vocals,but now it's more melodical and vocals got softer
And also these crazy blast beats even when there is no need for them
5. can you tell me about other projects your members are or have been involved in?
and can you tell me something about these bands?
We don't have any,we put all of ourselves into "Price of Death"
6. How often do you play live shows? and what is the reaction of the Russian audience?
So we had our first live set on May 11th 2013,we will play full set list of "Rest in suffering" in September of this year
There was a lot of people when it was our first concert(we shared stage with few more bands),I think it was like more than hundred metalheads and during performance they were just going crazy in moshpit
7. Let me talk about your life behind the bands.What would you like to doing in your free-time? What kind of music do you listen to beside deathmetal?
As for life beyond band we all love to have a couple of beers while watching some horror films,sometimes we work to make some money.
As for interests Dmitriy and Max love to play video games while Artyom spends most of the time with his girlfriend.
As for music Artyom loves Katatonia,Max is a thrash-metal fan and all kinds of music as well and Dmitriy likes classic hard rock like AC/DC and so on.
8. Can you tell me something about your local scene? Which bands do you recommend for the fans? Do you like your scene ?
Sadly there isn't much to say about local scene
All Russian talented guys usually can't break through onto the "big scene".I think that the thing that causes it is that heavy music won't sell as good as some cheap-ass pop-music,you know these singing girls who have half of brain but cute face and big boobs,so if you want to find cool Russian bands search the underground scene)
9. What is the meaning of Technical death/Melodic deathmetal for you? Are you into the old school or into the progressive styles? What is your favorite bands?
As I said before we are playing oldschool death metal,so I guess we're oldschool guys
Technical death is just different and it's hard to performd as well
As for our favorite bands it would be Bloodbath,Hypocrisy,Amon Amarth Opeth and Katatonia
10. What can the fans expect from you in the future? any change in your music or any big things left to come from you?
We're writing material for our new album right now,so we're working on it
As for changes all I can say there will be darker lyrics and more soloing than on "R.I.S."
11. What releases are available at the moment [if any]?
"Rest in suffering"is available as a free download,just google it and you'll find it.
And we also released a single called "Cry Your Prayer"
This is it...for now.
Thanks for your time, do you have anything else you would like to add?
cheers. Rad
Rock on guys,keep working and you'll make a success!
And turn music up so your neighbours go nuts!)
1. Hello! My name is Radomir and I want to thank you for this interview with Speed Slaughter.
In the beginning please tell me a short description of your band. How did it begin?
What had influenced your sound and aspired you to create music?
Hey, dude. 1st thanx for your interest to our band. So Nefas Terra is 2-member melodic black metal project: ChaD - Growl, Guitar and Lyrics and Klem - Scream, Bass and Music.
The begining story is pritty simple. We just wanted to play together and that`s all. We didn't have any fantastic targets or something like this. We are inspired by Marduk,
Nocte Obducta and other our favorite bands which we used to listen in 2005.
2. What can you tell about the beginning? Was it hard or easy? (finding members, the song creation process and playing Live etc.)
It wasn't hard or easy. It was really interesting. 1st, Klem made perfect (on my opinion) riffs and melodies. I've tried to create some lyrics and finily we were satisfied with the
result. We used to invite some session musicians, but no one could show us the same interest and passion like we had in our souls.
We made 6 (i guess) gigs in Moscow and
St. Petersburg and finally decided to split up. The reason was the crowd which visit concerts in Russia. It's impossible to satisfy them if you are not like Gorgoroth-band.
We tried to make something non-satanic and no political.
3. Have you undergone a lot of line-up changes? And what motivated you to continue the work?
We changed 2 guitar players and 1 drummer. After all, in 2010, when we decided to record all songs which we made in 2005-2006. The main motivation was, that i really love
Klem's songs and i didn't want just to dissolve it in the air.
4. How do you see the difference of the black/death metal scenes then and now?
When i was a frequent guest on black/death metal gigs in Moscow in 2005-2009, i didn't remember so many political scum there. I don't know why people started mix both
this things together. I think black art must stay black art and nothing else.
5. Maybe you or other members of your band were involved in some side-projects?
Tell me please something about these bands!
Klem was played in Ordalian and Arcanorum Astrum. About me, nothing interesting if speak about black metal only.
6. How often do you play live shows? And what is the reaction of the Russian audience?
After our reunion, we decided to stop playing live concerts and waste a lot of time to look for session musicians. The
reaction of the Russian audience is non-undestandable for us, because most of them want to see (on the stage) only true-nazi-666-antigod-burzum-gorgoroth black metal acts which they have already
seen a thousand times.
7. Let me ask about your life behind the bands. What do you do in your free-time? What kind of music do you listen to beside Black/deathmetal?
I found of all kinds of music which can inspire me. From classic black metal till street punk. Almost everything what we do in our free time connect with music:
Travelling for metal festivals, visiting local gigs or just come together and booze.
8. Tell me please about your local scene? Which bands can you recommend for the fans? Do you like your scene ?
No, we don't and can't mention any band, unfortunatly.
9. What is the meaning of Melodic black/deathmetal for you? Are you into the old school or into the progressive styles? What are your favorite bands?
I really found of Nocte Obducta, Agrypnie and Woe. The meaning is that melodic black metal has a strong melody during the whole song which will touch your soul from the begining
till the end.
10. What can the fans expect from you in the future? Any change in your music or any big things left to come from you?
So now we are working at new songs which will release on
split with Australian black metal band Adamus Exul on 7inch vinyl in the end of 2013. We already got the real drummer
who will help us at studio.
11. What releases are available at the moment [if any]?
Just our 1st album Life in Darkness. You can easily find it on internet or order the CD on almost every continent.
Thank you for your time! Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Good luck, Radomir.
Just make what you want to make. Don't to listen any true-blackmetal-faggots.

Thank you for doing this interview with us, we really appreciate it.
-Thank you for having me.
Tell us about your band.
- Well its not a band. Not yet. Its just me at the moment. I have been into music my whole life and always wanted to have the "perfect" group assembled. So in the mean time, I have been creating this all on my own hoping to one day have my music cross the right ears with the right ambition and devotion that I show this project. I assembled it back in 2011 when the former band I was in just wasnt doing it for me. Even though the music was right down the path I was travelling at the time, I just wasnt getting the propper "spark" that one would usually look
for in a project that he or she is pouring his or her heart and soul into. I did love playing with them, just wanted to go on an individual path for a while. Kind of a "self defining" musical moment. So I went into exile for a while and then in 2011 debuted with Enemy Ov Nazarene. That was kind of a first take at the "one man band" type set up. I came out with my first release entitled "Imperial Doom Ov Mortus Crowe". That album had a very positive turn out from the listeners that came across my music. After that I took my music to L.A. where I really started to accel in my musical image. There I played at the Whisky A Go Go with the leading local scene including Exmortus. And then next I took a leap at an opening shot for Otep. Not my typical style but it was cool. And thats when I decided to take my efforts to the next level. I came to Amsterdam where I decided to remold my sound into what is known now as Luciferian Insectus. A mixture of Blackened Death Metal and Epical Undertones.
How long have you been making music?
- I have been making music since I was a child. Around 5 years old was my first experiences with music. I started on the drums, then turned to the guitar as well. from there I loved both so much, I just decided that that was what I wanna do and put all my time and effort into learning the fundamentals of music, as well as my hands on technique.
What bands have inspired you with your music?

- Well its in different fields. Different moods. I have a strong love for the melodic, old school dramatic guitar tones kind of metal, that can be anything that just sounds good melodically that hits me. I am pretty open to sounds even if they are foreign, as long as my mood interacts with the "musical approach". Then I have my favorite side. My agressive and dark side. I have been mainly into bands like Dissection, At The Gates, Naglfar, Behemoth, Emperor, Deicide, Pantera, Kataklysym, Kreator, Krisiun, Death, King Diamond, Morbid Angel, etc.
Have you ever made music videos? If yes where can we view them? If no will you?
-I have currently 3 music videos: Sigil Ov Lucifer, Fetal Deformation and Denounced and Desecrated, currently available for your viewing pleasure at I have a wonderful team over in Amsterdam that I closely work with when I am there. They are great at what they do. I do plan on making more in the near future. I am currently in search for the right video team over here in CO, since I am freshly moved here.
You have lived in Europe and are from America where do you think your genre is stronger?

- I would have to say that my music is stronger in Europe. Its a sad thing but the "Hip Hop" genre has suffocated the USA. I would love to see more metal over here. USA does have its hot spots though, but its definetly more dedicated in Europe.
Where can your albums be bought?
I am currently and happily under Speed Slaughter Productions, my team mates of metal. Any where there is a Speed Slaughter symbol
established, I am happily standing side by side. Going for world distribution!
Where do you see L.I. in the next five years?
-From my current standing point, I see L.I. having a great outcome and possible a full formation ready to start touring. That's my goal, to have a fully compatable crew ready to |get on it!"
Which tracks were the most difficult for you to create? Which track was the easiest to create?
-Well I am always accelling in what I do. Every song I create, I am always saying "this is my best one yet!" You see, I am always testing my self in every song, trying new things and trying to broaden my horizons. I will say that my new material is definetly testing my limits. Its great.
Where can people read about your project and shows?
- I havent created the arsenal of footage needed yet for a "propper" page if information. Mainly now its just my youtube and my music on In the process of changing that at the moment.
Thank you kindly again for taking the time to talk with us, have you any words for your fans and our readers?
-I wanna thank all my supporters/fans for all the efforts, guidance and interest through out my metal journey so far. I want to shout out to The Cave, Alex "Morbid Reality"/Serpant's Eye Records, All my Amsterdam Family, Javier and Rock-n-Roll radio ( Fridays at 7PM live from Amsterdam Red Light District), and i definetly want to thank Speed Slaughter for joining forces with me along this crusade of metal. Be on the lookout for my new release hittinh early next year entitled "Shattered Angles" Its only gonna get better. m/ m/

S.F.I Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus Interview With Blackened Horde Radio.
November 15, 2013 at 5:22pm
Summon: How did the band get started?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: After many years of struggling with my main band Mundus, I felt that it was the time to explore music on my own without having to rely on other people and basically do whatever the hell I wanted. So I thought the best way to do that was to do a solo project where I have full control over EVERYTHING! So in early 2012 I got in contact with a couple of friends from other UK black metal bands about doing an all solo split album (all these people had solo projects of their own also) and they all agreed so I started work on the songs that then ended up on the "A Gathering Of Four Tyrants" UK underground black metal split album.

Summon: What kind of music do you play?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: I play black metal but there are other elements in my music also mostly doom metal but there's death, thrash and ambient as well.

Summon: How has the fan response been?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: It's a mixed bag so far. Because im not as technical minded as most people complain about technical issues whether its to do with the mixing or my actual playing but those fucking idiots obviously don't understand the actual point of my music! My music for Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus is PURPOSELY played in a "raw" and "honest" way. I don't care about technical things for this music because it is meant to be honest and natural, it isn't forced or over thought in the slightest. The way it comes out when I play is the way it is evidently meant to be so why over polish it and make it sterile, it would lose its soul. But then there are the people who understand the point of my music and enjoy it because it is cold, grim and REAL!

Summon: Where did the band name come from?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus is the name that I took for myself way back in 2003 when I started Mundus, so this being my solo project it makes sense that I name it after myself.

Summon: Introduce the band members and what they do in the band.
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: Just me, I am the only member of Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus, I play everything in this project. All music, vocals and lyrics are done by me.

Summon: Who writes the music? Lyrics?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: See the previous answer.

Summon: And where do the lyric ideas come from?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: My deranged and fucked up head, haha. Nearly all of the tracks from the "A Gathering Of Four Tyrants" split album were about rape, murder and death as I have a big interest in that kind of thing, rapist's and serial killers. Ted Bundy being the main one but I do and will write about anything I feel, think or have an interest in. So it could be Satanism, suicide, depression, demons, monsters, ritual and so on, basically anything dark. For example I am currently in the process of recording my first full length S.F.I album which mostly is about Possession and the paranormal, it's not a concept album as such but the subject matter is all linked. The main theme is a person who is actually trying to become possessed on purpose instead of the usual it happening to a woman by accident like in most horror movies.

Summon: What is your view in Satanism and Occultism?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: Well I am a Satanist and have been pretty much all of my life and I have a keen interest in the Occult because it is these thing's that are actually REAL and have strong root throughout history, unlike the fairytale fantasy bullshit of Christianity.

Summon: How many albums/CD’s have you released?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: So far with S.F.I it has only been the "A Gathering Of Four Tyrants" split album with Razakel Krieg, Lord Forneus and Lord Andras. I am currently recording my full length S.F.I album now as I mentioned before AND also I have another split album being released in the next couple of months with underground UK black metal bands Mørktår andGrímsvötn.

Summon: Tell me about some the songs on the latest CD?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: I cant go into too much details because it isn't released or finished yet but like I said before it is mostly about possession and the paranormal.

Summon: Do you have any side projects?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: Well technically S.F.I is a side project because Mundus is my main band but because Mundus is currently on hold that is why I am doing S.F.I but I also started a depressive suicidal black metal band called Suffering featuring members of Baalberith and Grímsvötn but due to time issues we haven't done much with it yet. I also started a duo project with a good friend of mine playing really slow dark doom/black metal called Below The Pit. We have a couple of songs recorded for a E.P but also due to time issues it is difficult for us to work more on it.

Summon: Who are some of your musical influences?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: Burzum, Mayhem, Akercocke, Darkthrone, Celtic Frost, Gorgoroth, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide. To name a few.

Summon: What is the band like when you play live?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: S.F.I doesn't ever play live because it is just myself doing this project plus the songs aren't designed for the stage.

Summon: Have you guys ever played in another country?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: Not yet.

Summon: How big of crowd shows up at shows usually?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: Considering I don't play live, none haha.

Summon: What do you think of the US Black Metal/Death Metal scene?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: Considering I'm from England, I have no idea and nor do I care really. No offense to American bands but about 90% of American black metal bands are shit, they just cant do it. There is no soul and atmosphere at all but that I think is because of American culture and society. The kind of darkness and primitive mentality and life just isn't present in the US. It is a strictly English and European thing. Now as for death metal, that is strictly American! There are a ton of great death metal bands from England and Europe but that really is a American thing, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Death, Possessed, Mortician. American death metal is flawless BUT only old death metal, new death metal bands suck.

Summon: What do you think of the Overseas scenes?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: No interest in overseas scenes really, I am only interested and concerned about the English "scene" but there really isn't one. There is no "scene" over here at all. There are a ton of great bands but most of the time they get overlooked by the media and focus more of American and European bands which is fine but solely focusing on them and only the "big" bands from here is a fucking joke! How are bands meant to progress and break out if they wont get the respect and coverage they deserve. Such as our English black metal bands, Eastern Front, Old Corpse Road, Infernal Creation, Primitive Graven Image, the list goes on and on but they are some of the best black metal bands in the world! WE invented black metal with the brilliant Venom! So I think its time we took our crown back from the Scandinavians ;)

Summon: What are some of new favorite black metal/death metal bands?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: I wont mention any death metal bands because i don't like new death metal bands but black metal bands: Eastern From, Old Corpse Road, Infernal Creation, Primitive Graven Image, Baalberith,Grímsvötn, Mørktår, Voices, Immortal Empire. There are tons but there’s a few.

Summon: When do you guys plan on writing any new material?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: As I've said I'm currently recording my full length S.F.I album and having the split with Mørktår and Grímsvötn but I haven't thought past there yet really.

Summon: What does the future hold for the band?
Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus: Just the release of my full length and split album at the moment.

Contact them at:

Aesthetic Perfection Interview.

1. Hi guys, first i would just like to thank you for taking your time to do this interview with us. Could you give us abit of a history lesson on the initial start and formation of Aesthetic Perfection?
I started Aesthetic Perfection back in 2000 - 2001 after being totally fed up with music. It all sounded the same to me and I wanted to try and cash in on that. I started writing some intentionally ridiculous songs and put them on I was surprised that people began paying attention. At some point after that I thought "I should really take this seriously..."

2. Is everybody in the band all into the same kind of music or is there different influences? If so does it help having different influences?
Aesthetic Perfection in the studio always has been, and always will be, a solo project. I'm far too egotistical and controlling to share any of the writing duties. Tim Van Horn, my live drummer, is the only other official member, I trust him enough to ask for feedback on material that's in progress. He comes from the metal / hardcore scene, so his perspective is always different than mine. Sometimes it's awesome and helpful, other times it's frustrating.

3. Are there any other bands or projects that Aesthetic Perfection members are currently involved in or have been involved in the past?
I used to be in a metal band in high school. I just played guitar, didn't write any of the songs. We were good, though, unfortunately the singer / songwriter decided that touring wasn't for him. We still collaborate from time to time. Tim had a metal band called The Following, you can find their music and videos on YouTube. And our live keyboardist in Europe has his own solo project called Telemark.

4. So your new album is now finished, What info can you give us about the album? What can we expect?
I never know quite how to describe my own albums. I lack any sort of real perspective. To me it sounds like the most logical progression from All Beauty Destroyed, just like All Beauty Destroyed seemed like the logical progression from A Violent Emotion and so on. Fans don't view it that way as proven by the backlash I got for All Beauty Destroyed. Regardless, I am very proud of this record, more than I've been with anything else I've created. I'm cautiously optimistic.

5. Since your early beginnings you have progressed a lot over the years without losing your initial approach and intengrity which is a hard thing to do in this day and age. Has it been a natural progression or have you steered it into a certain direction purposefully?

I never sit down with an end goal in mind. Whenever you do that you set yourself up for disappointment. I try to turn my brain off and write what sounds good to me at that moment. Personally, I hear the evolution between all of my albums. I follow the records and they tell a story of who I was and who I became. It all makes sense. To me, anyway...

6. What are your future plans besides the new album?
Aesthetic Perfection is my entire existence. I enjoy writing and photography but this is more than a full time job. Music is on my mind from the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to sleep (and sometimes after).

7. Back in 2011 you did a UK tour with Mortiis and Combichrist. I attended the gig at The Assembly in Leamington Spa and before that gig i had never heard of Aesthetic Perfection before but from the first song you played i was completely sold! How was that tour for you guys getting to share the stage with such influential bands like Mortiis and Combichrist?
I've been friends with the Combichrist cats for a good long time. We started touring together in 2009 and just seemed to keep it going. We did the UK together twice, Europe twice, US twice and then a handful of other one off's. I've learned a lot from them, surprisingly not everything they taught me relates to partying.
In general, I try to pay attention and learn from every seasoned band I share a backstage with. It's invaluable information if you want to learn how to conduct yourself and your business.

8. You recently did a remix of the Rammstein hit "Engel". What made you choose this song in particular to remix?
Rammstein chose it for me! I didn't have any option, but I really like the song so I didn't put up a fight.

9. What does the name "Aesthetic Perfection" mean to you?
It's a perfect example of the unattainable.

10. So far where has been your favourite place to play live?
London, Stockholm and LA. Those feel like OUR cities.

11. What are your thoughts on bands like The Prodigy, Pendulum and Hadouken!?
I quite enjoyed the first Hadouken! album. It's a lot of fun. Pendulum is cool, but I prefer Knife Party. And Prodigy? Who can't like Prodigy?

12. Are there any plans for another UK tour at all? and if so will there be another The Assembly, Leamington date? :P
I don't know if we'll be back in Leamington, specifically, but we're going to be in the UK in Feb 2014!

13. If someone new to Aesthetic Perfection asked "why should i check out Aesthetic Perfection?" What would your pitch be?
Because vodka...

14. Finally i would like to thank you again for taking the time to chat with us. Is there anything else you would like to say or tell us about? Links to share?
New album ";Til Death" is out worldwide on Feb 11, 2014. It sucks, don't check it out.

By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus.

Jack of SpeedSlaughter here to interview The Impaler.

How are yall doing? Thank you very much for your time to do this interview with me.

Offcourse! Thank you for inviting us! Here are Rens and Miranda from the Impaler

Can you tell me how the band started? And when?

In 2001 a couple of friends came together to play the music they loved, thrashmetal. During it’s existence over the years the Impaler has had (like all bands) several line-up changes but a steady core remained. Over time the old school thrash metal of The Impaler has been entwined with other styles like death metal, not losing sight of melody

What is the current line up, introduce the bandmembers if you like, to me (I know you all though haha)

Correct me if I am wrong founding member Jens, our drummer, Pier and Rens, our guitarists, Jan, bass player and last one, Miranda, vocals

What bands inspired you and the others to start The Impaler?

Destruction, Kreator and Slayer in the beginning.. later on some death metal influences
When I joined the band a little Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil came a long.. just kidding

With what kind of subjects are we dealing with, lyrically, when we listen to The Impaler?

All sorts of things really.. for example.. there was an app I downloaded which transformed my name in a vampire name and I created a whole story around that. One I wrote about my funeral haha Another song is about politics (not making a statement or anything) and another one is about journey’s in life. I think it is just a state of mind where you are at , at the moment of writing.

Can you tell me something about the writing and recording process?

The usual way is that our guitarists come up with the music. Sometimes Pier or Rens write the whole song by themselves , or they have some cool riffs and create a song together. When the song is finished.. I write the lyrics on the music. Sometimes with a little help from the band and sometimes even my husband

The Impaler just released a mini cd, what are the responses so far of magazines and metalfans?

So far responses are positive!

With what bands did you share the stage in the past?

Entrapment, Khaoz, Krush, Warmouth, Incarceration, Infernal Dominion,Escarnium, Exploded and others.

With what bands would you like to share the stage with in the future?

Ehm.. I don’t know. But I would like to play on an open air metal festival

In what clubs do you want to play live, and which festivals?

I haven’t given this much thought but ehm.. the smaller metalfestivals maybe.. indoor and outdoors

What do you guys think of the underground metal scene of nowadays?

It’s a small underground scene nowadays. And not many youngsters starting up new bands.. in our area..
but there still are people who organize things and sometimes with quite succes like the scream bloody scum festival so the underground is still alive and there's still hope

Are there any favorite albums and bands you want to mention?

All the band members have different influences, but we all have a love for old school death and thrash metal
I can name my 3 personal favorite albums.. so if you people have not listened to this albums yet…. You should!! Haha here they are.. Jester race - In Flames, Tales of the thousand lakes- Amorphis and Slaughter of the soul- At the gates , and sneaky one more.. the lair of the white worm- God dethroned

Here are the 3 personal favorites of Rens : And justice for all – Metallica, Vulgair Display of power- Pantera, seasons in the abyss- Slayer , Slaughter of the soul – At the gates, Tempo of the damned - Exodus

Have you ever been ripped off by a label or promotor? Any bad experiences so far?

Nope.. until now we did it all ourselves.. but now with ou MCD out.. I get mails from distributors and labels.. nothing done with it

What are your releases so far and are they still available?

Our only one, First strike. And ofcourse still available just got out

How can metal fans obtain your cd/vinyl releases and other merchandise?

Contact us through our Facebook page or our bandsite,

What are the future plans of The Impaler? I bet it will be a full length album and more gigs...?

Full length would be the logical next step.. first do a lot of shows and write some new material

Do you have tattoos and want to tell me something about it?

I have some tattoos yes.. a sleeve with black roses and skulls, flames and stars. A tribal on my chest, some little ones and a Phoenix with the name of my son..

What are your favorite bands?

Miranda – for years and years the Gothenburg metalbands like Dark Tranquillity, old In Flames, Soilwork ,Amorphis. Now my husband thought me the importance of Kreator and Testament and I was raised with Dio and Rainbow.. thanks dad!!
Rens: metallica, slayer, pantera, at the gates, amon amarth, exodus, death angel, kreator, hardcore bands terror madball death obiturary morbid angel

What are your favorite movies? Miranda: Harry Potter and the Hobbit hahaha last few years I don’t see a lot of movies anymore.. but I follow a lot of series.. the Mentalist, all NCIS, Game of thrones(love that one!!) Castle, Rizzoli and Isles and so on and so on . ow..and from time to time I love romkoms haha I growl in a thrash metal band but I am still a girl!

Links to your bandpage and links to pages where metalfans can buy your merchandise: or

Last words from all of you to end this interview with:
Yes! Thank you mister Rapper for the lovely interview and for the people out there.. support your local scene and most of all….STAY METAL!!

Thank you all very much and we keep on supporting the underground metal scene!!! Hails to yall!!!
Jack the Rapper.

Ethereal Interview.

Hi guys, first i would just like to thank you for taking your time to do this interview with us. Could you give us a bit of a history lesson on the initial start and formation of Ethereal?

Hails and thanks for the support,

The band was started in 2002 by myself and my brother we had all been in bands in the past playing very raw underground black metal at the time and we chose to refine our music with Ethereal.
Having played a few shows we then recorded the first demo “Hells Divine Existence” back in 2004 and just began playing shows to promote the demo and get the name around , after a few line-up changes we then recorded the e.p “revelation Beast” in 2010 which went down very well for us and was proceeded with more high profile shows with Chthonic ,Belphegor, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Aura Noir to name a few .
Which has led us to where we are now again with a new vocalist (Naut) a new drummer (Mordrath) and a new bass player (Volf) which for me and m-inanz (guitars) is the strongest most dedicated line up we could of ever wished for .

Where does the name "Ethereal" come from? and What does it mean to you?

Well I chose the name ethereal as i wanted to stay away from putting ourselves in a corner with a total satanic band name or a name that can only be associated with war or death i find these names to be a bit obvious , with a name like Ethereal we can give ourselves room to write about any subject and place different influences within our music .

There has been a few line up changes over the past year and changing vocalists can be quite a tricky one, how are things going with the new members?

Yea there has been a few changes throughout the ethereal career but living in the UK its hard to find dedicated people that understand the vision of what we are doing, The line up changes and the line up we have now is above all our expectations it was very frustrating working with people in the past, it was hard to get the motivation from them with the guys we have now we don’t have to motivate them they bring a lot to the band and its honestly the best time we have had they are more than dedicated and they understand what is needed to make the music we make and to commit to it in every way , It was harder in the past now it is more enjoyable and meaningful with the new guys .

Is everybody in the band all into the same kind of music or is there different influences? If so does it help having different influences?

Well we are all into black metal , i think because of the different age group between a couple of us there are some old influences and new ones also , 2 of the new guys are from Poland and used to be in bands over there very underground bands and then there’s myself and m-inanz who have a vision of what we think Ethereal should sound like so we try to blend a lot of extreme musical styles into the music and not just black metal , we are all on the same page when it comes to creating Ethereal music .

You are currently working on a new full length album. What can you tell us about that so far? and what can people expect?

Yea we have been working on the writing process for about a year now we just have a few guitar tracks to finish off in the studio and then we will be heading to hertz studios in Poland with the wieslawscy brothers who have worked with Behemoth , Vader ,Hate , etc . They will be handling the mixing and mastering of the new album “Opus Aetherium”

We went into the writing of the album with a different approach this time we didn’t think we have to write a black metal album we just wrote what we liked and what came natural to us. The songs sound very dark, very extreme and show a more mature side to Ethereal this time around we didn’t want to rush the writing process or the recording it had to be the album we wanted it to be and we were happy with so yes it’s been a long time but it was worth it and it shows in the songs we have done for this album , it will be worth the wait.

What would you say as a band is your "mission statement" or "purpose"?

Well our mission statement is to create the most extreme dark music we can to get the visions we have for each song through our music and to push the band as far as we can.

You are touring the UK in July with The Infernal Sea and returning to Birmingham only after a couple of months. Are you hoping for a better turn out after the disgusting turn out on the Eastern Front Winter Campaign tour?

We will be on the road in the UK for 3 dates with Gorgoroth and Vital remains at the start of April then we have a couple of shows with Saille in April also ,
And then yea we will be hitting the UK again with a short mini tour with The Infernal sea , Sidious and Scutum crux .

I am hoping for a better turnout than on the Eastern Front tour yea but i think part of that problem was the venue wasn’t very popular in Birmingham and the promotion for that whole tour apart from the London date was pretty piss poor to be honest to many cooks involved which didn’t help so yea this time around we have picked better venues and promoters who know what their doing so with a bit of luck it should be a better experience, Plus there is a big lazy mentality in the UK with people who won’t go to gigs because there is a TV show on they want to watch or their friends won’t go so maybe in a broader scope of it all the fans need to go to gigs more and support the scene .

Being a musician and band man myself, looking at the UK black metal scene from that perspective, i think there are a lot of great bands around today but there isn't really a "scene" so to speak and it is very fragmented with bands having their own idea's and pulling in different directions. Do you think that will only damage the scene further? What are your thoughts on the subject?

Your correct when you say there are a lot of good bands coming out of the UK at the moment , The scene is strong but the band loyalty isn’t i have seen it a lot in the UK bands that are trying to make it on their own and don’t pull together. In other countries there seems to be a different approach to this and the bands tend to support each other a lot more , in the UK there has always been a selfish attitude towards music part of it i think is to many people think they can do it on their own and yes i agree i think it destroys a scene, bands should be a lot more united , We have set the tour up in july with bands we know and trust people who don’t have egos or hidden agendas we can’t be bothered with the bullshit of bands like that , there are a lot of bands who use other bands in the scene and there’s bands that help each other out it’s just a case of filtering through the shit and finding good people to work with .

Are there any other bands or projects that Ethereal members are currently involved in or have been involved in the past that people should check out?

Yea m-inanz (guitars) is also the bass player in Diamanthian, vocalist Naut is also in a band called Necronautical who have a new album out soon , Drummer Mordrath used to be in a band called Pandemic Genocide in Poland so check them all out. All of these bands our different from what ethereal do but it keeps what ethereal write fresh.

Are there any plans for tours abroad when the new album is released?

Yea there will be short mini tour in Europe some time, we have a lot of dates in the UK to play and then we will mostly concentrate on European festivals and shows for the remainder of 2014 and then in 2015, We have some plans that we will be able to let people know about soon, at the moment we are going to finish the album get a release and then as i said earlier the shows with Gorgoroth and the mini tour in july they are our top priorities at the moment.

If someone new to Ethereal asked "why should i check out Ethereal?" What would your pitch be?

Check us out because i think you would be surprised by the music we create and the way we present it , it is not typical UK black metal Ethereal is its own beast with a vision of extremity i think we portray the best way we can, dark extremity for the open minded ...

Which bands in our UK scene would you recommend others to check out?

There are a lot of good bands coming out these days i see a lot of bands that are hard working the same as Ethereal are , bands like The infernal Sea , Vehement ,Sidious , Scutum crux , These are the bands that show a passion for what they do and deserve to be listened to .

Finally i would like to thank you again for taking the time to chat with us. Is there anything else you would like to say or tell us about? Where can people find you?

Thanks a lot for talking to us and we hope to see as many people on the road in the UK the next few months supporting the black metal genre supporting new bands and having a good time doing it .

You can listen to ethereal on

And were available on Facebook at

You can also buy all Ethereal merchandise at UKEM records.

Hails and Horns to all the true supporters of the” Beasts of UK Darkness”.


Rock n' Roll is the devil's music, and heavy metal is it's bastard child.
In the 1980's, the radical fundamentalist Christian right-wing
in America waged a war against this music, bringing it's
practitioners and it's unholy muse to the forefront of the
public consciousness. This futile effort by parents and politicians to protect their children from this dark and vital artform has since become known as the "Satanic Panic".

20+ years later, the devil's rock n' roll
is still alive and well, but the war is far from over...

In the year of Thirteen of Satan's third millennium, a new force rises to
defend the ways of old. Bewitcher has chosen to name their first demo "Satanic Panic", in reference to that bygone era when metal was still dangerous and not yet populated by the crybaby emo-kid, straight-edge nonsense of this modern age. Instead they look to the past, when heavy metal in all it's glory truly represented the tenets it was founded upon.

May your children be corrupted, may your foundations
be shaken, may your mundane existences be forever altered, for this spell cannot be broken. Fall and obey! And beware the curse of the Bewitcher!


Thank you for your time and for doing this interview!

Introduce yourselves to us and our readers, please.

Hails. We are Bewitcher from Portland, Oregon USA. And we play Satanic Speed Metal.

When did Bewitcher form and were there line up changes?

Bewitcher was conceived in early 2013 and has been officially active since the release of our first demo “Satanic Panic” in September of that year. The lineup has always remained the same.

What bands inspired Bewitcher to play this kind of metal music?

We’ve always been inspired by attitudes and a spirit of opposition more than actual bands. But there are of course those that have paved the path for us, so to speak. Venom, Bathory, Motorhead, and Celtic Frost are the most important. But, the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and other bands like Mercyful Fate and Candlemass have also been major for us.

Have you guys played in other bands before Bewitcher?

Yeah. They didn’t work out so well.

How would you describe the music of Bewitcher?

Heavy Metal at the Speed of Satan.

I know you have released 2 mini albums and a demo, and ``Wild Blasphemy``(released through SpeedSlaughter) is your latest release.
Can you tell us something about your previous and latest releases?

We currently have two demos out, “Satanic Panic” and “Wild Blasphemy”. The songs contained in these two releases are a return to extreme metal in it’s early and uncorrupted form; when there were no delineations between metal sub-genres. We play the devil’s music for the devil’s children!

How are the responses of magazines and metalfans to your music and the releases so far?

Our cult is growing by the day, enough said.

When can we expect a Bewitcher full length release?

When we’re ready. We have a couple of splits planned for this year and possibly another demo. After that we will start looking towards doing the full length. But a monument like that takes time to build, so we will most certainly be taking our time.

How is the metalscene in your area, are there interesting bands around there which you want to play live, or tour

The Portland metal scene has become quite well known in recent years and the list of bands making a name for themselves is far too numerous to mention here. It’s the most vibrant and healthy it’s been in years, but I sometimes wonder if that blessing will eventually become a curse…

Have you played live shows with Bewitcher already? If so, where and with what bands did you share the stage with?
And if not, can we expect Bewitcher live shows in the future?

We haven’t played live as of yet, but we expect that to change very soon.

Is anyone in Bewitcher playing in other bands or in side projects? If so, tell us about it.


What do you guys think of the current metal scene?

We weren’t around to witness what it was like in the 80’s, but I believe the underground is currently producing the best bands and music since that golden era!

To what kind of music and bands do you like to listen to?

Shakira and Alanis Morrisette.

What kind of movies and tv shows do you like to watch?

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and fishing documentaries.

Do you guys have tattoos? If so, do you want to tell us something about them?

Yes, they are all of Catholic priests having sex with young boys in various positions a la the Kama Sutra.

What can we expect of Bewitcher in the future?

An entire album of Jonas Brothers covers.

Which of your own songs has most meaning to you and why?

All of our songs have special meaning both above and beneath the surface, all for different reasons. It would be difficult to choose 1 or 2. Our namesake song sums things up pretty well, I think.

Where can people buy your albums and your other merchandise, like shirts?

Well, of course “Wild Blasphemy” is available on CD though the fine folks at Speed Slaughter Productions! Cassettes versions of both demos are available (for now) at Merchandise is currently being discussed, but not available right now.

Where can people listen to your music (add links to Bewitcher)

Any last words to our readers?


Thank you again for your time to do the interview! All the best with Bewitcher and yourselves!

Same to you, thanks!

Jack the Rapper.
Thank you for taking the time to do this interview for us we greatly appreciate it. Would you please introduce yourselves and tell us where you come from and your position in the band?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer these questions. Well I am Reinier from Villainy. We are a three-piece with Jeroen Pleunis on bass, Bram Keijers on drums and myself on guitars and vocals. We really enjoy being a three-piece, both musically and as a group. I write the riffs, lyrics and structures. I formed the band with Jeroen when we both quit our current bands at the time. We started out with Remco Verhees on drums. We had our last show with Remco a couple of months ago with Midnight, Herder and Acid Deathtrip. We are now with Bram and just finished recording songs for an upcoming 7'' EP and a 7'' split with The Nefarious Integration.

Where did the name Villainy come from?

I'm not sure actually. We didn't have a bandname right away but the name Villainy came to me and seemed to fit.

What bands have inspired you?

An uncountable amount of bands have influenced the music we play. Death, Holy Terror, Celtic Frost, Obituary, Black Sabbath, Massacre, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Morbid Angel to name a few. The list is always growing. But the bands that also inspire us are bands we play with and get to know personally such as Acid Deathtrip, Obnoxious Youth, Entrapment, Citizens Patrol, Herder, Throw Me In The Crater and Blind To Faith.

How would you describe your music?

It is difficult describing your own music. Especially for myself because I like to avoid it. Naming genres can be good, but for some it works as an obstacle. Alot of people think they cannot listen to a certain type of metal because they believe you have to stick with one category. I like many different types of music, which I try to combine in what I write. There are alot of Death, Doom, Black and Thrash Metal vibes going on. New songs will only expand in variety.

How many albums have you available to buy? What are they and where can they be bought?

We have just released our debut album through Inverted Inhumation Records called Villainy I. Before that we recorded two demo's in 2011 and 2012.

Any news on the next album?

I'm still writing for the next album. Some songs will be longer and complex, and the musical style expands. An EP will appear before the album. The EP will be a good taste of how we are progressing.

Have you tour dates for this year? Where will you be if so?

We have some shows in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium this year but no tour. You can check the dates on the internet.

Who have you toured with?

We just got back from a 3-day mini-tour with Entrapment. Really cool to play these shows with them because we already were fans of their music. Marc from Perimeter Audio who has recorded Villainy I, has also recorded their album called The Obscurity Within… That is how I got in touch with their music.

Where all have you toured?

We played in Volkel, the Netherlands, Marmoutier, France and Roeselare, Belgium.

What is your favorite "on tour" story?

Hey! What happens on tour stays on tour!

How many videos have you made?


What advice would give people who are wanting to start up a band?

Don't! It's horrible!

For fans, or soon to be fans, where can the go to read up more info on tour dates, albums, videos and ect?

You can check out,, or send an email to if there is anything you need to know.

We would like to thank you again for taking the time out to do this interview with us, Have you any last words for your fans?

Thanks for the effort Arinne, and for supporting the scene. Thanks to whoever reads this!

Old Corpse Road Interview.

Hi guys, first I would just like to thank you for taking your time to do this interview with us. Could you give us a bit of a history lesson on the initial start and formation of Old Corpse Road?

No problem, it’s a pleasure!

In 2007 myself (The Bearer) and the drummer (The Dreamer) were away in the UK Lake District with another friend of ours. Each year we go there to get away and most importantly to have a weekend of listening to black metal in the wilderness. We regularly visited a reservoir called Haweswater in the valley between Mardale and Shap and we noticed a strange named footpath, the ‘Old Corpse Road’, which lead up the steep slope out of the valley.

Upon our return home we looked it up and decided it was a great name for a new black metal band. By early 2008 a full line up was together made up of friends and old band mates and we began writing the material which would later be recorded for our demo ‘The Echoes of Tales Once Told’.

For people who don't know, where does the name "Old Corpse Road" come from? and what does it mean to you?

As mentioned above the Old Corpse Road is a footpath found in the Lake District. In times of old many churches had no burial rites due to there being no hallowed ground. As a result, after a funeral the body had to then be transported to a cemetery where it could be buried. Because of the superstitions around at the time it was said that the path between church and burial ground had to be as direct as possible and often this meant carrying the coffin over harsh terrain such as hills, moors etc. It was also believed that these ‘Corpse Roads’ as they are collectively known, were haunted by spirits of the dead.

The Old Corpse Road specifically means a great deal to us as it is located in an area of natural beauty where many of us have often visited. That whole area of the Lakes particularly holds special memories for us and has been the inspiration for several of our songs. It’s also perhaps only an hour’s drive across the Pennines from our home town of Darlington to we visit the area several times a year.

How has the feedback been for your amazing first full length album 'Tis Witching Hour... As Spectres We Haunt This Kingdom?

We couldn’t have received better feedback. Whilst we were confident that we had produced something good, you can never know how it will be perceived. Aside from new and existing fans giving it much praise, we had countless positive reviews and a highlight was being voted best newcomer in Terrorizer magazine only shortly after its release.

Is everybody in the band all into the same kind of music or is there different influences? If so does it help having different influences?
We are all into alternative music and metal music for certain but our tastes vary quite a lot. We are of course all into black metal to some degree, but also anything from hard rock to jazz and ambient, traditional and classical. I think combined these influences have all had some degree of effect on the sound of Old Corpse Road.

There isn't another band in our UK scene (or possibly the world i might add) which is even remotely like Old Corpse Road. Was it your intention in the beginning to create something so new and different? Or did it just happen naturally?
The intention was basically to play music that we all enjoyed, whilst of course retaining a black metal bias throughout. I think there are obvious influences in our sound but at the same time I think we’ve achieved some level of originality which others like yourself seem to enjoy. Originality in black metal is not often found these days and we’re really happy at how our ‘sound’ has been accepted by the metal community.

What would you say as a band is your "mission statement" or "purpose"?
We have no specific statement to make and Old Corpse Road takes no form of political or religious stance. We basically want to give back to a scene which has provided us with so much over the years. We are all fans so to be accepted into the current black metal scene for us in an honour and a privilege.

With the special edition of 'Tis Witching Hour... As Spectres We Haunt This Kingdom, you included a signed certificate and an actual stone taken from the Old Corpse Road in a velvet bag (brilliant idea). Will there be any more fancy and different treats such as this with future releases?

There will certain be a limited version of future releases and the idea is to continue with the theme set with the stone. Many of the band members have large music collections and admire special editions and the like. We felt that the stone and certificate gave a personal touch and was also very relevant too. Hopefully we can put something together for the next release which is just as special.

Being a musician and band man myself and looking at the UK black metal scene from that perspective, I think there are a lot of great bands around today but there isn't really a "scene" so to speak and it is very fragmented with bands having their own idea's and pulling in different directions. Do you think that will only damage the scene further? What are your thoughts on the subject?

If I’m honest, and this is speaking from my own personal encounters, I think the UK black metal scene is thriving. There have been only a small number of bands, and usually individuals within those bands, who let the side down so to speak.

Aside from that we’ve bonded well with nearly all the bands we’ve played with. Bearing in mind the UK scene has such a variation of styles but I personally think this is a good thing. The UK has always offered diversity in metal and I can see no harm in that.

There will be a split album titled "Insidious Art and Serpentine Rites" with the mighty The Infernal Sea soon to be released. How did this come about?
The split is only a single, featuring one track from each band on a nice coloured 7” vinyl. When we toured our album last year we were supported by The Infernal Sea in King’s Lynn. We were utterly blown away by them and kept in touch. They were approached by Three Swords Records to release a vinyl and needed a band to join in on the split and they very kindly recommended us. I’d been chatting with their vocalist quite a bit about wanting to do a vinyl so I guess we were the natural choice. We’re very excited about the release. Whilst we are both very different bands, it will be a great way for fans of both bands to discover each other’s music.

Who was it that had the brilliant idea of doing the "Tales Along The Old Corpse Road" episode? and will there be more to follow?

Our friend and a long-time fan, Jim Waterman came up with the idea to travel around the UK filming locations related to our songs. He’s dedicated a hell of a lot of time to the project and has done the whole thing off his own back for which we are eternally appreciative. We’ve given a helping hand along the way, but the credit must go to Jim.

The second episode “The West Country” was recently uploaded to YouTube and there are at least another two episodes to follow, probably more.

Also check out Jim’s website, Hammer of Retribution here:

Are there any other bands or projects that Old Corpse Road members are currently involved in or have been involved in the past that people should check out? The only one of any real significance at present is our keyboardists drone band Khunnt. They have a very different musical output to Old Corpse Road. Check out their Facebook page here:

You are certainly known for being a band that likes to gig a lot. Are there any plans for a full UK tour and touring abroad?

We’ve certain gigged around the UK a lot. After our current string of dates which takes us to the middle of the year we plan on taking a significant break from gigging in order to concentrate on the second album. That’s not to say we won’t play any gigs, but they will be a lot fewer and far between for the rest of the year.

Once the second album is out we plan on a more focused UK tour via our agents Nazgul and of course hope to expand this into Europe and the rest of the world.

If someone new to Old Corpse Road asked "why should I check out Old Corpse Road?" What would your pitch be?

The following is taken from our latest press release:

Old Corpse Road have carved their name into the UK black metal scene by producing classic, yet unique British black metal.

Dynamically the music flows from fierce black metal through to powerful melodic passages and onto serene yet haunting moments. The band incorporate a wide range of vocals from traditional black metal shrieks, guttural lows, spoken word passages and epic folk singing.

Old Corpse Road bind these elements together to produce a solid yet original take on the black metal sound.

Which bands in our UK scene would you recommend others to check out?

The Infernal Sea, Northern Oak, Infernal Creation, Eibon La Furies, Primitive Graven Image, Aloeswood, Ancient Ascendant, Ninkharsag, Ebonillumini, Ulfarr, Haerken, Ravenage, Haar, Fyrdsman to name a few. There are so many good and diverse bands out there right now.

Finally I would like to thank you again for taking the time to chat with us. Is there anything else you would like to say or tell us about? Where can people find you?
Thanks also to you for asking these questions. Don’t forget our split with The Infernal Sea is now imminent. Pre-orders are being taken from Three Swords Records at the following link:

There’s also a sample up on bandcamp here:
You can find everything you need to know about Old Corpse Road on and keep up to date with us on

By Sturmgeist Fornicator Insultus

Graverobber interview!

First off thank you very much for taking
​the time to do this
​interview with us Calvin.


How long has Graverobber
​been around making music?

The band Graverobber as we know it know hasn’t been around
​ for that long, but I consider the start of Graverobber the year 2010.
​Since then it has always been me and Felix just jamming some
​metal tunes. Sound-wise we’ve been all over the place really, it wasn’t
​until around 2 years ago we really started playing death metal. Before
​that it was something that sounded vaguely like thrash metal.

Who of you came with the idea to call the band Graverobber?

We were debating names for a while, I came up with Deadite first
​(named after the demons in Evil Dead) but the others didn’t seem
​ to care for it. Then our old singer Noah came up with Graverobber.
​I immediately liked it, but I thought it wasn’t very original at all and that
​there probably existed a band with that name already. To our surprise,
​ there was only a horror punk band called Grave Robber (with a space)
​out there so we could use the name!

How many people are in the band, who are they and what do they
​do in the band?

Right now it’s just me on bass and vocals after our old singer Noah
​(who is on Conscious Autopsy) quit and Felix on drums. Geor, my
​bandmate from my other band Nuclear Devastation, plays guitar for
​ us live. It has proven to be pretty much impossible to find another
​ guitarist (or bassist for that matter) in our area that has the same
​musical influences as we do, so for now we have to do it like this.

To us, Graverobber is a old school death metal band, or is there
​more to it than that?

I’ve heard people say we sound like Autopsy mixed with grind.
​That’s what we’re going for mostly, but the old school death metal
​ part definitely outweighs the grind part though.

Which bands inspired you guys to make death metal music?

Our main influences have always been bands like Macabre, Gorguts,
​Obituary, Asphyx… there’s simply too many great bands to name and
​ they all influence us in some way or another. However, our influences
​don’t stop at just death metal alone. Goregrind bands like Haemorrhage,
​crust punk bands like Doom or Anti-Cimex, power violence bands
​like Man Is The Bastard or Spazz and many others play a big role in
.​our sound. There’s a little bit of everything in there.

SpeedSlaughter published the ``Conscious Autopsy`` album on cd
​(it also is available as cassette tape)
how are fans and magazines responding to that release? We say it
​ really is great music you guys make!

So far we’ve had great reactions! No magazines have reviewed
​Conscious Autopsy yet but reactions have been awesome so far.
​It definitely makes me want to go out and record some new stuff!

Where have you guys played live shows so far?

There are some in the pipelines but so far we haven’t played many
​shows. We are eager to do more though (hint hint).

Are you guys working on a new album?

Right now we are working on getting the songs ready for two splits
​ that are coming up with Deboned (from Canada) and Deathlord
​(also from Amsterdam). Expect some nasty stuff! An actual full-length
​ would be cool but is not really financially do-able at the moment. Will
​it happen though? Definitely.

What are your thoughts of the underground metal scene these days?

I think it’s great. There’s tons of great bands like Ecocide, Carnation,
​Bones, Cryptic Brood and many others that are keeping the spirit of
​old school death metal alive. There are so many possibilities nowadays!

What would you like to see to change in the metalscene?

Less pretentious a-holes that jump from trend to trend. Hate that.
​Just be yourself!

Are there any side projects for anyone in Graverobber? If so what
​are they?

As I mentioned earlier, Geor and me both play in Nuclear Devastation.
​ It’s a very active band and it takes up most of my weekends. But
​there’s still room for Graverobber, so don’t worry.

What are your future plans with Graverobber and other projects/bands?

It would be great if we could release a full-length record next year,
​ or just release some EP’s on vinyl, tape or CD. Either way we will
​keep writing songs until the opportunity arises. Until then we will keep
​playing live to spread our name!

What are your favorite bands? Seen any of them live?

Too many to name! Cancer comes to mind, they played an amazing
​show at the Neurotic Deathfest this year.

Do you see the internet as a good tool for the scene? Or are paper
​metal magazines better?

The mainstream metal magazines are worthless, but the small
​underground zines are where it’s at. However the internet is
​something you can’t get around these days. Stuff like Facebook
​is a great way to promote your band and without it we probably
​wouldn’t have even met in the first place. It sucks to have to maintain
​that shit though. Sometimes I forget to update the band page for a week.

What is your favorite movie or tv show?

Felix’ favorite movie is Sin City. My favorite movie has always
​been Star Wars, but the horror movie influences are pretty obvious
​ in Graverobber. Some of my faves are Evil Dead, Day of the Dead,
​Poltergeist, Dead Alive and any classic movie featuring mummies,
​Frankenstein monsters or Dracula. Love that shit.

Do you guys have tattoos maybe? If so, do you want to tell something
​about them?

No one in the band has any tattoos… YET!

What band or bands is/are commercial sell out band(s) to your opinion?

Not really a sell out, but Pestilence is freaking terrible now.
​The dent stuff they do on the newest album is extremely boring
​and they were one of the worst live bands I’ve ever seen. Just start
​a new band, don’t rape the name of such a classic band!

Where can people purchase your albums and merchandise? and the cd here:

For people wanting updates of the band where can they go to,
​which websites?

(Fun question) Do you guys get lots of groupies, stalkers and other
​ maniacs after your asses, after playing live shows or rehearsing?

We are way too ugly for groupies, have you seen our faces?!

Finally we thank you again for your time to do this interview for us, any
​ last words to your current fans and future fans?

Sniff glue, smoke crack, spread diseases and eat some aborted fetuses!

Jack and Arinne.

Disinterred interview by Jack the Rapper

First off thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview with us.

How long has Disinterred been around making music?

We played our first show in may 2013. The day we released our demo tape. Ever since we've been trying to write new music and play live as much as possible. In about a year we released a demo tape, a split 7" with the Infernal Sea and recently our 7" 'Incantation'. In November 2013 Sven replaced Dimi on vocals and we started writing and recording new music straight away. We might record new songs this summer and release another record at the end of this year.

Who of you came with the idea to call the band Disinterred?

We had a hard time coming up with a decent band name. Like I said in the previous question, we already had music recorded before we even had a band name. Luckily Koen has a healthy interest in medieval history and he found this story of some pope who died but still got sentenced to death. So they dug up his body (= Disinterred) and performed the death sentence once again.

How many people are in the band, who are they and what do they do in the band?

There are 5 people in the band:
Koen: He plays guitar, knows a lot about history (he can give you a lot information about the tanks and planes that were used during World War) and owns a cat.
Dwight: He also plays guitar (solo's), has long hair, is the oldest in the band and owns a cat.
Sven: He sings, likes spicy food, tells tour-stories, likes stand-up comedy, makes a podcast and owns a cat.
Kurt: He plays bass, gets things done (or makes us getting things done), makes good pizza, owns a bass-head we like to call the 'widow-maker' and used to own the coolest cat ever (RIP Tijgertje)
Steven: Plays drums, likes food (cooking it and eating it), maker of the Disinterred Zombie Puss Hot Sauce and owns a cat.

To me, Disinterred sounds like an old school death metal band, but is there more to it than that?

Well we're labeled like that but I guess there's more to it indeed. There are 5 people in the band and everyone listens to different music, so we're being influenced by a lot of different things. Some of us used to play in old school hardcore/punk bands or like stoner/doom music, or even hip hop and soul. I've heard a lot of people say we do have a punky vibe in our songs. they're short and fast.

Which bands inspired you guys to make death metal music?

Mainly the classic bands like Nihilist/Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Death Breath, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Obituary, Morbid Angel, At The Gates, Bloodbath, Dying Fetus, Rotten Sound,...
But we sure do like some of the newer bands like Tribulation, Vampire, Stench, Noisem,...

All of you were active in death metal, black metal or punk bands in the past, can you guys tell me something about that?

Sven used to sing in Shattered Skull, who split up right before he joined Disinterred and in the past he also sang in Southwicked, the band featuring Allen West who used to play in Obituary & Six Feet under.
Kurt played in Chimaera (technical Metal) and Fungus Inc (old school Death Metal).
Milly used to play guitar in hardcore bands like Teenage Lust, Think It Through, Dead Reckoning and xKombatx.
Dwight never really played in active touring or recording bands before Disinterred.
I (Steven) used to play drums in hardcore bands like In Arm's Reach, Justice and Blade.

How are the responses so far to your previous releases and to Incantation, your latest release?

Pretty good! The demo got some good reviews on blogs and most people liked it. So far we haven't read a lot of reviews of the 'Incantation' 7" because it just got released.

Where have you guys played live shows so far? Are future shows planned?

We want to play live as much as possible! So far we mainly played shows in Belgium and a few shows in The Netherlands and Luxemburg. In the future we're planning more shows. Including a weekend tour in the UK with our good friends of The Infernal Sea in October.

What are your thoughts of the underground metal scene these days?

We are the underground! We're a DIY band, Kurt makes a fanzine and has a record label, we have our own studio, we book and organise our own shows. It's a lot of nerworking and it's about giving and taking something. So if it sucks we have nobody else to blame but ourselves. If there are no cool shows, organise one. If there are no good bands, start one....

What would you like to see to change in the metalscene?

Out motto is: If you see something (in the scene) that you don't like then try changing it yourself instead of whining about it. There is no perfect world, not even in the metalscene.

Are there any side projects for anyone in Disinterred? If so what are they?

Dwight is currently playing guitar in Bathsheba. It's a stoner/doom band featuring members of Torturerama with a female singer. It's really cool and really slow music.

What are your future plans with Disinterred and other projects/bands?

Play live as much as possible. Write new songs, record them, release them. Maybe a full length LP, maybe another split EP. There's no pressure from a record label so we're completely free to do whatever we want.

With what bands would you like to share the stage with?

We love to share the stage with bands like Predatoria, Torturerama, Carnation, Bones, The Infernal Sea, Moss Upon The Skull, Funeral Whore, We'reWolves,... Those are all bands who make great music and the guys in these bands are awesome to hang out with. You should check them all out!

At what kind of festivals would you like to play live?

The Underground festivals. We're playing Vlamrock in July. Killtown DeathFest in Copenhagen seems amazing. Neurotic Deathfest is the ultimate Death Metal festival to play. Obscene extreme seems cool as well.

What are your favorite bands? Seen any of them live?

There are so many bands in the world, in so many differen music genres that it's impossible to say which ones are my favourite bands. I love Slayer, and I'm happy I saw them plenty of times with Hanneman and Lombardo. I got to a lot of shows and I like to see bands play live, it's inspirational most of the time.

Do you guys see the internet as a good tool for the scene?

It's a great tool for the scene! Without the internet I wouldn't have been able to reply for this interview, I couldn't have sent you our music. The internet helps us book our tours. A lot of (mainstream) bands complain about how they are losing money because of the internet but this is 2014... Times have changed, nowadays people can make, record and release music all by themselves. Just like we're doing right now. We're not a professional band who's trying to make money from making music. This is our passion, this is what we love to do. So being able to make our music available online and getting reactions from people all over the world is amazing.

What is your favorite movie or tv show?

Sven (vocals) and I are huge 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' fans. We love that show and Larry David! I suggest you check out the grind band called "Larry David". They wrote a whole album about that tv-show. Then there's 'Californication', which is also pretty cool and not only for the frequent female nudity but the creator of the show is also a huge metal fan! So it's no surprise that Hank Moody's books are called 'South Of Heaven', 'Seasons in the Abyss' and 'God Hates Us All'. I love those kind of inside jokes. We're also big 'Arrested Development' fans. That show is so geniusly crazy it's hard to describe.
And movies... 'The Big Lebowski' still is the best movie ever made. Our second t-shirt design (Dybbuk) is actually inspired by the Coen Brothers movie 'A Serious Man'.

Do you guys have tattoos maybe? If so, do you want to tell something about them?

Kurt and Sven have some tattoos. I don't know much about them to be honest, I only know that Kurt has a hidden smiley face in his tattoo.

What band or bands is/are commercial sell out band(s) to your opinion?

It's not my job to say who's a sell out or who isn't. If bands get chances to reach a bigger audience, then good luck to them. If they want to change their sound, then I'm sure they have all the good reasons to do so. If it's still good music, I'll listen to them, if their live shows are still good I'll see them, if they manage to make a living from their music then I'm happy for them.

Where can people purchase your albums and merchandise?

At out shows in the first place. We always have merch and records with us. And we have a big cartel website where you can buy most of our merchandise as well:

For people wanting updates of the band where can they go to, which websites?

Belgium is well known for their awesome beers, would you like to name some brands we should try?

I have no idea... Some of the Disinterred members drink beer, but I never drink it. So I'm gonna have to pass on this question.

(fun question) There`s AC/DC, Motorhead and Iron Maiden beer, is Disinterred beer to be expected soon? And if so, what kind of beer would it be?

We won't have our own beer. What we do will have is our own hot sauce. I have been making my own 'Chipotle en Adobo' sauce at home and when I make it, I make a huge amount of it. So a lot of friends want a little bottle of it to make a chilli, a spicy spaghetti sauce or chipotle ketchup. So look out for that! It's called 'Disinterred's Zombie Puss Hot Sauce'. It will be for sale on our shows and on our Big Cartel website.

Thank you again for your time to do this interview with me, any last words to your current fans and future fans?

Come to our shows!
Listen and download our songs on our bandcamp page:
Like us on facebook:
Get out merch on our Big Cartel:
And thank you very much for the interview and your interest in our band.

Jack the Rapper.

Black Command interview with Kommando Werewolf by Jack the Rapper.

First off thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview with me.

Kommando Werewolf : You're welcome.

How long has Black Command been around making music?

Kommando Werewolf: Hell Rebel and I started Black Command around December 2012.

Who of you came with the idea to call the band Black Command?

Kommando Werewolf : The bands name was created by Hell Rebel.

How many people are in the band, who are they and what do they do in the band?

Kommando Werewolf: The official founding members are Hell Rebel and me , after completing the Demo 2013 Lord mortuum and Lord Abominvs joined as live musicians and they also take part
on the recordings now too. Hell Rebel is taking care of the Vocals,drum, bass programming(demo 2013) - Im doing the guitars ,bass(demo 2013), backing vocals(live) -Lord Mortuum Drums -
Lord Abominvs Bass.

Is Black Command a war black metal band? How would you describe your music?

Kommando Werewolf : No Black Command is not a war BM band . We started indeed with the idea to create fast and simple devastating BM. But i would describe the music as :
Luciferian Black Metal. We indeed have faster songs but our view is taking it more on the way to ritualistic ,spiritual side.

With what subjects do we deal with, in your lyrics?

Kommando Werewolf : As i mentioned before the main goal for Black Command is to bring the Luciferian message, we also have Hate ,ritualistic ,death and maybe there will follow
many more subjects .

Which bands inspired you guys to make black metal music?

Kommando Werewolf : Where do i have to start , I can name alot : Acherontas(stutthof), Mutiilation(and the other bands and projects of the LLN),Dissection,The one,Macabre Omen,
Dødsferd,Glorior Belli,MGLA,
Mord a Stigmata,Medico Peste,Drowning The Light,Judas Iscariot,Behemoth, Watain ( untill Sworn to the dark),Lifelover, Jé,Bathory,Sargeist,Baptism,Malhkebre,Darvulia,Nehemah
Ofermod,Nocturnal Depression,Ondskapt,Rotting Christ,Satanic Warmaster are all bands i can name who influence me daily and there are many more .

Black Command released a demotape through Zwaertgevegt label, simply called ``Demo 2013``.
how are fans and magazines responding to that release?

Kommando Werewolf : To be honest i havent followed if we are in zines. And from people we had good reactions.

I saw the show with Hats Barn in Hillegom, NL. But have you guys done more live shows, and if so, where?

Kommando Werewolf : We already have done a couple of rituals :
First gig : Lille ,France and a couple of shows in The Netherlands .

Are you guys working on new material or a album?

Kommando Werewolf : Yes we do. There will be as we announced a split with Irae(portugal) but due to circumstances this release have many delays.
I realy cant tell when it will be available. And in the mean time we also are writing new material for the full lenght.

What are your thoughts of the underground metal scene these days?

Kommando Werewolf : there are but few who realy are dedicated and lets keep it this way. and for the ones who have nothing to do with it : go play somewhere else...

What would you like to see to change in the metalscene?

Kommando Werewolf : well that i explained quite straightly before.

Are there any side projects for anyone in Black Command? If so what are they?

Kommando Werewolf: Yes i have one for myself working on that , Hell Rebel have also some side projects and we all are in Morte Noire.

Have you been playing in bands before Black Command was formed?

Kommando Werewolf : Yes Morte Noire where im Still Playing Bass.

What are your future plans with Black Command and your other projects/bands?

Kommando Werewolf : For Black Command releasing the Split and then we will focus totally on the full lenght and i guess some live rituals will be coming up again. About my side project
i cant say whenever i will release something but the plans are there.

What are your favorite bands? Seen any of them live?

Kommando Werewolf : I have so much bands i like but if i have to name a couple : Dødsferd and i seen them live twice -Vanhelga (hope to see them live soon) Acherontas seen them live
four times if im correct maybe more.and proud to seen the last gig ever of Lifelover.

With which bands would you like to share the stage with?

Kommando Werewolf : Dødsferd(my brother from Greece),Acherontas,The One, Jé(we've been on stage once together),
Hats Barn (we've been on stage for a couple of times together now hails to my brothers) and many more.And if ever they will play live Thy Darkened Shade.

What band or bands is/are commercial sell out band(s) to your opinion?

Kommando Werewolf: --

Are there other Dutch (black) metal bands you like?

Kommando Werewolf : I dont keep myself busy with the whole ''Dutch Scene'' , Maybe there will be some good bands too.And i know a couple of them guys too , great persons.
but the most bands ive seen are fucking terrible and most of the time they are the most crowded bands ... so that will be my awnser to change something in the scene:
Stop supporting shitty bands!!!

Do you see the internet as a good tool for the scene?

Kommando Werewolf : Its good for contact between bands. updates from other bands and indeed for your own use its quite usefull.

What is your favorite movie or tv show?

Kommando Werewolf : Old Horror movies is what i like the most .

Do you guys have tattoos maybe? If so, do you want to tell something about them?

Kommando Werewolf : Yes.

Where can people purchase your albums, casettes and other merchandise?

Kommando Werewolf : The merch we got available now is for sale at zwaertgevegt and at our side pm the facebook page .

For people wanting updates of the band where can they go to, which websites?

Kommando Werewolf : For the most reliable source you can go to our facebook :

Thank you again for your time, cheers!

Kommando Werewolf : Thank you too ! Within thyself anything is possible ! With respect , K.W.

Jack the Rapper.